Travel with Hippo to Perth @ Yanchep National Park | The Pinnacles | Lancelin Sand Dunes

Here's come the must visit attractions in Perth!
After a couple of days exploring and relaxing in Perth CBD, it was time visit some natural attractions.
We decided to take a road trip up to Lancelin to visit Yanchep National Park, The Pinnacles Desert and Lancelin Sand Dunes.
It was about 3 hours plus drive from the apartment we stayed in the city.
The journey was nice; the road was clean with nice scenery, and we saw many rainbows on our road trip which was great!

So for now, I'm gonna blog about the places I've been during the trip to Lancelin!
Alright, get ready with me now! :)

I have been to different zoos in Sydney and Melbourne before, and honestly nothing impressed me, and also the entrance fees are very expensive.
So when my nieces said they wanted to see kangaroos and koala bears in Perth, I thought it might be a good idea to find a park that can meet the wild ones.
I checked on the travel reviews about the Yanchep National Park, and many travelers said they've had met the wild kangaroos and koala bears over there.
So without any hesitation, we made it as a pitstop along our planned route to The Pinnacles.

It's just about one hour drive from the Perth CBD.
We arrived at Yanchep National Park very early, before 10am.
It's because I read the reviews said that before 10am is the best time to visit in the morning when the animals come out for food, otherwise you can visit here after 3 or 4 in the afternoon.
The park was very quite and peace in the morning, and I think we were the first visitors in that morning. :)
We paid total RM13 to get in a car, and this fee included the entrance/car park fees to The Pinnacles as well.
It's not expensive at all as we have total 6 pax inside the car. :)
Well, comparing to the entrance fees to the zoo, we've already saved a lot!

We started with kangaroos spotting.
We spotted a few kangaroos before the entrance and in a very close distance.
My nieces were very excited to see them; it's their first time in Australia and definitely their first time seeing so many kangaroos! :p

I think Yanchep has more kangaroos than in the zoos I visited before.
Look at those kangaroos, they are so real in front of me!
I would said Yanchep National Park is not really a national park, practically it's a zoo!

We spent almost the whole morning snapping photos and trying to get as close as possible to the Kangaroos.
They are all wildlife, so becareful not to make a loud sound and big movement, otherwise they will run away.

Hey you! :)

Before leaving the park, we went to see the koala bears as well.

It's quite difficult to find the koala bears as they all hidden in the trees up there.
It took us a while to spot a few koala bears; some were sleeping high up in the tress and some were busy eating their breakfast. :)

Awww! How lovely they are!

Personally, I think Yanchep National Park is a worth visiting place in Perth.
It's a very well maintained park that allows you to see the wildlifes without paying an expensive entrance tickets.
Also, there is a beautiful lake with beautiful scenery for you to sit down and chill with your family and friends.
You will be impressed by the things you see in here!

Yanchep National Park
Add: Yanchep Beach Rd & Indian Ocean Dr
Yanchep WA 6035, Australia
Opening hours: Daily 24 hours

After the Yanchep National Park, we continue our journey, and then stopped at ledge point for the Indiana Ocean View!

Blue sky, clear clouds, blue crystal clear sea water, white sand, what else could I ask for?
I don't wanna leave!

It's lunch time before we arrived at The Pinnacles.
Lobster Shack is written in my itinerary, as I read the travel reviews said that this is a nice place for their fresh lobster.
I've blogged about Lobster Shack on my previous blog, "What's Best to Eat In Perth", so if you missed it out, you can read it at HERE right now! :)

I don't really recommend this restaurant for lunch if there is another choice in the town.
The food was pricey, the portion was small, and the restaurant was very noisy with many tourists from China.
As we can't find an alternative while we were there, so we just went with our original plan.

We had the Half Grilled Lobster with Fried Rice @ AUD34, with fresh WA half lobster with size "A Small" that served in garlic butter.
The overall taste is not impressive at all.

Also, the Prawn Bucket @ AUD25 that served in a ice-bucket for sharing.
The prawns are pretty fresh enough though.

After lunch at Lobster Shack, we drove another 30 minutes then arrived at The Pinnacles Desert.
I've been waited to visit this place ever since I looked at others' pictures on social medias.
It's truly an unexpected magnificent to see the desert right in front of my eyes!

You have the option in how you wish to explore The Pinnacles, either by walking along 4 kilometers, or you can drive the car around on the marked track.
We choose to drive the car as the weather was quite warm during the afternoon, also it was kinda hard for my parents to walk for 4 kilometers long.
Anyway, you can stop and park your car at various designated points along the one-way drive if you wish to go down to take photos and explore the spots.

The Pinnacles is situated at the Nambung National Park.
It's the major tourist attraction in Perth that you cannot missed it.
The Pinnacles desert covers an area of approximately 190 hectares, about 60 meters about sea level, and contains thousands of limestone pillars, some are even up to 5 meters high.
The different types of formations have variations in colours, heights, patterns, shapes are congested in the yellow landscape. #amazing

It's very warm during our visit in July.
Not sure if the weather will be better in winter time.
Anyway, it's better to bring your sun shade and sun screen when visit here, otherwise it's way too hot!

There is an interesting museum worth going to with lots of information about the formations.
Also the souvenier shops and coffee shops are over at the same location as well.

The Pinnacles is such a strange and interesting place to visit in Western Australia.
It's really a place you must visit in Perth, no matter where you are from.
This is truly a wonderful nature place for your greatest memory in Perth!

The Pinnacles
Add: Pinnacles Dr, Cervantes
WA 6511, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9652 7913
Opening hours: Mon - Sat 715am - 530pm, Sun 715am - 5pm

Before headed back to the city, we had a quick stopped at the Lancelin, a small town near to Pinnacles, which is famous for it's sand dunes.
I was actually thought to skip this attraction since it was kinda late when we left The Pinnacles desert.
Yet, Lik insisted that we should just go, stop for a while, at least to take some pictures before we went back since we were already nearby.

Lancelin is Australia's premier sand boarding destination.
Pure white sand rises three storeys high and entry to the dues is free and open every day of the year, from 8am to 7pm.
You can drive into and on the dunes, where they offer a open space parking lot, so no worries at all where to park your car.

The scenery of the white sand was very amazing!
I felt like I'm on a different planet when standing up at the sand dunes.

Lancelin Sand Dunes is the place where you can do sand boarding!
You can hired a sand board from the van located just inside the gate at the Lancelin Sand Dunes.
I checked on the reviews and it said it only costs AUD10 for two hours.
I didn't get the chance for the sand boarding, as we arrived there pretty late, so we just went up to the hills to take some photos before we left.
But I guess sand boarding must be fun if you have time for that!

Walking up the sandy slope and admire the beautiful of the white dunes are a great experience in itself.
It's really a nice and unique place to visit here!

Lancelin Sand Dunes
Add: Beacon Rd, Lancelin
WA 6044, Australia
Opening hours: Daily 8am - 7pm

Overall, I had an enjoyable day in all the places we went on this day.
I would definitely recommend you to visit yanchep National Park if you want to meet kangaroos and koala bears, The Pinnacles Desert if you want to discover the ancient desert sculptures in Perth, and Lancelin Sand Dunes if you want to have some fun activities with your friends and family.
Well, that's all I want to share today!
I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I will see you guys soon on my next post.

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