Pure Caffe Tea @ Mid Valley Exhibition

I am back to talk about coffee again!
#lol! Please don't get bored with all my coffee stories!
Well, I have been talking about Pure Caffe Tea on my blog, my FB page and Insta.
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Back to today's topic; so Pure Caffe Tea was having their first and also the biggest fair at the I Love Coffee & Tea Expo during the last weekend at the Mid Valley Exhibition.
If you been to the expo, or maybe to their booth, I am sure you will know how busy and crowded the booth was.
I guess everyone just can't get rid of the good smell of the coffee once you enter to the expo. #lol

It's the biggest booth among the others, and I really love the entire presentation and design of the booth. #greatjob

You got it right!
They are giving 9000 FREE premium Italy coffee during the expo, as well as many attractive vouchers and even FREE trips to Italy if you sign up their special package during the expo days.
Excited, don't ya?

Well well well...Let's keep calm, and drink a cup of cappuccino from Pure Caffe Tea! #hehe

Before I go through the special packages, let me give you some idea about the brand.
Pure Caffe Tea is a fully imported Italian coffee brand from Milan, Italy.
By using their imported in-house machines and capsules, you can make a perfect cup of Italian coffee by just pressing a button on the machine.
For just RM2, you can now enjoy a cup of premium Italy coffee or tea!

There are few coffee machines are available at Pure Caffe Tea.
Both Barista Beans and HLF3600 are able to make all kinds of coffee such as cappuccino, flat white, latte, espresso, double shot and so on.
These 2 coffee machines are more suitable for high frequent user which is suggested for office users.
Downpayment for these machines is only RM4,000; however you will get this amount back after one year.

Virgo and Freedom C11 Plus are designed for less frequent users.
If you want to enjoy a cup of premium coffee at home, you can consider the Freedom C11 Plus.
This coffee machine is specially made for the non heavy user such as 3-5 cups per day.
Although it looks small, but it's a complete machine which allows you to make your own latte art too!
Downpayment for the Freedom C11 Plus is about RM2,000 and the downpayment will pay back to you after one year,

Just a single push button and you can have your coffee or tea in a second!

Even young kids can make their own latte art with their smart designed coffee machine!

Coffee choices from Pure Caffe Tea includes Arabica 100, 24 Seven, Nero and No Limits.
All comes in either capsules, tin packed or vacuum packed.

There are actually few other companies having the similar concept like Pure, however the best thing about Pure is you aren't only make coffee with their machine, you can also make variety of teas, such as English breakfast tea, peppermint, Camomile, green tea, early grey tea, and lemon tea.

So now!
What's the promotion that Pure has for their customers during the expo?
No matter what packages you purchase, you will get all RM3,000 vouchers which includes 3 days 2 night in Bangkok, 50% off cafes and restaurants vouchers, and so on.
Besides, you will also can stand a chance to win the ITALY trip for 2 person if you sign up their package!
And, the most exciting news is this promotion is still valid while stocks last!
So peeps, hurry up and get these before the best deal is gone!

Coffee lovers!
Do check out Pure Caffe Tea at http://www.purecaffetea.com/or follow them at their FB page Pure Caffe Tea.
You can also contact them directly at 603-9284 3228 now!

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