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My first time in Austria, also my first visit in Salzburg.
Honestly, I knew nothing about Salzburg before my visit, and only got to know the Mozart's birthplace from my sister.
Then, I know there is a beautiful Mirabell Gardens from the world's famous movie of The Sound of Music through a friend.
Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria, and the city is not very big but with many hidden back streets to wander around.
My first impression about Salzburg is it looks like a fairy-tale-inspired with a fabled city of music, and also many splendid and majestic castles and palaces all over.
It's certainly one of the most romantic and beautiful cities I have ever been to.
I enjoyed every moments in this beautiful city very much!

Without further ado, let's discover this beautiful city through my Salzburg storybook now!

My day in Salzburg started with a great place, the Mirabell Palace & Garden.
It is one of the settings for the world's most well-known musical film "The Sound of Music".
Do Re Mi Fa So La Te, still remember peeps?! :)
That's also one of my all time favourite musical movie in my childhood, sooooo happy that I came here!

The Mirabell Garden is flown over the freshly cut green grass and colourful flowers everywhere.
It's a cute little garden to walk around and one of the must photo stop in Salzburg.

Though the garden is not very big, I love every moments in Mirabell Garden.
It's really a beautiful place, a beautiful place to capture beautiful pictures.

While walking towards to Mozart's birthplace, we crossed over the Makartsteg Bridge which connects the new and old city town.
The pedestrian bridge is very wide and nice to walk around, also a great spot with amazing views of the river and the bridge.

From the bridge, you can see an outstanding far view of the castle and palace.
Wish to go up!

There are so many wishes love padlocks in different colours that tied to the bridge barrier too.

From the Makartsteg Bridge, it's just a short 10-15 minutes walk to the Old Town of Salzburg, Getreidegasse.
It's one of the UNESCO World Heritage landmark to visit.
Inside the old town, there are many beautiful architectures and buildings with international fashion chains to wander around.
If you come here for Mozart's birthplace, you should take the chance to walk on this street.


One of the must visit popular attraction in the old town is the Mozart's Birthplace.
I think it's worth a visit no matter if you are a fans of Mozart not.
There are numerous original items, like portraits, personal items back into the 18th century were kept inside the museum.

Mozart was born and stayed in this nice yellow building with his family.
The building looks pretty small from the outside, but it is much bigger from the inside, which covering several floors.
Well, I think Mozart and his family will never thought that their little tiny house can be such an attraction after so many years later.

No pictures and videos are allowed inside the building.
So, the best photo stop at the museum is with the Mozart painting right in front of the entrance.

Headed to the Hartlwirt Gesellschaft for our lunch with the must have dessert in Salzburg, Strudel.
Strudel is a type of sweet layered pastry with a filling of cream, custard and apple inside.
It's too sweet for me; but if you enjoy very sweet dessert, then I think you will love it!

Felt a bit sleepy after the lunch, but we managed to have a photo stop at the Lake Millstatt.
Maybe it was just a short stop, so I find nothing fancy about this place but the changing autumn leaves and weather condition were so perfect to create a beautiful scenes out of the ordinary landscape.

Before the sky turned black, we drove about 1 hour plus to the Lake Bled.
Lake Bled is located in the Northwestern of Slovenia, and the Bled Castle that stands above the lake on the north shore is one of the tourist destination to visit.

We crossed from the lake to the middle of the island with the traditional wooden boats, pletnas.
And these pletnas are operated by standing rowers, which known as pletnars.
No life jackets will be provided, but the ride is certainly safe. :)

You can see the Bled Castle and the Assumption of Mary Church are surrounded by mountains and forests.
The entire view from the river is so gorgeous!

After landing, we have to climb 99 stone steps to reach the top, the Assumption of Mary Church.

There is a legendary tales about this place.
It is said that your wishes will come true when you listen to the church bell and ring it yourself.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to ring the bell because the church was under renovation during my visit!. :(

The whole place is surrounded by beautiful nature.
It's quiet and peace while you are at the top of the beautiful scenery view.

That's all I want to share about Salzburg, and to be honest, we were having short time in Salzburg.
We only stayed there till after lunch, and had to catch the time to the next destination in Slovenia.
I believe there are so many places that I not yet visit in Salzburg, and hopefully for the next time again.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and don't forget to watch my Salzburg travel vlog! :)

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