Candid Shots @ Sydney Australia

While I was blogging about the 15 things to do in Sydney, I realized I have many candid shots leftover during the trip.
You can check out my first Sydney post at here, I hope it gives you a good idea about Sydney. 
Well, for this candid shots post, I thought of just making a short one; or else all pictures will be like forever staying inside my hard disc.
I edited the pictures with different color tones and settings especially for this post, hope you guys will like it.
So get ready!

Blue background matches with my outfit

My side angle can be good too

Looks like Spring, but it's not

One candid in front of the Sydney Opera House

Don't look down, but always look up

Where should I up next?

Simply love the green wood painting

So, what should I pose next?

Love the red

Trying to act cool, but failed I guess

My pose mixed well with the bench

Where should I put my hands?

Strong wind at the Manly Beach

Standing right in the city centre

Just because the ladies have a big mirror

One of favourite retail shop in Australia

Posing with posters is cool

That's pretty much sums up my Sydney trip.
I hope you enjoyed reading my travel posts in Sydney.
Till then!

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