Happy 2nd Birthday to Enchanted Siblings @ Sri Petaling

First and foremost, HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY to Enchanted Siblings!
I'm so lucky to be invited to their pastel unicorn themed birthday party in few weeks ago.
Too many things I love in the birthday party, such as the cute backdrop, balloons, candy bar, cupcake bouquet etc.
Everything they styled and decorated for the event gave the most unforgettable birthday party ever!
Continue to read on my post and you will find out why I said so. :)

Enchanted Siblings was founded by the Chan siblings; 3 elder sisters of Celeste, Munny, and Ylinn, and youngest brother, KW Chan.
It's so lucky to have such amazing bond with sisblings and develop a successful business together.
Enchanted Siblings was established in 2015, at the busy new town of Sri Petaling.
The saloon is the fastest growing beauty saloon because it has as soon as became the No.1 nail service in Malaysia after 6 months established.
After a year later, the second branch opened in Publika.
Besides, Enchanted Siblings also the first themed beauty prestige in Malaysia as they have different themed for 2 branches.
At Sri Petaling, the branch named as Erelise with pastel home themed, while Publika named as Lunaria Palace with pink heaven palace themed.

It's my first time visiting Enchanted Siblings.
I have to say that I'm totally impressed with the atmosphere details inside the saloon, which I believe it will be able to optimize each interaction with their customers.
For example, friendly and knowledgeable staffs, clean and lovely environment, high quality products, attention to details etc.

Here's some photos of the interior of the saloon.
Not to mention about the services they provide, the entire atmosphere makes you feel welcome, with a very clean, relax and comfortable environment.
It is well worth to visit the saloon at least once with any of their services!

Full of certificates on the wall, no matter if it's professional in manicure, pedicure, or embroidery.

In order to celebrate the 2nd Birthday of the saloon, the saloon was beautifully decorated with pastel unicorn themed.
I'm sure these adorable and creative desserts on the table are gonna wow the guests who love unicorns!

The baby unicorn is too cute to bite!
It is a magical tiny unicorn pop that comes with crunchy hazelnut sprinkles and caramel.

There are many beauty services provided by Enchanted Siblings.
#1 Nail Enhancement
#2 100% original Japan/Korea designs by Enchanted Siblings
#3 Japanese Express Gel Extension
#4 Bride Nail Expert in Malaysia
#5 Korean Embroidery, in micro-feathering or micro-pigmentation or combo.
#6 Nail courses
#7 Swarovski crystal Supply
#8 PinkuBizu, Swaorosvki crystals bracelet
There will be more beauty services will be launched soon.

Korean embroidery is one of the service that attracted me to visit Enchanted Siblings.
Enchanted Siblings provide professional Korean embroidery services no matter it's in micro-feathering or micro-pigmentation.
It seems like not everyone are suitable to have the Korean embroidery, so it's important to seek for their professional consultation before any procedures are confirmed.
The booking period is full for this month, I really can't wait to have my embroidery visit by the early of October!

At Enchanted Siblings, I can see their nail art designs are very outstanding.
Totally impressed with their works and details that they have in their collection, some nail art designs really show the incredible works of art.
I'm pretty sure you will be able to find your favourite designs that you like from their full collection.
They even have Tsum Tsum nail designs too! They are soooo cute!

I seriously couldn't decide which nail designs I want for my next manicure section. :)

Enchanted Siblings also certified by SWAROVSKI, whereby they are the one who proved to use only genuine SWAROVSKI crystals for any DIY bracelets and nail artworks.

First time making the DIY bracelet for myself.
I never thought the process can be so easy, simple and fast.
Within 20-25 minutes, my bracelet is all done.
If I can do it, I'm sure you can do it as well!

Do you like my DIY bracelet? :)

Some home-care products for hand, nails, and legs are available at the saloon too.

Once again, Happy Birthday to Enchanted Siblings.
I wish all the best to you, and look forward to the 3rd year birthday party with you again!
Awww! I really can't wait to visit this beautiful saloon again!

Enchanted Siblings
No.11, Ground Floor,
Jalan Radin Baru 9,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 6012 668 8717
FB: https://www.facebook.com/enchantedsiblings/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/enchantedsiblings/

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