Valentine's Day

Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine's day with your loved one.
Me and Lik Boy had a simple celebration on that day because Valentine's day is not so particular for me.
What I like to do on this day is just have a simple celebration together with my love.

For me, birthday celebration among the other celebrations is much important because birthday is the day that belongs to myself.
So, no matter how, I will always want a birthday celebration together with people I Iove.
And I will always demand for a birthday cake on that day as that's my special day to make a wish for the year! Hehe!

Lik Boy suggested we go for korean food on our 2nd year of Valentine's day.
I was craving for korean food the night before, and surprisingly Lik Boy suggested it without any hints.
Actually this is not the first time he knows about what I want by himself, but probably more than 10 times! I think he just can read me well all the time!  *Sweet*

We supposed to go to my fav Dao Rae korean BBQ, but too bad it was fully booked, plus with a very long waiting list.
So we change to another nearby Bon-Ga Korean BBQ @ Sri Petaling.

Below are the food that we ordered on that night.

One of the reason I love korean food is because of the different small dishes they served.

I ordered one bottle of  soju for myself, because Lik Boy don't like drinking.

Lik Boy's fav BBQ pork belly that served from the kitchen.
We don't cook it ourself as they don't practice the standard BBQ way in their restaurant.
All BBQ served right from the kitchen.

Seafood pan cake!
This is my all time fav, and also a must order if you have korean food with me!

Ginseng chicken soup is also my another fav dish.
I can always finish the whole bowl by myself :D

We were not very happy about the food at Bon-Ga because the food are just so so.
I believe you can get a better one with the same price at somewhere else.
I would rate all the food at 2.5 out of 5, and believe that I will not come back again.

After the dinner, we decided to go back home to have dessert and drinks with my parents.
Remember, 14 is also Chap Goh Mei, a day that you should spend time with your family too!

We bought a Macadamia cheesecake from Padi House.
I like it.
My dad likes it.
My mum likes it.
So if you not yet try this from Padi House, you should go for it right now!

We mixed all different alcohol we have at home.
Mum's collection. Ya! She is a heavy alcoholic!
We all love the BoHae raspherry wine, it taste real good!

Valentine's day is not about buying expensive gifts but to show your love and appreciation to your loved one.
This is a simple rose from Lik Boy!
He made for me right in front of me during our dinner.

And this is my handmade Valentine's gift for him.

Regret that we forgot to take a picture of us on that night! Ishh...!
But I think we both feeling blessed on 14 Feb 2014!!!
Thank's so much for keeping us together......♥♥♥  ♥♥♥  ♥♥♥ 

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