Note to Myself 2023

Just took a few minutes to read back the new year resolution I wrote in 2021.
Sometimes I like the feeling when reading back the old posts, it reminds me of certain important events and parts of my life, enable me to experience back the emotion and feelings at that time, yet it's like a dream yet so real.
Reading back the past year post, I realized I did not set any targets for myself on 2022. 
I did not plan or set any resolution for year 2022 instead I told myself to live to the fullest. 
I want to live a free, peaceful and enjoy life; eat what I like, buy what I want and no more restriction in life. 
To my surprise, I indeed achieved it by looking back in each month of 2022; no plan, no dateline and no restriction. 
I let the time swift me around and I had live freely without thinking too much.
There are so many things (good and bad) to be grateful for and remember in 2022; here, I want to thanks everyone for the unconditional support, cares and patients that given to me, and thanks for showering me with lots of love from the people I met in the year!
2022, you has treated me well! 

It's a specious year to spent a lot of times with my family.
Though we didn't travel to overseas, but we spent every weekend at many local places, eat good foods and do different kinds of fun activities together. 
This is really the most precious moment for me in the year.
真的发觉自己越老就越粘他们两老. :)

Ever since the lockdown is over in Malaysia, friends starting to call for catch up and hang out together. 
Honestly, I am not a person who will take the initiative to ask people out, #alwaysveryshytodoit, so I'm feeling very thankful to those who planned for a good date with me. 
感恩有你们! 🧡

One thing I remember so well in 2022 is everyday I worked like a "cow" from day till night time.
Weekdays work on my own business and also helping out my dad at his fabric shop, then I pursuing my blogging passion in the weekends.
Life is full of works, but I am feeling grateful for all the new opportunities, learning experiences, ups and downs that has happened in 2022.

The most unforgettable moment in 2022 is we lost Zoi D in October.
Still taking time to recover from the lost, still taking some moments to cry when looking at his pictures, but I know life goes on, and Zoi d is running free at the rainbow bridge with big smiles.
每一次想起你, 心里就很难过, 眼眶还是有眼泪打转, 谢谢你很努力的一直陪伴着我们, 给我们那么多生活上的欢乐和爱, 我们都很想念你, Zoi d!
To my forever best friend, Zoi d boy: you will always be loved and will never be forgotten, I love you so much! 🧡

Unlocked one of the achievements in 2022 by getting a new car for myself.
I had never spent lots on car because I never own one (always get the used car from my family) because car is always not in my list of priority in life.
So, it's kinda hard to believe that this year I actually bought myself a brand new car as a reward to myself. #hurayyyyy
"Welcome to my life and let's have a good 2023 ahead!"

Feeling so excited to finally travel again, and I'm looking for more trips in the coming years!
Flew twice in this year, first fly to Kuching to see my friends, and second fly to Seoul with my 2 best friends.
These people are my love, who I can always count on them to listen to my many rants at anytime.
Thank you for all of the laughs, advice and sweet memories throughout the year.
You guys are indeed fantastic friends in my life who bring me happiness when I'm down, love you guys!!! 🧡

A message to myself in 2023:
Life can be hectic a lot of the times, I hope you find balance in your life, and take good care of yourself in the brand new year.
I want you to be proud of your past self because I know you always try hard in life.
Be kind to yourself, do not have to rush anything, do not push yourself so hard, there is always a solution out there waiting for you.
Learn to love yourself a little bit more, you know you are awesome from the inside out.
Always believe in yourself and keep going, remember one thing that you do not have to have the most talent in the world, you do not have to be the smartest person in the world, just live a happy life on your own terms.
Keep shining like you always do, to be who you truly are!
I hope you find success, happiness and everything your heart desires.
You are the best of the best, Ivy Gan! 加油吧! 颜琳茵! 🧡🧡🧡 

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