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Welcome back to my travel blog to Perth!
Visited Perth for the first time and many people actually told me that there isn't much things to do and foods to enjoy in the city.
It sounds to me like a boring city.
But, after my first visit, I think I doubt it, because I found quite a few must-eats in Perth.
So, in this post, I've compiled all the eateries that I experienced during my stay.
I hope you guys can try them out whenever you visit Perth. :)

Are you ready to eat with me? Let's get started now!

Theo & Co

On our first night in Perth, we ate pizza at Theo & Co.
I stumbled upon the pizza shop while searching what to eat in Perth.
It's said that Theo & Co has the best pizza in town, so I thought why not?!
Pizzas are always good for sharing. :)

The restaurant has an open kitchen that allows you to see everything coming and going.
The pizza dough is made fresh in the house everyday, gluten free, and also available for vegetarian.
It offers a range of unique pizza choices that combining with amazing flavours and ingredients, which really took us a while to make the decision.
We finally decided to order 3 pizzas and 1 pasta for sharing among the 7 of us. :)

Pork Belly @ AUD20 (small) and AUD25 (large), that contains main ingredient of pork belly massaged with garlic, pepper and fennel then roasted and placed on top of slow braised white wine onions, mozzarella and finished with store made dijonaise.
This is the large portion which get cuts into 10 slices in total.

The BBQ Picnic @ AUD20 (small) and AUD25 (large), comes with shaved ham, sopressa, roasted chicken, parsley, and also served with all the condiments you need for the perfect BBQ picnic such as BBQ sauce, mustard, BBQ seasoning and crunchy bacon bits!
Since it's only AUD5 different, we went for the large one instead.

Spinach & Feta Skillet @ AUD25 (one size only), with fresh local spinach tossed in garlic, mozzarella, onions, creamy Australian feta and roasted sesame seeds.
This pizza is under the Skillet Pizzas menu which cooked and served in a heavy cast iron skillet, with a soft buttery base.
The portion is slightly smaller than the ordinary pizza which only has 8 slices in the hot pan.

Creamy Bacon Pasta @ AUD18, with Australian bacon cooked twice then pan tossed with slow cooked onions in a light creamy sauce, finished with a sprinkle of parsley.
I think what makes the pasta so special is they only use traditional artisan whole egg fettuccine pasta that made in Corigliano Calabro Italy by Pirro.

I really highly recommended this place to all pizza lovers.
If you have the chance to visit Perth, this is definitely a place to visit for good pizza.
The pizza is light and fluffy, and the toppings were so filling on its crunchy base.
You will surely surprise with the fantastic pizza at Theo & Co, at least I think your taste buds will be surprised and you will not be dissapointed with their Pork Belly Pizza!

Theo & Co
838, Albany Hwy,
East Victoria Park, WA 6101 Australia
Tel: +61 8 9361 6776
Opening hours:

The Honey Cake

I've mentioned The Honey Cake on my second travel post to Perth.
If you missed that out, you can check it out at HERE again.
I've seen many people suggested to try The Honey Cake in Perth because this dessert is only available in Perth but nowhere else in Australia.
So, no matter how, I must give it a try!
There are total 4 outlets in Perth, and I got it at Fermentle Market on our second day.
The cake comes with 2 different sizes; AUD22 (approx 5 serves) and AUD30 (approx 8 serves).
It's a delicious dessert that combined light honey flavoured layers with smooth milky caramel filling and then topped with fresh ground walnuts.
It's not as sweet as I thought though it contains honey and caramel, but it's definitely very rich in flavour, and also the taste is really unique and delicious! #happinessoverloaded
God, I miss you, honey cake!

The Honey Cake
Add: #26b, Herderson St,
Fremantle, WA, 6959
(At the "Hall Section" on the corner where ATM is not in fruit and vegetable section)
Phone: +61 84 1394 1340
Opening hours: 9am - 8pm (Fri), 9am - 6pm (Sat), 9am - 6pm (Sun, Mon & PH)

Kailis Fish Market Cafe

Fish & Chips is also a must try in Perth.
I would said not only in Perth, but everywhere in Australia.
You can get fish & chips in just about every Australia town.
In Perth, Kailis Fish Market Cafe and Cicerello's Frementle are the most famous restaurants for fish & chips.
We decided to dine at Kailis Fish Market Cafe because the menu is slightly cheaper than Cicerello's Frementle, which is AUD12++ compared to AUD15++.

We all enjoyed their golden fried fish & chips; the fish is so fresh and tasty, and the chips are hot and crunchy.
Also, the portion size is very good with the price they charged.

Not only Kailis Fish Market Cafe offers the traditional fish & chips meal, another great thing at here is it offers a good spot for you to enjoy your casual lunch.
Get a seat outside, under large umbrella, watch the beautiful view by at the Fishing Boat Harbour, it's truly a great enjoyment!

Kailis Fish Market Cafe
Add: 46, Mews Road,
Fremantle WA 6160,
Tel: +61 8 9335 7755
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 830pm

Hungry Jack's is a fast food franchise in Australian.
Every time when I visit Australia, I will go for Hungry Jack's at least once. :)
If you like beef, do give it a try on their beef burgers!
Aussie beefs are always the best! :)

Ramen Samurai

We stumbled upon Ramen Samurai on our first night while having dinner at Theo & Co.
The line was really long on that night, and we thought this must be worth a try.
So, we came back to the same area on the third day.
We waited at the line for at least 20-30 minutes, quite a long queue during dinner time, so you better take note to manage your time accordingly.

Spicy Miso Ramen @ AUD16, comes with pork belly (char-siu), corn, Ajitsuke egg, menma, black fungus, seaweed and leek.

Miso Ramen @ AUD15, consists of pork belly (char-siu), corn, Ajitsuke egg, menma, black fungus, seaweed and leek.

I think the ramen is so special is because their noodles are made fresh from screech everyday using the traditional Japanese cooking methods, that's why it has an addictively chewy texture.
Besides, the broth was full of flavour, and the char siu was very fresh and delicious too.
You can keep this restaurant as one of your eatery place in Perth if you crave for Asian foods after having too much of Western foods in Perth. :)

Ramen Samurai
Add: 902, Albany Hwy,
East Victoria Park,
WA 6101, Australia
Tel: +61 8 6150 1827
Opening hours: 1130am - 230pm, 530pm - 9pm (Tues - Sun), closed on Mon

Sara Lee French Cream Cheesecake

I'm a huge cheesecake fan but they are always very expensive.
I first tried Sara Lee French Cream Cheesecake @ AUD6 in Sydney, and really did not expected the cheesecake to be so delicious!
This Sara Lee cheesecake is so affordable that offers a perfect treat for dessert.
The taste is just right; creamy middle, yummy biscuit base and not as sweet as the other cheesecakes.
Though it's small portion, but definitely more than enough to satisfy your cheesecake craving!
You can easily get cheesecake at any supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths.

Corica Apple Strudel 

This is the best apple strudel ever!
I got to know about this Corica apple strudel from a travel blog, which said it's a must buy in Perth.
Some people even purchase it and bring back to their home country since it can be kept for at least 3 days.
Seriously, it is really super good that you cannot miss it out in Perth!

The ingredients are soooo rich and flavourful!
The sweet apples, flaky pastry, layers of custard and cream were such a perfect match when everything combined together into one piece.
Though my parents thought it's quite expensive @ AUD25, but I think the price worth for the quality!
The sweetness is just so perfect that one piece is definitely not enough!

When I came back to Malaysia, my friend bought me the most famous apple strudel in Klang.
It has the similar packaging and recipe like the Corica Apple Strudel, but to be honest, it still can't beat the Corica one in Perth!
Honestly, once you try it, you will never forget about it!
Must Must TRY!

Corica Apple Strudel
Add: 106, Aberdeen Street,
Northbridge, WA
Tel: +61 8 9328 8196
Opening hours: 9am - 530pm (Mon - Fri), 8am - 1230pm (Sat)

Chicho Gelato

Gelato in Australia is famous.
Every time when I visit Melbourne, I will go for Gelato at Gelato Messina.
I was actually thought of giving a try at Gusto Gelato but then my local friend told me that Chicho Gelato is much better.
So, I just gave it a try since it's also very near to where Corica at.

It's a true gelato shop with a mixture of standard and innovative flavours.
We ordered 3 scoops @ AUD10 with lavender & honeycomb, coconut & lime stracciatella, and Thai milk tea flavours.
It's really not cheap at all, but gelato is worth a try in Perth!

Chicho Gelato
Add: 180, William St,
Northbridge WA 6003
Opening hours: 12pm - 10pm (Sun - Wed), 12pm - 11pm (Thurs - Sat)

Lobster Shack 

While driving up to Lancelin for a day trip, we stopped by at the famous Lobster Shack for lunch.
I checked the travel reviews and people said it's worth a stop for lunch during your trip to Lancelin.

I had the Half Grilled Lobster with Fried Rice @ AUD34, with fresh WA half lobster with size "A Small" that served in a garlic butter.
Yet, you can actually have a bigger lobster @ AUD49, which they named it as "D Large" lobster in their menu.
I didn't really impress with the overall taste and I also think the food was overly charged as well. :(

We also ordered the Prawn Bucket @ AUD25 for sharing.
The serving has 500g of freshly steamed Carnarvon prawns inside a bucket of ice and also comes with a bread roll, seafood sauce and lemon wedges.
Well, prawns are pretty fresh though.

Overall. I think Lobster Shack is not worth the price as the portion was small and the taste is not as tasty as it is to be expected.
Also, the place is full of Chinese tourists that make the restaurant so noisy.
I'm not very sure if there is any other food choices nearby that area, but during my visit, we really cannot find an alternative.
If you came across one, do comment below and I'm happy to know about it!

Lobster Shack
Add: 37, Catalonia St,
Cervantes WA 6511,
Tel: +61 8 9652 7010
Opening hours: Daily 8am - 5pm

Ciao Italia

If you google searched the must eats in Perth, I think Ciao Italia would be the highly recommended one.
Apparently, there are 2 outlets in Perth, and we visited the main outlet at South Perth.
My friend in Perth told me that this restaurant is ridiculously popular, and always a queue which may last for more than an hour.
So, it's better you arrive there by 5pm or after dinner time at 830pm, otherwise please be well prepared with the long line.
We arrived there at about 630 to 7pm, and waited for 30-45 minutes before we got seated.

Napoletana Ravioli @ AUD28.50, a traditional Italian ricotta and spinach pillows of pasta in herbed tomato sauce.

Marinara @ AUD34.50, a seafood mix of marinated prawns, mussels, fish, calamari cooked in a rich tomato sauce.

We actually wanted to order the fresh local mussels for sharing, unfortunately it was all sold out.
If you want to try their most famous dish of the mussels, you must arrive there early! :)
So, we had no choice to order the Calamari Alla Griglia @ AUD37.50, a tender calamari lightly grilled in "Ciao Italia" special lemon sauce served with lightly tossed continental salad.
On the first bite, I already knew that we've made the right choice; the squid rings are super fresh and grilled to tender perfection!

Do not leave Ciao Italia without ordering their Tiramisu @ AUD8.50.
Everything from the sponge cake to topping is so smooth, delicate and moist.
It will certainly blow you away!

I personally think Ciao Italia is such a great dining choice in Perth!
The portions were large which is good enough for sharing, the staffs were friendly and the service was excellent too.
No matter how long the queue is, do make sure you have a try on this true Italian restaurant before you leave Perth.

Ciao Italia
Add: 273, Mill POint Road,
South Perth (Corner of Douglas Avenue)
Tel: +61 8 9368 5500
Opening hours: 5pm - 10pm (Mon - Sat), closed on Mon

Coffee & Wine!

Coffee and wine are very cheap in Perth.
You can easily get a cup of hot coffee @ AUD3 and a bottle of wine @ AUD5.

So, that's all about today's post.
Hope this post will help in planning your trip to Perth.
Feel free to share it out with your friends and family if you find it is useful for the trip.
See you soon on my next post again!

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