Homemade POKKA Banana Milk Cheesecake @ POKKA Milk range product

How's everyone weekend?
I had a great one last week!
I spent my weekend to make a banana milk cheesecake!
Honestly speaking, I'm not a baker, trust me I hardly explore in the world of baking.
But everyone have a sweet tooth so do I.
Among all sort of desserts, I love cheesecake the most.
With granted opportunity from POKKA, I have a chance to try out my forbidden talent.
And so, I spent my weekend in making a cheesecake with the POKKA Banana Milk drink for my family.
So, how did I do it?

In this post, I' going to break down the whole process, and guide you through step by step on how I make the cheesecake from scrap.
Hopefully, this will be easier for the first timer that are adventuring into the dessert world.

Let's talk about the ingredients first.
The filling for this banana milk cheesecake has 6 main ingredients, and the making time is less than 3 hours.
Shopping was fun, but understand the ingredients is not an easy job for the first time, and I also realized the ingredients of making a cheesecake are not cheap, especially the unsalted butter, cream cheese and whipping cream.

Bottom crust:
Digestive cracker 400g
Unsalted butter 65g
1. Firstly, crush the digestive cracker into tiny pieces. It's important to make sure the crackers are finely ground as this ensures a solid base and the butter would gel the pieces together. Since I don't have blender or mixer at home, I used the cave man way by putting the crackers into a plastic bag, then break them up with my hand and also a help with a rolling pin.
2. Cut 65g of unsalted butter into small pieces, put them into a saucepan with smallest heat to melt.
3. After that, combine both the biscuit crumbs with the melt butter, and then stir till the butter cooperate into the crumbs.
4. Then, press the crumbs into the bottom of a pie pan gently with a spatula to equal the surface.
5. Lastly, refrigerate the crust while preparing the filling.

Cream cheese 400g
POKKA Banana Milk 8 - 10tsp
Powder Gelatin 2tsp
Whipping Cream 400g
1. Beat the cream cheese until it is slightly smooth. You can use a blender to mix them together, but I was all good to use spoon and make quick circles in the batter.
2. Mix powder gelatin into the POKKA Banana Milk and whipping cream.
3. Make sure the gelatin is totally dissolved with the liquid.
4. Pour the liquid mixture into the smooth yet creamy cream cheese, and then mix them a few times.
5. Well, you can add a bit of sugar if desired, but I don't like my cheesecake to be too sweet so I left it out.
6. Spread the cheesecake filling on top of the crust and smooth it out.
7. The cheesecake must be refrigerate until it is firm, for at least 3-5 hours before you top with the topping.

Unsalted butter 1/2 cup
Brown sugar 1/4 cup
POKKA Banana Milk 4-5tsp
Fresh Banana 2-3 pieces
1.To make the topping, first cut the unsalted butter into small pieces, then melt the butter with brown sugar, and POKKA Banana Milk.
2. Pour the mixture to the top of the cheesecake.
3. Finally, cut and place the fresh banana slices to decorate your cheesecake.

My process of baking the cheesecake is simple and straight forward.
I hope this post has helped you and you feel extra confident in your cheesecake adventure.
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After all, GOOD LUCK to you and me!

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