First On-The-Way E-Delivery Service in Malaysia @ Boon4

Guys, today I would like to share with you all an easy way to earn extra cash.
I believe that earning extra income can change your life; you can pay off your debt, save for big purchases such as a vacation, become more diversified with your income streams etc.
Now, with a little extra car space and the flexibility to make a pit stop, you could cash in by picking up and delivering other people's stuff along your way.
If you are, say, headed from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, happen to see that somebody is offering you to pay RM180, or maybe a shorter distance from Kajang to Klang that offering to pay RM50 for you to pick something up on the way, why not do it?
The pick up and e-delivery might only add a half hour to your trip and you're going anyway, so why not earn some extra cash in your pocket or maybe help defray the cost of petrol?
Here's how you can make money on your trip with the new on-demand service, Boon4.

What is Boon4?

Boon4 was founded in 2017.
They are the first on-the-way e-delivery network in Malaysia that provides fast, flexible, zero-packaging cost, cost-efficient e-delivery services than traditional carriers and "on-demand" couriers.
It is a platform to connect sender who has items to send with drivers heading in that direction though an user-friendly, app-based technology.
Drivers can make money on delivering goods where you'are already going, and senders can save money especially when shipping large, oddly shaped or delicate items.

How Boon4 Works?

After downloading the Boon4 app on either Andriod devices or IOS.
#1 Choose the pick up and e-delivery address
#2 Choose either a scheduled e-delivery (if it's not urgent) or an express e-delivery (if the item needs to send right away).
#3 Boon4 will estimate the cost in seconds of the item you would like to send, starting from small parcel to large item.
For instance, to send a small parcel, like a document from Bangsar South to Kuchai Lama, the estimated cost is RM17.00, while to send a huge item like a furniture, the estimated cost is RM100 for the same locations.
#4 After that, a pickup code and e-delivery code will be automatically created once your order is confirmed.
#5 You can then track the status of your e-delivery with the codes given.

What Can I Send Through Boon4?

Boon4 can send pretty much anything that is legal for you; from small parcel like documents, flower bouquets, cupcakes, hampers, to big items such as furniture.
There are over 15,000 registered drivers under Boon4, and many of them drive 4-seater car, SUV, vans and even large trucks, which perfectly for delivering hard-to-transport items that traditional shipping companies can't handle. 
Well, there are certain products that are considered against the law to be shopped to-and-fro within Malaysia such as most animal furs, animal hair and wool, endangered animals and their skins/body parts, knives, samurai swords longer than 50cm, eggs, straw, soil, banned drugs, counterfeit goods, coins and banknotes, lottery materials, child pornography, indecent or obscene materials, video equipment capable of transmitting video images.
Also, you have to make sure there's someone at the pickup and or e-delivery locations to do the heavy lifting as Boon4's drivers aren't movers. :)

Who are the Boon4 Drivers?

Almost everyone can be Boon4 drivers; from college students and retirees to soccer moms and truckers, as long as the people with extra room and a few extra minutes to give your stuff a lift.
So, that means YOU can be the Boon4 driver too!
In order to drive for Boon4, you'll need to set up a driver's account by providing personal informational so that the company can run a background check.
Every Boon4 driver is subject to driver's license verification and has an insurance policy that meets or exceeds the minimum auto requirements in their country.


Talk about win-win situation, Boon4 is a great e-delivery service that makes your e-delivery fast, simple, reliable and affordable.
The e-delivery service is available in West Malaysia, and East Malaysia (Kuching).
You can now download the app on:
Don't forget to key in "Boon4Ivy" to get an additional 10% off on your first order!
For more information about Boon4, you can also visit their official website at

Add: Unit 07-02, Level 7, Tower B Vertical Business Suite, Avenue 3, Bangsar South, No 8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2711 7098
FB page:

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