This is My 2023!

Wow, I can't believe it's almost time to say goodbye to 2023!
This year, I feel the year passed by very quickly; perhaps I was so busy that I forgot how time flew.
Despite nothing super exciting happening, I feel grateful with everything that came my way.
I noticed I had more time for myself this year, learning to live the life I wanted, doing things I really enjoy, I also spent a lot of time with my parents, which was nice.
Besides that, I also worked hard and had fun when I could, trying to find a good balance, which made me feel happy and satisfied throughout the year.
不管是和自己还是家人朋友们, 回顾album里的照片, 这2023真的充满了很多珍贵的回忆,
我要谢谢自己, 谢谢自己努力的活成自己想要的样子.
也因为这些年, 深深体会到生命的脆弱, 所以我很努力的过好每一天的生活, 珍惜当下的每一刻.
I want to remember what happened in 2023, so I'm saving this post.
It's a summary of my experiences from the year, capturing the good moments and simple joys.
Looking back, it was a special year!

Just like in previous years, I kicked off the new year by celebrating my birthday.
It's a tradition that brings me joy, and feel truly blessed to receive all the well-wishes and love from my friends and family.
It sets a positive tone for the beginning of the year, and reminds me of the wonderful people in my life.

In terms of work this year, I noticed I spent more time at my dad's shop, helping in various aspects.
I had worked for my dad for 3 years after returning from the USA, but then I decided to move on and gain more working experiences.
These few years, I spent more time on my dad's business, as I felt very blessed that my dad had started his own business that providing us with good life, and I believed it was time for me to contribute.
一直都觉得自己很幸福, 因为爸爸的努力, 我才有现在无忧无虑的生活. 爸爸年纪大了, 就应该换我们帮爸爸好好经营他的心血, 让他放心.
Besides, working alongside my dad not only allowed me to spend more time with him but also provided valuable opportunities to learn from him.
It was a chance to share some precious moments, especially during lunch breaks when we could enjoy each other's company. :)
以前年轻, 坦白说我确实不喜欢待在公司, 可现在每天在公司可以见到爸爸, 和爸爸学习他的经验, 面对面吃午餐聊天, 真的很幸福.

Throughout this year, I made effort to share meaningful moments with my parents.
We had meaningful conversations, creating memories, and simply enjoyed being together.
In addition to our regular weekend gatherings, I also organized numerous short local trips for us to enjoy together.
We explored various places like Genting Highlands, Bentong, Cameron Highlands, Kuantan, Batu Ferringgi, and more.
These experiences were not just about the destinations but also about creating lasting memories together.

There were times when I was really worried about my dad's eye condition.
For many months, I felt stressed and worried.
And I made a personal promise to myself that I would do my best to take him to more places and spend more time together.
I want my dad to see the beautiful world and make happy memories with him.
爸爸妈妈, 只要你们想去的, 我都尽我所能带你们去. 

Because my dad was still concerned about traveling abroad by plane, we decided to stick to local tours this year.
Alongside our short trips around Malaysia, we went on a unique adventure by driving from KL all the way to Betong ourselves.
It marked our first time exploring Thailand together after the Covid era. :)
I shared a lot of information about self-driving to Betong, you are feel free to check out the post at HERE.

In addition to spending time with my parents, I also planned a few trips for myself.
I feel blessed to have been able to travel to a few places this year and check off some destinations from my travel bucket list.
By the end of April, I traveled to Seoul with my nieces, and we were fortunate enough to catch a K-pop concert during our visit.
You can check out my Seoul diary Part 1 at HERE and Part 2 at HERE :)

Checking off "Concert in Seoul" from my list was a highlight!

I want to document something here, even though it's not a happy experience.
In May, after returning from Seoul, I contracted Covid, where I had to quarantine myself for more than a week! :(

After the recovery, I traveled to Chiang Mai with my university friends at the end of May.
It was precious to reunite with everyone from different places, especially after the Covid era.
I believe we made the best out of the trip!
I've blogged about our 4D3N in Chiang Mai, feel free to check out the post at HERE!

During this trip, I also challenged myself to experience paramotoring for the first time.
It's kinda unbelievable because I have a fear of heights.
So, I consider this one of the best highlights of the year and the trip as well!

Fast forward to September, I traveled to Kaohsiung and Tainan with my girl friend, Venny.
We haven't known each other for very long, but somehow we developed a strong friendship.
We had been discussing the idea of traveling together during the lockdown, and finally, we made it happen this year!
珍惜这段友谊, 希望可以长长久久, 友谊长存! 
I've already blogged about where to go and what to eat in Kaohsiung over at my blog at HERE, but I haven't had the time to write about our trip to Tainan, I guess I will have to wait until next year to share that part of the journey.

The last trip of 2023 was finally to China!
I always love traveling there because of the good food and beautiful scenery to explore.
This time, I went with my eldest sister's family, and honestly, we had so much fun!
Stay tuned for my next travel post because I'll be updating everything about Guilin for you guys!

So, besides traveling and working hard like a cow for money, I also spent time on what I love, such as going to concerts.
This year, I am lucky to have met iKON in person again, and moreover, at such a close distance in the rock zone area.
@mizhippo Saving the memories of iKON Take Off 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, for myself and the fellow iKONICS around the world 💕 #iKON #KpopiKON #iKONTakeOffWorldTour #iKONTakeOffWorldTourinKL #IKONTakeOffWorldTourinKualaLumpur #iKONICS #iKONTakeOffinMalaysia #LoveScenario #iKONinKL #iKONinKL2023 #ikon_takeoffinmalaysia ♬ original sound - mizhippo
It's my third time seeing iKON, and I couldn't be happier than this!
One of the best memories of 2023 at HERE!

Then, by any chance, I also met Lee Seung-gi at a very close distance too!
He sings very well, and I am very impressed with his live performance.
@mizhippo Memories with Lee Seung-gi in Malaysia 💕 #leeseunggi이승기 #lsgasiatour2023 #lsgasiatourshow #lsginmalaysia #leeseunggiinmalaysia #lsgairen #lsginkl #이승기 ♬ original sound - mizhippo

I made a good memories with Lee Seung-gi in Malaysia on my TikTok (click to follow me ya), do check it out at HERE

Last but not least, I got to see my favourite Miriam Yeung 杨千桦 in concert this year.
She was supposed to have a world tour before Covid, and it was all stopped because of the pandemic.
Nothing could have stopped me from seeing her on her My Tree of Live 2023 world tour in Malaysia! 

Thanks to Miriam for the good show! 

Well, during my free time, I'm happy that I decided to try something new, reformer Pilates.
It's a hobby I've always wanted to explore, and I'm happy to have kept up with it throughout the year.

Certainly, there are many more things to remember throughout 2023, and it's challenging to record every detail and everyone I met during the year.
However, everything is etched in my memory.
I want to express gratitude for all the work opportunities provided, for the clients who trusted my work, and allowing me to continue pursuing my passion for creating content as my part-time job. 
I also feel thankful for all the wonderful people I encountered throughout the year.
Every experience, every person, and every opportunity has played a role in making 2023 a memorable and learning year for me.
Thank you to all who have been part of my journey!
Lastly I'm excited to welcome 2024 with a big heart, and I've got a few small New Year resolutions on my list.
I will share it with you guys on my next year 2024 post if I achieve them throughout the year! #lol
Till then.....Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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