Very Bad Infection with Pus @ Pantai Hospital Bangsar

Hey guys!
It's been 3 weeks since I updated my blog.
For those who have been following on my Instagram and FB, you guys would probably know that I fall sick after returning home from my Hong Kong trip.
I stayed at home for more than a week, and admitted to hospital.
People asked me about my condition, but sorry that I wasn't exactly sure what's to tell.
Since I am recovering now, so I thought might just sharing this post with you all, as well as a personal review about the Pantai Hospital Bangsar that I stayed for 4 days.

It all started on the last day of my Hong Kong trip.
Me and my sisters thought I was lucky enough as we wouldn't know how will it be if this happened during the trip.
My left face started with pain and swelling, while I was taking the flight back to Malaysia.
It was such a long journey to be back home, although the total flight was just 4 hours, as my face was feeling so discomfort.
On the next day, I went to see my ENT doctor, Dr Chang at Pantai Hospital Bangsar, because I thought the discomfort probably causes of my sinuses and watery eyes.
Dr Chang was shocked to see me with my swollen face.
He asked me to take some strong antibiotics to reduce the infection before knowing the main reason causing it.
I took the antibiotics for 2 days, but condition didn't go so well.
My parents were worried, they asked me to seek advises from our "family doctor", Dr Nadarajah (Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist) at the same hospital too.
He first thought that I may diagnoses diabetes as my father has it.
He gave me stronger antibiotics which he thought that could probably help to relieve while waiting for the laboratory results.
I was happy with the antibiotics as I can see the improvement on my face, also glad that the body check up said that I don't have diabetes.
Truly, it was a bit worrying what if I diagnose with diabetes.

Obviously, things didn't go well.
After taking the antibiotics on the 3rd day, areas around my left eye was swelling badly, with pain, redness and tenderness.
It was getting worse day by day, which makes me most worried about!
This picture was taken on the 2nd day after the antibiotics, my final condition is 10 times worse than this!!!
I patiently wait till the weekend is over, and went back to Dr Nada again.
Everyone in the clinic were shocked when I took down my sunglasses (I couldn't go out without any sunglasses as I'm sure my condition can be frightening).
Dr Nada said he can see the pus is building inside the affected area, that's why the skin is getting red, hard and firm.
Without any discussion, Dr Nada admitted me straight away.

It's not my first time at Pantai Bangsar.
One thing I don't like about it here is the hospital administration.
It consider lucky that it only took me 1 hour plus to get into the ward.
I remembered few months ago, my aunt waited like 2 hours on the wheel chair before she entered to the room.
It's so ridiculous that the patients have to wait for so long to get lay down on the bed.
I think this should be seriously improved!

I was at ward 4.
Nurses and staffs are very friendly, nice, helpful and patient.
Indeed, everyone I met at the eye clinic, operation theater are all very good, except the unfriendly ones I met at the administration counter.
Ultra scan in the afternoon confirmed that there are a lot of pus inside the affected area, and need a minor surgery to drain it out.
Since it happened on my face, Dr Nada recommended a plastic surgeon for me, to prevent any scars.
Dr Kuladeva Ratnam (Consultant Plastic,Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon), is a well experienced surgeon, and he explained that he needs to cut a 0.5cm hole on the affected area to drain out the pus.
What actually causing all this infection is probably because of the blockage of my eye vein and the watery eyes I have.

Food in Pantai Bangsar are so so.
Well, what should I expect as a patient?
But one thing good is the menu has variety choices with Asian, Western, vegetarian, porridge and noodles.
If you want something better, there are Papparich, Starbucks, Subway, Secret Recipe etc at the G floor.
I remember the staff at the Hot & Roll is always very friendly; and trust me, their hot rolls are the best!

Now, I am feeling so much better after the surgery done.
Although the wound and the infection area need time for recovering; at least 3 months for reducing the redness, and a month for the wound healing with the bandage, I think nothing gonna be better than the super red and swelling face.
Anyway, whatever happen, life still goes on.

I want to thank my family.
Their unconditional loves and support are always so warm.
It's really touched to receive daily messages and calls from my both sisters.
I know you all have been worrying about my condition a lot.
I want to thank my hubby, Lik.
He is the one who stay with me to monitor my condition, and pamper me like a princess everyday.
He is the one who transmute my negative to his positive energies.
I want to thank everyone who message me no matter it's on my FB, or Whatsapp.
Thanks for all the encouragement and words of comfort.
I didn't get to reply each messages, but don't worry, I get them all and read them all.

The greatest wealth is health.
So everyone, live healthy!


@tauyanm said...

happy to know that you are recovering good babe. All the best for you! mishu😘

Betty's Journey said...

Pls recover soon as I miss you so much. Pray hard for you and may God bless you with healthy life. Much love from me.

Anfield Yee said...

Hey babe, I'm sorry to hear this happens to you. Speedy recovery! Waiting for you for yum chia session :)

hiphippopo said...

Thank you all very much with love!