Day 3: Lotte World and Nami Island

Ok peeps! It's time to continue my Korean trip in Dec!
Time flies too fast! It''s already the second month since I came back from Korea..
I still miss my trip a lot, especially looking back the pictures taken during the trip.
Aikss..wish I can go back anytime soon!
For those who missed my Day 1 and Day 2 in Korea, you are feel free to click the links and read them ya! TQVM!

On the 3rd day, we had a super early flight from Jeju to Seoul.
The flight was at 7.10am, and we gonna arrive at the airport by 6.30am.
You can imagine how early I had to get up on that day!?!

Another advantage to go with a tour is you don't have to headache with the arrangements.
Like you don't need to bother about lining up and do the check-in by yourself. All these will be done by the tour leader.
You can just stay relax and have extra time to snap! snap! snap! as much as you can.


Korean are always sooooo creative!
The dustbins have the same size as my Mickey luggage! Hehe!

Once we landed in Seoul, we first headed to the breakfast restaurant.
Was really hungry! Even though the food there were very bad, but we still have very good appetite in that early morning. 

Right after the heavy breakfast, it's time to do our FIRST shopping in Korea!
Esther, our tour leader brought us to the must go shopping mall~~~Lotte Duty Free
My Korean friend suggested me before that I must visit one of the duty free mall in Korea as their price for branded staffs are consider the cheapest in the world.
You can get many international brands like Prada, LongChamp,Gucci, Burberry etc.
Just that if you buy the international brands, you can only collect your goods after you check-in. The reason they do so is because they want to restrict you from selling the goods to the locals.
But if you ask me if the prices are cheaper than Europe countries not, that I can't guarantee, you probably gonna do more research if you plan to shop the international brands. 
For me, I alaways go for local brands in that particular country, just like you should try all kind local food while you are at that country.
So I mostly bought the Korean cosmetics and skin cares,like Skin Food, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Etude House etc.

Yet, there is a little bonus for me on the first shopping day!
I always wanted a MCM bag ever since I know about this brand.
Esther told me that MCM originally come from Korea, and being export to Europe.
So if you plan to get any MCM, probably Korea would be the best place for you, plus their quality would be better than the others as it is made in Korea itself.
Well, by saying so, I get one Vintage Visetos medium shopper bag at about RM1500.00.
I think it's a right choice as I can't get it in Malaysia! LOVE it so much!

After 1 hour shopping time (how can you shop within 1 hour with so many different shops in a mall, right?) Yeap! Another disadvantage of following a tour!
The reason for rushing is because we have to go to the Lotte World which just located besides the Duty Free mall.

Lotte world involved many types of thrilling entertainment facilities, ice rink, a huge outing lake and a variety of arenas and fold musuem.

The ice rink is much bigger than the one we have in Sunway!

We only allow 3 hours in such big entertainment park!
In reality, 3 hours is only for walk-walk and see-see but couldn't visit every corners inside the arena!

Look at the big map!
My niece was very dissapointed that she couldn't explore the whole wonderland.
She probably need another Korea visit when she grow up a bit later :D

Just able to get on 2 rides during our visit due to the super long waited Q!

I had my first Ja Jang noodle today.
As you can see from the picture, it looks very different with the Ja Jang noodle we usually have in Kl.
Personally, I don't really like it because I find the taste is so weird.

Might because we don't have the same taste as the locals.
Look, all Korean youngsters enjoyed the Ja Jang noodle a lot!
I can see 90% above were ordered the same noodle as mine.

That's where we have our lunch inside the Lotte World!

After lunch, we went to the outdoor park.

It was really cold outside the park!
It would be awesome to hold a hot drink while having a walk outside :P


With mum at the second ride! Mum looks very happy and excited!

Not mnay pictures taken as I don't feel like taking any at all because the whole place was very packed with locals and tourists!

If you are someone that like or enjoy the amusement parks, you might find it very interesting.
For me, I probably will not spend money to visit here again.

Yea! Next destination is my long waited Nami Island!
I was damn excited to see this place in person!
If you read my post about the reasons I am in love with Korea, you surely can understand why I am so excited to be at Nami Island.

 AnnYeong, Nami Island!


After about 15-20 mins ferry, we finally arrived!

We gonna walk about 10-15 minutes after the ferry to our final stop.
Consider quite a long walk under the super freezing weather.

What makes Nami Island so famous? That's all credited to the K drama, "Winter Sonata" by Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo. 
And here is the place where shooting this drama. 

Even though the drama already 10 years long, Nami Island is still a famous tourist place to visit.
I think it is not only because of the drama itself, but also the nice scenery around that area!

I spotted the bicycles that used by Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo in the drama.

I am super falling in love with this lovely place.

The tall and bold trees behind me are probably the best spot in this island.

All the trees are very tall till I can't get a full picture of it!

This is the most romantic place I ever been!
I hope I will come back again in different seasons!
I believe different seasons will give you different feeling in such a beautiful place!


It is the statue of Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo in Winter Sonata!

So, tell me la, how can I not fall in love with this place!

All the pictures that showed over here can remind me the nice scenes inside the drama!

Some photos from this Nami Island
Don't you think you wish to stay here a bit longer?!

A must take photo spot in this Island.
This 2 little snowman reflect Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo in the drama.

Bye Bye Nami Island!
I promise I will definately come back with my love one in future!

We ended our 3rd day by having a good dinner, Dak-Gal-Bi.
It is a popular Korean dish generally made by stir frying marinated diced chicken with chili pepper paste. It also mixes with cabbage, sweet potatto, onion and Korean rice cake together on a big hot plate.

My both nieces were happily cooking the dishes by themselves!

Lastly, I wanna end this post by posting one of my favourite picture taken in Nami Island.
Hope you all enjoy reading it!


Listening to You are always gonna be my love by Bbahn
She has a beautiful voice which you will definately love it like I do!

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