Eat Drink Thai @ Kota Damansara

Thai restaurants can be found at almost every corner in Klang Valley.
I think that's because Thai food does not  like a once-in-a-blue-moon fine dining experience, instead Thai food is such a simply food culture that are always tasty, satisfying and affordable.
I mentioned a few times before that my family and I are Thai food fans, we are always on the hunt for good Thai food that's authentic.
Like my dad said, Thai food is always a great choice when you don't have good appetite because the Thai spices and herbs can stimulate your appetite even you're not hungry. :)
So happy to came across Eat Drink Thai at Kota Damansara, and I was very surprised by the delicious quality of food over there.

Eat Drink Thai restaurant has been opened since November 2016.
It is located in the busy street at Kota Damansara.
Parking is a big hassle in the public area, but you can get a good parking slot for just RM2 for 3 hours (weekend) located inside the Sunway Giza Mall as the restaurant is just located right opposite from the mall entrance.
Very convenient!

Eat Drink Thai provides an easy-going atmosphere.
The restaurant creates an urban street atmosphere by furnishing with construction materials in earth tones, together with a few elements of Thai culture that turns the dining area into a clean and minimal interior space.
Well, I guess this kind of simple interior design allows the food to speak for itself.

First tried out their Thai Milk Tea @ RM5 and Thai Green Tea Latte @ RM5.
Both signature drinks are perfect for hot days and sweet tooth.
I enjoyed both drinks very much because they aren't overly sweet but quite rich.

Signature Seafood Pot @ RM63.20 (original price @ RM79.00) is one of the signature dish at Eat Drink Thai.
The big pot comes with a whole Barramundi, a generous serving of tiger prawns, squids, mussels and also complemented with corns, onions and tomatoes.
You can choose your favourite soup based of your choice such as Red Tom Yam (signature red Tom Yam soup), Clear Tom Yam Soup (a clear aromatic Tom Yam soup), Tom Kha (a popular coconut soup with a tinge of lemongrass), and Ma Nao (one of the best selling soup with chili, garlic and lime).
Normally you will see this kind of seafood pot with spicy "mala" broth at the Sichuan Chinese restaurants, so I find it is quite interesting to have the seafood pot with Thai-inspired broth.
Most of the spicy "mala" soup base is made with plenty of Sichuan peppers, chilies and red chili oil, so the soup is way too fiery to drink, but this wonderful pot of Thai Tom Yam soup is perfect to suit everyone's appetite and diet.
This seafood pot is big which is good to share among 3-4 person, and I also think the price is pretty reasonable for a portion like this!

Best seller of Crispy Papaya Salad (Som Tam Krop) @ RM15 is really an eye opener and also my top favourite at the restaurant.
Som Tam originally is made out of fresh shaved papaya but this restaurant reinvented this dish by using fried papaya.
What a creative and unique way of presenting this dish.
The fritters are so crispy and has the irresistible combination of cherry tomatoes, green apples, green beans, grapes, strawberries and peanuts.
It's hard to describe how good the salad is but I really think the taste is very good, and also it's the best papaya salad I've had so far!

Hatyai Fried Chicken (Gai Tod Hatyai) @ RM15/RM25 is a new dish on the menu.
It's a deliciously crispy chicken that marinated with chef's special sauce.
I find the meat texture is so crispy on the outside and super juicy and tender on the inside.

Thai Pandan Chicken is one of the dishes to order at every Thai restaurant.
Eat Drink Thai offers the Pandan Chicken (Gai Hor Bai Toey) @ RM15/RM25 has the moist and tender meat which packed and infused with refreshing pandan aroma.
It has an unique presentation and giving the ordinary chicken a distinct flavour!

Eat Drink Thai also carry an authentic Thai Green Curry (Gaeng Khiew Wan Gai) @ RM15/RM25 on their menu.
This Thai green curry is a dish that has creamy with a slight of tangy taste and always best to enjoy this dish with steamed rice.
The curry is rich with coconut milk and green chilies, but it is not as spicy as I thought.

The Olive Fried Rice @ RM14 (chicken) and RM18 (seafood) is on the shuttle side but not very heavy in the taste.
It's simple, and personally I find it tastes healthy for me.

But if you prefer salty savory, you can go with the Thai-style sweet and spicy Pineapple Fried Rice @ RM14 (chicken) and RM18 (seafood).
The fried rice has a nice decoration, which also prepared with scrambled eggs, onions, and cashews.
The sweetness of the pineapple complements the curry flavour very well in this dish. :)

Thai Jim Jum @ RM63.20 (original price @ RM79) is a popular Thai street food.
My first experience of Jim Jum Thai steamboat is at Uttradict Thailand back in 2016.
It was my first and last experience as I really miss the taste but I finally found the similar authentic taste in Malaysia now.
The whole set is huge which is good to share with 3-4 person as well.
All the ingredients are fresh and the portions are plentiful, which consists of vegetables, corns, mushrooms, tiger prawns, clams, squid, fried fu-chok, slice chicken breast, glass noodles and an egg.
You can also choose the broth with either Clear Chicken Broth (signature tasty clear chicken broth or Clear Tom yam Broth (a clear aromatic Tom Yam soup).

Oh ya! Not to forget the different handcrafted spicy chili sauces that comes with the dishes.
You must try them out with your dishes as these Thai sources are all made by themselves with fresh ingredients.

A perfect meal would not be complete without a proper dessert.
I always have a sweet tooth after a heavy meal especially Thai desserts as it is really a good compliment after the strong aromatic components and pungent flavour from the Thai dishes.
Red Ruby (Thab Thim Krop) @ RM6 is always best known as a refreshing dessert after the heavy taste meal.

Otherwise, you may also try the refreshing Lime Red Soda @ RM5 to cleanse your palate after the heavy Thai flavour on the food.

Eat Drink Thai is a pork free Thai restaurant and all the food are prepared by 3 different chefs from Thailand.
Their signature seafood pot and Jim Jum hotpot are the must try as well as other signature dishes such as Crispy Papaya Salad, Pandan Chicken, Hatyai Fried Chicken, and Pineapple Fried Rice.
As a "Thai food junkies", I really enjoyed the food at this restaurant.
The place is clean, food are fresh and good quality, and the service is satisfying too.
If you are also a Thai food lover, you can't go wrong with this place.
Also, not to forget their affordable lunch sets at just RM8 with a glass of Thai Tea too!
I will be back here for sure the next time to try out some other delicious food!

Eat Drink Thai
Add: 9, Jalan PJU 5/9,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603 6151 2888
Opening hours: Daily 1130am - 3pm, 530pm - 10pm

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