Grand Ion Delemen Hotel @ Genting Highlands

How's everyone Chinese New Year?
I'm not celebrating Chinese New Year in this year because my grandma just passed away a week before the festival.
It was a tough moment for my family, indeed until today I still can't believe she has left whenever I think of her smile.
Dealing with the loss of a family member is always difficult; my dad is very sad and obviously a hard time for him.
Every Chinese New Year, we had a big family dinner at my grandma's house, and then a vegetarian meals that prepared by my grandma on the first day of Chinese New Year.
So many happy and sweet memories keep flashing back.
Me and my siblings wanted to bring our parents to refresh mind and body during the long holiday, so we arranged a 2D1N trip to Genting Highlands on the 3rd day of CNY.
It's been a while since my last visit to Genting, probably the last visit was the Miriam Yeung Let's Begin Live concert in 2015.
Most of the hotels were fully booked during the long holiday, but it's lucky that we were able to hold 3 rooms at Grand Ion Delemun Hotel.
Grand Ion Delemun Hotel gave all of us a very positive feelings based on it's reviews and ratings on the websites, and also the pictures were truly attempting.
Well, after one night staying there, we thought it's not really worth with what we paid for it.

Genting has changed a lot, especially the Sky Avenue, it's totally a brand new face to the visitors.
I was very impressed with the new different experiences in Genting.
We also didn't notice there is also a new hotel, Grand Ion Delemen Hotel which is about 10 minutes drive from Genting Highlands.
It is located at the same route as going to the famous Amber Court.

The check-in counter was busy when we arrived there.
We have waited for more than an hour to get our room ready; we supposed to check in at 3pm, not?
Yea, the wait was long and wasted our times.
Btw, the staffs were friendly and nice; we were greeted with a cup of warm drink, and the receptionists also helped us to upgrade all our rooms from deluxe twin to one bedroom suite. #thankyou

The hotel has a very spacious lobby with ample seating area for you to surf, chat or just hang out with your groups.
It's also a good place for you to recharge and refresh yourself before you got your room ready.

The hotel is huge which consists of 2 different towers.
Our room is situated at Tower 7, whereby we need to walk through a short tunnel with an uncomfortable low ceiling along the way.
I just don't like walking around in the low ceiling.

The one bedroom suite is just a standard room, the only difference is the room provides a small balcony with a view.
We were quite disappointing because we thought a suite room should be much larger than a standard deluxe room.
Besides, the bedroom floor has no carpet, and it's made from ceramic which makes it horrible to walk around.
I feel really weird when I see a hotel with such high rating has no carpet on the floor.
Also, there is no sandals or disposal slippers are being offered.

One of the view from our room.

The room is not fancy and big, but it has almost everything you need.
It has basic amenities such as television, telephone, working table, closet and private bathroom.
When you first enter to the room, you can brew yourself a cup of coffee or just sit back and relax with a warm cup of tea. #goodhuh

The bathroom is clean and consisted of a shower, basin and toilet in one room.
It also provides the basic toiletries to the guests, such as shampoo, body wash, shower cap, toothbrush and toothpaste.
I think what I enjoyed the most is the powerful shower from the water pressure. :)

Furthermore, the hotel also offers healthy lifestyle amenities to the travelers with a fitness centre and an indoor swimming pool.
The indoor heated swimming pool with warm water looks very relaxing.

There is a large outdoor compound for everyone to chill and relax.
At night, when the weather was cooler, we gathered together at the seating area to have our takeaway supper and some beers.

One of the higlight about this hotel is the shuttle service to pick up and send to Sky Avenue in Genting Highlands.
But keep in mind that the service is needs to book in advance and only available every one hour.
You have to wait for the next one if the one is already fulled.

The hotel's breakfast buffet has a wide variety of both Asian & Western selection, such as hot dishes, fresh fruit juices, pastries, cold cuts, fruits, breads and many more.
You can also request omelettes or sunny side up eggs made to order at the egg section.
Pretty much enjoyed the food choices which gave us a rich and balanced diets to start our day. :)

Due to the high demand during the Chinese New Year holiday, we paid about RM500 for one single room.
However, at the end of the stay, my family thought that it's not worth the price we paid as the overall experience is not what we expected as a 5-star ratings hotel.
The cleanliness or our room was not very good as I can see some uncleaned removable stains all over the bed sheet and cover.
My sister-in-law complaint about the noise because she keeps hearing the sounds like furniture moving across the ceiling floor.
Though the room provides good channels like Astro, but the cable was not functioning well.
So after all, I would give 3-star rating for this hotel, and I also think this hotel looks more like a serviced apartment more than a true hotel.

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