Hakka Rang Restaurant SS2 @ Celebrate the Reunion Feast with the Delicious and Modern Hakka Cuisine

Hello and Happy New Year!
Can't believe we are celebrating Chinese New Year in less than a month now.
We just finished celebrating the holiday season with Christmas and now we are excited to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
In case you not sure about the culture of Chinese New Year, we have one important tradition for the Spring Festival, which is the reunion dinner 年夜饭 that usually takes place on New Year's Eve.
It is a time for families, no matter how far the distance to travel, to come together and celebrate the festival by enjoying a meal together. 
Some of you may be considering preparing your own dishes at home and some of you maybe considering going out to a restaurant, which I believe both options can be a lot of fun.
Here...if you are looking for a special place to celebrate the Chinese New Year, look no further!
Today, I would like to introduce Hakka Rang restaurant as the perfect destination, whether it's a family reunion dinner, lunch gathering with friends, or even with business associates for your Chinese New Year Celebration. 

Hakka Rang Restaurant has been in business for nearly 16 years insists on healthy cooking tips to suit modern people while maintaining the original taste.
Apparently, there are 2 Hakka Rang outlets, the main branch is located at Kota Damansara, and the second branch is located at SS2; I visited the outlet at SS2 last weekend. 
The restaurant offers authentic Hakka food such as braised pork knuckles, dongpo pork, pork belly with preserved vege, crispy pork, yam abacus and many more.
The ancestral recipes at Hakka Rang were inherited from the older generation and also the nostalgic Hakka dishes that you must not miss.
Every classic home-cooked dish not only allows you to enjoy authentic & delicacies dishes, but also gives you the best childhood taste and memories. :)

It's my first time visiting Hakka Rang Restaurant, after I see them go viral on social medias for quite sometimes.
So tempting to want to visit the restaurant and try their Dongpo Pork and Yam Abacus. :)
On my first impression, the restaurant has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for a festive celebration.
I was at the restaurant at around 1130am, and the restaurant was quite empty, but the space started to fill up as lunch time approached.
I heard my friends say that this restaurant is always very full at their main branch no matter if it is during lunch or dinner time. :)

In celebration of the Chinese year of the Rabbit, Hakka Rang Restaurant has launched a variety of CNY festive dishes, which is believed to bring good luck for the coming year.
This will definitely be a good opportunity to let everyone taste the authentic and long-lost home-cooked festive dishes, which were handed down from generation to generation of ancestral cuisine.

First of all, let's check out their Hakka Rang Restaurant’s Top 1 must-order prosperity dish, the Japanese-Inspired Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Yee Sang, which is indispensable and highly popular every year.
There are 2 types of Yee Sang that specially curated by Hakka Rang Restaurant; Chuka Wakame
(Seaweed-Vegan) and Chuka Kurage (Jelly Fish).
The Chuka Kurage (Jelly Fish) @ RM88, consist of freshly shredded vegetables, fruits, rice crackers and jelly fish.
The main ingredient of Jelly fish adds an unique, crunchy texture to the Yee Sang, and its mild, slightly sweet flavours complements the other flavours very well.

Chuka Wakame (Seaweed-Vegan) @ RM88, served the same fresh ingredients as the Chuka Kurage, yet the Chuka Wakame comes with the main ingredient, Wakame, a edible seaweed that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. 
If you are following a vegan diet, it is good to try this version of Yee Sang, using Chuka Wakame that has a very exquisite and different taste from the traditional Yee Sang.
I like how the Wakame gives a slightly sweet, savory flavour and a tender, chewy texture to the Yee Sang salad. :)

The reason why you must try Hakka Rang Yee Sang is not only because their Yee Sang is made with 100% fresh vegetables and fruits, which gives it a healthy and tasty flavour without being greasy.
The added crispness of the "Mi Cheng" (rice crackers) from Titi, Jelebu takes it to the next level.
"Mi Cheng" is one of the Hakka traditional snacks, also a famous local food, which has a very nice rice aroma with a sugar layer on top to give a special crunchy texture to the Yee Sang

Happy lou sang! :)

Besides the Yee Sang, there are also many other 2023 Chinese New Year menu items that are worth a try!
Hakka Yam Abacus 算盘子 @ RM19.90 (S) RM24.90 (L), is one of the famous Hakka dish and also a must try at Hakka Rang!

It is an auspicious dish that is popularly served during the lunar new year as the "round" yam abacus represent reunion and signifies wealth and prosperity.
The dish served with minced meat, wood ear fungus, mushrooms, coriander and dried shrimps, gives simple flavour with the chewy texture.

The Stir Fried Leek with Roast Pork 大蒜炒烧肉 @ RM42.90, a simple combination of roast pork, Chinese leeks, and chopped garlic is utterly delicious.
For the auspicious meanings, "Suan "  sounds like "counting" and it symbolizes wealth (having lots of money to count), so the more you eat, the more money you will have to count in the new year. #hehe

Dongpo Pork served with Mantou 东坡肉拌馒头 @ RM42.90, implies the beginning of a rich and beautiful year.
The braised pork belly is flavoursome, succulent and gives it the tender "melt-in-the-mouth" texture.
The flavour is also very additive till I do not want to stop once I start eating. #hehe

Stir Fried Lotus Root with Prawns 莲藕拌虾球 @ RM49.90, is one of my fav dishes.
The sweetness of the lotus root and prawns go so well together, the crunchiness of the lotus root and freshness of the prawns are simply delicious!
For the auspicious meanings, this dish brings the meaning of "every year you have plenty", auspicious year by year.

Steamed Orange Roughy with Homemade Sauce 家乡蒸长寿鱼 @ RM119.90, symbolizes ‘May you always have more than you need, good health and longevity’, which expresses the hope that the year will start and finish with surplus. 
It's my first time trying the steamed orange roughy and I really like its delicate, flaky texture, almost taste like the cod fish.
Don't forget to mention about their in-house steamed fish sauce that has a strong tasteful flavour, which makes me so satisfied to eat with white rice. :)

Fried Mak Choy with Fish in Black Bean Sauce 豆豉鲮鱼油麦菜 @ RM18.90 (S) RM23.90 (L), a traditional Chinese dish that combines leafy green vegetables with a flavorful fish and black bean sauce, perfect with a bowl of steamed rice on the side.

Last but not least, Hakka Rang also offers vacuum packed frozen food for most of their signature menu, such as pork belly with yam 芋头扣肉, crispy pork 南乳炸肉, Yam Abacus 算盘子, Hakka Stewed pork with black fungus 客家炸肉焖木耳, Stewed pig's trotter with black vinegar 猪脚醋 and many more.
You can check out their full frozen food menu here, https://www.hakkarang.com/products.
Now, you can enjoy the authentic Hakka food at anytime, anywhere as it is easy to prepare the meals, and takes less than 30 mins to thaw or reheat when you want to eat it.

The Chinese New Year menu is available at both outlets; Kota Damansara and SS2.
So why wait? Gather your family and friends for the ultimate Chinese New Year gathering at Hakka Rang Restaurant. 
Do note that due to the restaurant's popularity and limited capacity so as to ensure social distancing efforts, seats are available in limited quantities daily. 
Please make your reservation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! 
Lastly, may this year bring you "Good Fortune", "Prosperity & Success"! 
Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

客家人Kota Damansara
Add: 47-1, Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway
Business Hour: 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 9:30pm
Tel: +018-388 8620

客家人 SS2
Add: 36, Jalan SS2/10, Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor
Business Hour: 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 9:30pm
Tel: 011-251 88638

Website: https://www.hakkarang.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/HakkaRangRestaurant
小红书: @HakkaRang http://xhslink.com/0GV09l

*Reservations are only available on weekdays; reservations are not accepted on weekends, based on first come first served basis.
*Hakka Rang Restaurant will be closed from 21/01/2023 to 24/01/2023, and will open as usual on 25/01/2023.

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