Instant Spaghetti Ready in Just 3 Minutes @ Master Pasto

In this fast-paced society, all of us want things quick and easy because time is a valued commodity.
For some people, preparing and cooking a meal may seem like a drag that requires lots of times and efforts.
Everyone need a fast, money saving and easy way to settle everyday meals or for some people they may just want a simple meal to fill up their hunger.
Cooking can be a portrait as it requires a lot of prep work.
You have to go shop for groceries, come back home to peel and cut vegetables, prepare slice meats, stir fried each dishes, washing the cookwares etc. 
Though some meals are easy to prepare such as spaghetti which probably takes about 15 minutes, but sometimes even 15 minutes can seem like too much when you're on a tight schedule.
Well, Master Pasto heard you, and have responded to your needs as they have developed Instant Spaghetti that can ready in just 3 minutes!
No peel, no cut, no slice, just pour everything into and your meal is ready to serve.
The simple meal reheats quickly that ensures you have something warm and hearty in your belly everyday. :)

Master Pasto is an online food store which sells ready-to-eat spaghetti.
It was founded by Lioco Food Sdn Bhd who has been established since 2017 in Penang, Malaysia.
The products are locally made, and also truly halal-certified products that come with halal certification.
Master Pasto focuses on the quality products as they want to ensure customers to get the best ready-to-eat products in the market.


Master Pasto comes in three different flavours, include:
#1 Spaghetti Bolognese with Chicken
#2 Aglio Olio with Chicken
#2 Spaghetti Mushroom with Cream Sauce
Each of them has its own unique tastes and features but with same cooking style.
The best thing about the Master Pasto is the products contain NO preservatives and NO MSG.


Each box contains two Flexy Packy; one pack with spaghetti and another pack with sauce.
Flexy Packy is a special packaging that made for these pasta products, as this kind of pouch is safe and reliable to go through high temperature pressure (HTHP) for sterilization.

At the back of the box, not only stated the place of origin, nutrition facts of the food, it also clearly stated the cooking instructions on how to prepare the spaghetti in just 3 minutes.
Apparently, there are two ways of doing it; either by reheating or microwave.


#1 Boil the water
#2 Place flexy packy pasta and sauce into hot water for 3 minutes
#3 Remove the flexy packs from hot water
#4 Open the packs and pour the pasta and sauce on a serving plate


#1 Pour Flexy Packy pasta and sauce on a microwave container
#2 Insert into microwave for 1 minute
#3 Ready to serve and enjoy
Although it states you can cook in the microwave for 1 minute, I choose to cook to my product in the microwave for at least 2 minutes as I think a minute seems too short a time. 


Over the weekend, I had prepared our lunch with the Spaghetti Bolognese with Chicken and Spaghetti Aglio Olio with chicken.
The portion is just right, the noodle is nice and soft, but not overcooked.
One downfall for me was the sauce which I find it was slightly bland, so I added some extra seasonings for extra flavours.
You can also add extra meats, sliced vine tomatoes, Parmesan cheese to make it like a complete full meal.
Btw, I wouldn't compare it to a homemade or restaurant meal because that has a made-it-from-scratch taste, but when it comes for something quick and I needed a meal fast, this instant is good enough.

All in all, Master Pasto is really a great quick item to eat.
The main reason I enjoyed the meal from Master Pasto is because it makes it super convenient to throw a wholesome meal.
All the ingredients are well prepared in the pack, whereby you just have to heat it up, wait for 3 minutes, and then it's all ready to enjoy it.
Another bonus is that the packaging is so compact to bring it everywhere, even traveling to overseas since it won't take so much spaces in your luggage.
It is also a great meal to have if you don't really feel like cooking and also it is something to take to work to have as your lunch when you have something to hold you back at work.


You can purchase Master Pasto at their official website
1 carton with 24 individual packs @ RM169.00, 6 packs in one bundle @ RM47.40, and 4 packs in one bundle @ RM31.60.
For more information about Master Pasto, you can find out at
Give it a try! :)

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