Fresh to Go @ 7-Eleven

Ever since I left my full time job, I almost always eat lunch by myself.
That's because my time becomes a bit more flexible than previously.
I do enjoy having my own time as I can decide which place to go and what I want to eat without getting someone permission.
But, one of the bad things is I feel so awkward when people staring at me; like why this lady is so lonely that she has to eat alone.
I always have this thought whenever I enter to a restaurant or a cafe, which makes me feel like eating alone are the odd balls. :(
Therefore, quick meals and quick bites from the convenience stores are always my lunch ideas if I cannot find any "kaki". #lol

Recently, 7-Eleven has expanded their fresh food line with the addition of Fresh to Go menu.
I was so happy to hear about it after it launched at their stores because with all the fresh food offerings, I now have more choices at lunch!

There are variety of food for you, from the main course like rice and noodles to the finger foods such as fish balls, sausages, sandwiches, and breads.
One thing to highlight about the Fresh to Go is there are no preservative, colouring and MSG added!
Also, to maintain it's freshness, all foods are delivered daily and certified halal too!
So, you can now eat fresh and stay healthy with all the quick meals from Fresh to Go!

Let's check out what Fresh to Go offers to you!
Thsandwiches cost at RM3.05 with 2 pieces per pack.

Japanese Rice Ball Onigiri has few choices such as Tuna, Fried salmon, Teriyaki Chicken; and each flavour cost only RM4.00.

All kinds of finger foods for you such as fish balls, chicken balls, and sausages!
Everything are kept in warm till it's served.

Fried mee hun, fried rice, nasi lemak, too many choices? :)

A pack of fried rice comes with a fried egg and few pieces of sausages; cost at RM3.05 only!

Same goes to the Fried Mee Hun!
For me, simple lunch at RM3.05 is what a good deal!

I had the fried salmon onigiri for my lunch today since I wanted to have it after watching the K-drama, Cheese in the trap.
There was a scene on episodes 3 where Seol and Jung were having the onigiri together at the convenience store lol. #sillyme

For me, the best thing about having Fresh to Go is because I can enjoy my meals at anywhere at anytime without any companions.
Now, I can have a plate of fried rice at my office while surfing the web and watching Youtube or I can even have the sandwiches while driving to the client meetings!

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