Domino's Pizza @ With the New Domino's Cheese Tarik Crust

Hello! Cheese lovers! Pizza lovers! Are you here?!
I love pizza, especially cheeseeeee pizza. :)
The more cheese, the better!
It's true that you may genuinely feel guilty for eating cheese, but I think it's not easy to find a way to stop if you are a cheese lover. :) #amiright?
I was excited when I got to know my all-time favourite Domino's pizza is launching a brand new recipe, Cheese Tarik Crust to customers who love for more cheese.
The new Domino's Cheese Tarik is looking forward to present a unique pizza experience for their customers, by not only creating with great care and selection of high quality mozzarella, Domino's also continuously striving to introduce better tasting and consistent cheesy bursts in each bite. #ohyea

The new Domino's Cheese Tarik Crust is baked by Domino's pizza maker with special technique to handcraft the pizza crust and also to achieve the skillfully cheesiest crust ever!
While searching for the familiar tantalizing cheese flavours, Cheese Tarik Crust features the earthy goodness of cheddar cheese tucked in a parmesan-sprinkled crust, then baked to a golden, molten perfection.
Besides, all pizzas are freshly made for each order with a serving of cheddar cheese, whereby the molten cheese filing oozes out of the crunchy crust; not only giving it a soft crust, also stretchy and stringy texture that will keep you tarik-ing for more.
If you are looking for more variety, the Cheese Tarik is also available with the original Mozzarella Cheese Tarik, which they previously known as the Extreme Edge Crust.

Finding the perfect to enhance your Cheese Tarik Crust?! No problem at all!
You can pair it with Domino's Pizza's new Cheesy Four which featuring four different side dishes, such as:
#1 Garlic Cheese Onion Rings: crunchy, breaded thickly-sliced sweet onions, sprinkled with parmesan cheese
#2 Cheesy Cheddar Stix: loaded with flavourful cheddar cheese and sprinkled with parmesan cheese
#3 Stuffed Cheddar Bites: tasty bites filled with chicken pepperoni, busting with cheddar cheese, backed to perfection
#4 Crazy Chicken Crunchies in Tom Yam flavour: Dip away the Crazy Chicken with the delicious cheese dipping that will get you dipping to the very end.
This combination is great to enjoy with the Cheesy Tarik Crust, and also will take your cheese experience to new heights.

In conjuction with the launch of the new Domino's Cheese Tarik Crust, Domino's will be kicking off the very first Malaysia's Cheese Tarik Challenge to everyone.
It's a fun and simple challenge to aim to see how far you can creatively "tarik" the cheese of the Cheese Tarik Crust! #hehe
How to join the challenge?
Step #1: Snap a photo of the stretched cheese with your most creative way
Step #2: Tag it with @DominosMY, and hashtag with #cheeseTarikChallenge on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
Step #3: Wait for weekly winners announced on the website to see who will walk away one-year supply of pizzas from Domino.
The challenge starts from 27th Nov till 7th Jan 2018!

Can you make a longer Cheese Tarik Pizza than mine?!
Come! Let's challenge! :)

Lastly, all new Cheese Tarik Crust and the Cheesy Four are available in all Domino's Pizza stores from 18th Dec 2017 onward.
To make your order, you can visit all Domino's Pizza stores, order online at or call their direct line 1300-888-333.
To learn more about the ongoing promotions of Domino's Pizza Malaysia's Cheese Tarik Crust and Cheesy Four, you can also visit their official website at too.
Enjoy your Cheese Tarik Crust yea!

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