Travel with Hippo to Perth @ Swan Valley

Hello guys!
This is the continuation of my Travel with Hippo to Perth stories.
Long overdue,  I know, so here comes the last travel post in Western Australia.
Thanks for those who stayed with me from the first post till now, I'm deeply appreciate for that.
If you are new to my blog, and are interested to read more about my Perth trip, feel free to click on the label "Perth" at #Hippoaroundtheworld on the right, then you will be redirected to the page that full of my travel stories in Perth.
I've shared all the places I went in Perth, and also what's best to eat in Perth as well.
Hope you guys find the information I shared are useful if you are visiting Perth for the first time.
And today, I would like to share a new attraction place in Perth, Swan valley that I visited before we flew back home.
So, shall we begin now? :)

Swan Valley is about 30 minutes drive from the Perth CBD.
It's not so far, yet worth a visit since Australia is very famous with their local wines, and has been the forth world's fourth largest exporter of wine.
I've been to Yarra Valley in Melbourne before, but I personally think that Swan Valley is very different with Yarra Valley as the property is much bigger and also lots more to visit, such as cheese tasting, homemade chocolates, wine tasting, raw honey etc.

We first visited the handmade chocolate factory.
The place is big by offering hundred of delicious chocolates in different packaging.
Besides, there is also a tasting centre where they offer free chocolate tastings to the customers.
Don't forget to grab some free m&m's before you leave! :)

It's so greenery everywhere at Swan Valley.
Stunning views, fresh air, green grass, wonderful Perth sun, what else I can ask for more?!

We found so many mandarins along our journey at Swan Valley.
Probably winter it's the best season for mandarins? :)

There are many wineries around the Swan Valley, and you have to drive from one winery to another one since many of them are not located next to each others.
Unlike the wineries at Yarra Valley, you can visit all of them under one property.
I personally prefer Swan Valley much better as I find many of the wineries have really long history and also so interesting to visit and explore.

Lancaster Wines is the first cellar door we visited.
They serve their premium and fine wines together with a selection of local cheese.
What I like it here is the relaxing outdoor experience, especially the wine tasting with spectacular views of the vineyard surrounded.
The wine tasting here is free, but we didn't ask for too many glasses, just had some to kick start our wine tasting journey. :)

It's a beautiful vineyard right at the front of the Lancaster Wines.

Lancaster Wines
Add: 5228 W Swan Rd,
West Swan WA 6055, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9250 6461
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 5pm

The second winery we visited was the Sandalford Wines.
It's such a big cellar door at Sandalford Wines with variety of wine tastings, from high quality wines to reasonable priced wines.
The lady who served us spoke Mandarin very well, and she was super friendly and very knowledgeable.
It's good to have her as our wine steward because she really shared a lot of her wine experiences with us.
I can't remember how much we paid for the wine tasting, but it's certainly not pricey because you can taste 4-5 glasses of different wines at one price.
However, you can actually get the wine tasting free if you purchase one bottle of their wine from the rack.

Sandalfold Wines
Add: 3210 W Swan Rd,
Caversham WA 6055, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9374 9374
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 5pm

The Houghton Wines is another nice cellar door to visit.
We came here a bit later after our lunch at a nearby shopping mall.
It's a big winery with a big vineyard at the front.
We didn't taste any wines at here because the place was about to close soon when we arrived there.
However, the building is worth a stop as it was constructed by handmade, bricks and the garden at the back features 100-year old Norfolk pines and a delightful Jacaranda grove.

Houghton Wines
Add: 148 Dale Rd,
Middle Swan WA 6056, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9274 9543
Opening hours: Wed to Sun 11am - 5pm, closed on Mon & Tues

It's beautiful everywhere at Swan Valley!

All in all, we had a very pleasant winery experience at Swan Valley.
Though we didn't have enough time to visit and explore more places, we thought it's already more than enough to feed us during our visit.
So happy that I'm finally share all of my travel stories in Perth with you guys.
Thanks for following my blog for my travel diaries and I guess that's all for today.
I'm looking forward to see you on my next travel to a new destination soon.
Till next trip yea!

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