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I remember there was one time in Bangkok.
While I was waiting in public toilet lines, there were 3 ladies discussing which country has the cleanest toilets.
One of them raised their voice and said that Malaysia has very bad toilet maintenance.
It was such a shame to be one Malaysian at that moment, and how I wish I could dig a hole and hide in it!
As a Malaysian and travel blogger, I agree with this lady on this point after I see how clean and well-maintain the public toilets in other countries.
To be honest, it was such a pain, especially to the ladies when we enter to a poor public toilet, with common issues like wet and dirty floor, unflushed toilets, shoe marks on the toilet bowls, dirty and breakage seats, the terrible smell, lack of toilet papers and so on. #poorthing

According to the independent online survey from Kleenex®, three out of five Malaysians are extremely hesitant to use public toilets and four out of five who were surveyed mentioned that they consume less drinks to minimize visits to the public toilets while they are out.
If you face one of the probleems I mentioned above, you can keep your worries now!
Kleenex®, a world leader in personal hygiene products has introduced a simple solution that we can use at anytime and anywhere in order to have a more positive public toilet experience!
Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues, is the new wet toilet tissues to help Malaysians to survive public toilet inconveniences.

It's compact pockets which are easy to carry around and easy to use which just wipe and flush (advised to flush no more than 2 sheets at a time).
The wet toilet tissues have been well market in South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and Singapore, and Kleenex® believe it will receive good results in Malaysia soon!

Celebrity brand advocate Jihan Muse said, “Surviving a public toilet is like being in an epic tragicomedy – you should see me in my high-heeled sandals and long, flowing dress, trying to juggle shopping bags, negotiating the wet floor while holding my dress up and hoping I don’t drop anything!”  
“Proper maintenance aside, I feel public toilets in Malaysia would be much better if we could treat them the way we treat our own personal space. So if you make a mess, clean it up; don’t step on the seats; wipe up any spills and for the love of all things decent, do flush properly!” added Jihan.

The wet tissues are safe to flush and hypoallergenic.
It is formulated with 9-step purified water for 99.9% assured clean, gentle and delicate on the skin.
It comes with natural ingredients, alcohol free and leaves users feeling cleaner and fresher after use. 

Kleenex® Wet Tissues are available in 3 sizes.
This is a pack of 10 sheets that can be placed in your pocket or handbag.
The retail price is RM2.10 per pack.

Looking for a value saving pack?
You can purchase a 3 packs like this at RM5.80.
For a big family solution, maybe a total 40 sheets in a pack at RM7.40 is most worthwhile.
All of them are now available in hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

A tiny addition to add into your pocket or handbag can make a huge difference!
You can now have a peaceful mind whenever you enter to the public toilets with the Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues and I trust all of us can train this up like our personal hygiene at home.
Btw, you can now get a free sample by register yourself at Kleenex® official website, here. Hurry up, guys!

For more information on Kleenex®, you can log on to:
FB: Kleenex.Malaysia
Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-Line: 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free), weekdays from 9am - 5pm

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