Hada Labo Beauty Talk Show with Taiwanese Skincare Guru Liu Yen

I always enjoy beauty talks because the sharing is always a good way for me to gain some professional tips and secrets on how to take care of my skin, and also to make myself look better and better. :)
It's such a great opportunity to be invited to the latest beauty talk together with Hada Labo and the famous skincare guru Liu Yen all the way from Taiwan.
During the beauty talk, teacher Liu Yen shared the best beauty tips of using the Hada Labo hydration lotion, and for sure I have learned a lot more than I expected too!
Are you interested with the beauty secrets from the Taiwanese skincare guru Liu Yen as well?
I'm sure you do! So let's continue to read on to find out ya! :)

The pretty lady who stand on my left side is the beauty expert Liu Yen from Taiwan, and followed by the local celebrities namely Jojo Goh, Emily Chan, Carol Ong and Jeffrey Cheng.

Hada Labo was inspired by traditional Japanese beauty wisdom, which adopts a “no more no less” philosophy in the formulation of its products for the “perfect” ingredients ratio to give optimal results.
It uses the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients to provide you with the ultimate result of beautiful skin.
All their products do not contain any unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin are omitted, but only the essential ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are retained to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Everyone should have their own skincare routine and daily maintenance to improve the overall complexion.
A true beauty begins skin deep and the first step to achieving flawless, glowing and youthful-looking skin is by keeping the skin hydrated.
When our skin is left exposed to UV, dry weather or even the air conditioning without proper hydration, the skin starts to feel dry and tight.
Hence, it is very important to place emphasis on hydration and using the right hydrating product, not only does the skin appear supple and radiant, skin problems would also be reduced.

The first product I purchased and tried from Hada Labo is the famous and best-selling hydrating lotion, Hyaluronic Acid Lotion which ranked as the No. 1 face lotion in Japan, selling 1 bottle every 4 seconds.
Technically, their hydrating lotion is a toner, even though in Japan they called it as lotion.
Today, regardless of skin type, Hada Labo has made it possible for all to obtain hydrated skin with it's 8 variants of lotion, each addressing different skin types and skin concerns namely Hydrating and Hydrating (Light)Premium Hydrating, Whitening and Whitening (Rich)Lifting & Firming, Mild Peeling (For Exfoliation) and Blemish & Oil Control.

For example, you have got the basic skincare needs, hydration lotion with the white packaging.

Blue collection is all about whitening.

Also some special care lotions for your skin such as lifting and firming with the red bottle, sensitive skin with the green bottle of blemish & oil control hydration lotion.

#1 Carol, as a newscaster by profession shared that the hectic and busy schedules often got her working tirelessly until the wee hours; and this causes her skin to develop visible fine lines around the eye area.
✔Skincare guru Liu Yen highlighted that hydration is imperative to prevent aging, it is crucial to use products that are suitable to the skin type.
For Carol's skin condition, she recommended to use the Hada Labo Lifting & Firming lotion that serves as an ideal anti-aging skincare product, because it does not only help to improve and prevent visible fine lines, the lotion also strengthens skin elasticity.

#2 Emily noted that her skin is susceptible to breakouts from her hectic lifestyle.
Concealing pimple marks can be challenging especially when she has to appear on TV.
✔ Teacher Liu Yen suggested the Blemish & Oil Control Hydrating Lotion for her as the product is formulated to condition the skin’s oil production, fight blemishes and calm irritated skin while ensuring that skin remains fresh and hydrated all-day long.
Instead of slathering on different concealers, it is more important to restore the skin back to its healthy condition.

#3 Jojo, being an actress who constantly travels abroad disclosed that her skin feels unusually dry especially upon travelling, which could be due to the environmental change.
✔ Skincare guru Liu Yen recommended to use the Hada Labo’s Hydrating Lotion because it serves as a hydrating agent to lock-in moisture for a significantly soft, smooth and supple skin.
A proper hydration coupled with the right hydrating product, the skin will feel hydrated and supple for longer hours without the need to layer an application of face mist.

#4 Jeffrey, noted that many individuals, especially among men, tend to forgo the fundamental steps of hydration in their skincare routine and opt for mask application right away.
✔ Skincare guru Liu Yen said that a person’s skincare routine should always include basic hydration steps, which are cleansing and hydrating.
Hence, she advised that the Hada Labo’s hydrating lotion (light version) is an ideal for men as it comes with light texture that absorbs quickly into skin.

Other than that, here's the additional special tips during the beauty talk.
#1 Hydration is very important to our skin, because our body is made up of 70% of water and skin cells on the face.
Therefore we must ensure that we use the right products and include hydration care into our skincare regime.
It's so important to make sure our skin has ample hydration to perform at it's optimum.

#2 If you have fine lines and creases in your eyes, you can apply the lifting & firming lotion in a circular motion, then gently tap it over your face.
Besides, you can also use the same lotion to do some simple lifting massage on your face too.

#3 For unstable skin condition such as blemishes or pimples problems,  it is suitable to apply the blemish & oil control hydration lotion to calm down or stabilize your unstable skin condition. Apply a thick layer for about 5 minutes, then your skin condition will improve.
This lotion can be your SOS lotion for any emergency used.

#4 Whitening lotion is not only for your skin whitening, it also helps to reduce the pigmentation. After applying a layer all over your face, dab a few drops of lotion on a cotton pad and place it on the pigmentation spots, then leave it on for like 3 minutes.
This method helps to reduce or lighten the dark spots.

#5 Other than understand the content of the products that can beneficial to us, it is also important to know if the products are absorbing into our skin and bring out the good effect.
For instance, after applying the product on your face, your face should feel dry and comfortable.
But if you feel tackiness and wet, that means the product fails to be absorbed into your skin.

That's all for today's beauty sharing, I hope you'll find it useful when you are looking for a lotion from Hada Labo. :)
Don't forget to share with me which hydrating lotion you are getting from Hada Labo.
I think I'm going to purchase all the 8 collections because my skin sometimes can be very unstable during my period moments, also I'm very concern about my fine lines and wrinkles at my current age now, and what's more, I also think my skin is not hydrated enough, especially when I was traveling.
So, it's better I get them all to rescue my skin based on different situations!
FYI, Hada Labo products are now available at Watsons stores nationwide.
For more updates, do check out their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/MyHadaLabo/ too!

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