Domino's Pizza @ Annyeong Haseyo To Samyeang Pizza

Hello all Kpop fans here!
Today I'm gonna share an exciting news with you together with Domino's Pizza!
Due to the K-craze in Malaysia has grown stronger especially over the recent years, Domino's Pizza introduced the creation of new pizza recipes with their unique sauce to go with it.
The new sauce, Samyeang sauce is the new base of Domino's newest pizzas which created from the perfect blend of spiciness and sweetness of the sauce.
The special made sauce will surely leave you craving for more pizzassss! :)

In conjunction of the first launch of the Domino’s Pizza of it's latest Samyeang Pizzas, Domino's has also brought the three boy-band of The Samyeangs plus a female guests star of the Ayam-haseyo together to perform an exciting music video which is specially dedicated to the new develop spicy Korean sauce of their pizzas. 

Domino’s new Samyeang Pizzas are featured in three varieties, namely Samyeang Tuna Pizza, Samyeang Chicken Pizza and Samyeang Beef Pizza.
Each pizza is specially crafted to deliver the perfect combination of savory, sweet and spicy flavors.
At the same time, Domino’s also introduced Ayam-haseyo Chicken Wings, a side of chicken wings baked to perfection with an outer coating of the deliciously addictive Samyeang sauce.
All the new recipes are created with the unique Samyeang sauce, the base of Domino’s newest pizzas which was inspired by Malaysians who love for Korean food.

My top favourite goes to the Samyeang Tuna Pizza which is a less spicy pizza compare to the others.

If you like Hawaiian chicken pizza, you can try the similar flavour of the classic Samyeang Chicken Pizza.

Beef and spicy lovers? 
Must try out the first class of the Samyeang Beef Pizza that can make you feel the burn all the way!

In addition, the Ayam-haseyo Chicken Wings is a perfect side dish to match with the Samyeang Pizzas for each bites.

Domino’s Pizza had put much effort into the new development of the latest creation after they drew inspiration from Malaysians who love for Korean food and culture.
Hence, Shamsul Amree, Senior General Operation Manager, is looking forward to take the brand further by providing the customers with memorable experiences, great value and quality assurance from the new pizzas.
On the other hand, Linda Hassan, the General Manager Marketing also highlighted that entertainment is a big part of the Korean fan base popularity and therefore they believe that the boy band, The Samyeangs will be able to complete the various aspects of the Korean experience for the new pizzas.

All new Samyeang Pizza and Ayam-haseyo Chicken Wings are available in all Domino’s Pizza stores from 26th February 2018 onwards.
For even greater value, get the 2 Pizza Deal and enjoy the new Samyeang pizzas with extra cheese, which available from RM33 for two Regular pizzas, RM55 for two Large pizzas and RM77 for two Extra Large pizzas.
In addition, personal-sized Samyeang Pizza is also valid for Super Tuesday deals on every Tuesday from as low as RM3.90 for online takeaway orders and RM4.90 for over-the-counter orders.
Oh ya, don't forget to share your photos and videos of your spicy moments with Domino’s Samyeang Pizza on social media and tag with @dominosMY and #samyeang too!
For more information about the new pizzas at Domino's, head over to right away!

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