Diary 180416

It's a bit struggling.
Not sure if I should record this down since I always read back my old posts.
But, I think I just want to do a short one.

I lost my phone, on the 13.04.16.
It's the Samsung Note 3 that I have used for a year.
I have been complaining it a lot when I had it.
I kept saying that I wanted to change a new one.
And now, it's really gone.
All of my pictures are gone from my phone. 
I didn't even back up the pictures I took in Australia yet.
Now, you can imagine how much pain I experienced.

Dad told me it's okay, just get a new one.
Sister said I will get through it after sometimes.
Lik said it's just a phone, don't need to cry so hard.
But, I'm really sad 
It's really sad, and heart pain!
How can you ask me not to think about it?!
Whenever I thought about how I lost it, I feel so stupid of myself.

I try to pick up my mood in the weekend
But, still...my heart still feels pain.
I hope for those who accidentally found someone's phone, 
please think twice before you put it into your pocket.
At most of the time,
 it's not about how costly the phone is, 
but it's because of the memories inside the phone. 
Always put yourself in other's shoes.
I bet you wouldn't want to face the same pain
Life is not easy for any of us.
don't build your happiness on someone else's pain.


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