Happy lonely night...

After working so hard on my paper in d last 2 weeks
I wish to have a little private space for myself to enjoy the moment
So I decided to go for my "night" after work

Its also a good time to practice being myself alone
without anyone giving comments on food and activities
Dont know what's the reason
I feel quite lonely recently
Not easy to get friends or partner accompanion like used to be


Own dinner
Own movie

Here comes the things I have done alone in d night

Before d dinner
I have my favourite beer to cheer myself for a busy n tired day
I had 2 bottles which only cost RM16
First bottle @ RM15 and second bottle @ RM1 ONLY
Happy hour @ DOME

My dinner
with Spicy Olio beef
This is my most fav meal in DOME
Cost RM23.00

And then I have my fav dessert
hehe...My fav affogato....
Since when I became the Affogato fans?!
Cost RM9.75

Catch a movie...RIO
Heard lots of good comments from people around
Although its a little bit exp on d tic I bought
Hehe..from the premier class @ The Garden
Ya I know..I have been spoiling myself a lot tonight...
But worth it
Coz d funny movie make my night!


Get back home at 10 plus
But cant really fall to sleep
Dont tell me my insomia is visiting me again!!!


Listening to 很想说 by 李圣杰

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