It’s a TEA-rific Christmas with Purple Cane 紫藤!

December is the season of joy and celebration!
Though it has not been the best year due to the pandemic, but let's not let that stop us from ending year 2020 with peace, love and joy.
This year Christmas, Purple Cane has been emphasizing on the health-tea norm to stay healthy and positive.
I believe everyone of you will agree that health is the most important thing in our lives. 
Without good health, there is no happiness, no peace and no success.
So, all in all, the best gift is the gift of health for your loved ones!
Specially for this Christmas season and to continue to spark joy, Purple Cane 紫藤, Malaysian specialty of high quality tea leaf and tea ware from around the world, merging into a contemporary tea art culture, has came out the Purple Cane’s Top 6 Recommended Gift Bundles for a TEA-rific Christmas this year.
All the gift sets are carefully and beautifully packaged that surely will surprise your loved ones with a HEALTH-tea, warm and joy-filled Christmas.
Continue to read on and I will show you all these lovely gift sets that specially created by Purple Cane! :)

If you are interested in exploring tea drinking but not sure where to start, you can first kick-start your tea journey with Cane’s Tea, available in 4 different varieties: 
#1 Cane's Green Tea: The most natural antioxidant beverage you can get which in turn strengthens our body constitution
#2 Cane's Slimtee: Consume frequently to optimize your beauty and health
#3 Cane's White Tea: Consume frequently to promote metabolism, beauty and fairness of skin
#4 Cane's Puer Tea: Mild in nature and gentle for stomach, puer tea is a great daily beverage with health benefits. It is believed to help digest fatty food, suitable for people who are concern about their body shape and well being
All these beautiful Cane's Twin Pack set 康氏雙盒送保濕噴霧器 @ RM59.80 comes with a limited edition Cane’s Humidifier worth RM45.90, such a steal! 

Tea lovers love the tea to be presented in beautiful ways.
What about a lovely Glass Warmer Teapot Set to brighten your day with your favourite tea flavours?
This exquisite tea ware not only looks good but also an excellent tea ware to brew loose tea leaves, flower tea and even your own blend of tea!
Cane's Green Tea & Glass Warmer Teapot set 康氏綠茶+玻璃保溫組 @ RM83.90 comes with the Glass Warmer Teapot Set and also Purple Cane's popular Cane’s Green Tea too. 

Have a peaceful, cozy tea moments in the afternoon with beautiful sight and wonderful aroma. 
Premium tender green tea buds with edible flowers, this artisan tea is a sight to behold and a taste to cherish.
It is as creative as it is flavourful, the hand-woven tea bouquet unfurls elegantly in the glass, yielding mesmerizing sweet aroma and refreshingly smooth infusion.
As the bud blooms into a flower when hot water is poured over it, the bold and bright hues come to life amidst the bloom's gently swaying motion in the tea infusion.
Get the Blooming Tea Twin Pack bundle set 工藝花茶雙盒裝 @ RM90 with an additional glass tea ware to make it a perfect gift to your families and friends. :)

Ideal for the flower tea lovers out there!
Grab the Flower Tea Trio Pack 菊花玫瑰茉莉花茶配套 @ RM63, comes with 1 box of Baby Chrysanthemum (50g), 1 box Deep Crimson Roses (16g), 1 box Jasmine Green Tea (75g). 
#1 Baby Chrysanthemum is made from the choicest first buds of Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum. Uniform in size, this delicate golden tiny buds unfurl into multi layers of overlapping petals when steeped in hot water, produces a clear, bright yellow infusion with a very gentle, sweet taste and elegant aroma. This is a soothing drink one can enjoy at any time of the day or night. 
#2 Rose Tea has a unique flavour, and a rich content in Vitamin C, anthocyanins, citronellal and citronellol. Taking rose tea helps beautify the skin, lighten the complexion, eliminate fatigue and promote metabolism; meanwhile, it also helps ease the mood and relieve depression.
#3 Jasmine Tea is one of flower scented tea further processed from finest tea leaves with the beautifully sweet-smelling fresh jasmine. This is an excellent quality tea and has a wonderful fine flavor with nature flower fragrance. Good at any time as a refreshing and soothing drink.

In collaboration with Crème De La Crème, Purple Cane came out the Artisanal Premium Tea Ice Cream to makes the perfect choice for tea lovers as well as ice-cream lovers!
This special bundle of Tea + Artisanal Ice Cream Trio set 特级茶雪糕套组 @ RM29.70 comes with all 3 handcrafted tea flavours, such as Mulan Red Black Tea, Longan Oolong Tea and Lei Cha Soya 
Visit for more exclusive choices.  

Tea pairing with dark chocolates make the perfect choice for this gifting season. 
The Tea + Cold Brew & Love18 Chocolate Set 巧克力&冷萃套组 @ RM32.90 (originally at RM59.90) comes with two different combos: 
Combo #1: Cold Brew Jasmine & Rose Tea + 70% Bitter Sweet Dark Chocolate 
Combo #2: Cold Brew Lychee Black Tea + 70% Bitter Sweet Dark Chocolate
These new Christmas bundles in collaboration with Love18 are up for grab at Tea+ The Gardens or from Love18 webpage

Do you know that you can actually make some special fruit punch or tea juice with the tea bags?
Here, I would also want to share with you some special recipes of making the Honeylicious Green Tea Fruit Punch at home.
Step #1 Dice the apple and pears into little cubes and slice oranges into thin slices
Step #2: Prepare a pot of hot water, put the cane's Green Tea bag
Step #3: Add all the ingredients in step 1
Step#4: Add 50ml lemon juice and 50ml honey or syrup
Step #5 Infuse ingredients for 10 minutes
For more recipes, do check out at

The fruit infused green tea recipe is so refreshing and sweet!
A perfect drink to enjoy with cakes and snacks! :)

Last but not least, all these 6 recommended Purple Cane's gift bundles are now available at
Gift these healthy yet lovely tea sets to your families and friends, I'm sure they will love it!
Do check out more information on their official website at and follow them for their latest updates on their FB at and IG @purplecane_tea.
Tea does the magic of making your Christmas better and warmers, have a joy-filled Christmas and stay TEA-rific with Purple Cane!

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