A Day Well-Spent in Valencia @ Valencia, Spain

Hey, I'm back here again to share my travel diary!
Today, I'm going to talk about Valencia, the third largest Spanish city.
Valencia is a charming Spanish city, which divided into the old town and modern complex.
Both old and modern form a fusion that makes the city stand out from the rest of Spain.
I like Valencia upon my first arrival at the city.
The weather was nice, people were friendly, food was delicious, beautiful streets filled with old historic buildings that giving cool vibes.
It took about 4 hours drive from Barcelona to Spain, but totally worth it!
So, here's the places I've visited when I spent a day in Valencia, are you ready to spare some times with me in this beautiful city? :)

The Central Market of Valencia

The Central Market of Valencia is a public market located in the downtown of Valencia.
It's one of the main works of the Valencia Art Nouveau.
At the first sight, it looks like a cathedral than a market for me. 

It's an indoor market space which mainly built with steel, iron columns, colourful ceramic tiles, and stained glass.
The roof's domes at the center of the building attracted much attention.

The central market mainly sell food, different types of food.
You can find fruits, vegetables, fresh fishes, cold meats, cheeses, backed goods, olives and lots of wine.

Must try the Spanish Iberico pork meat which distinctly different with the regular pig meat.
The meat almost looks like beef, as it is in red colour compared to regular pig meat which is white.
Why the pork meat is so special? It's because the meats are combined with its natural diet of acorns, herbs and roots yields whereby the meats are rich in succulent, nutty-sweety flavour.
I also heard it's also healthier and richer in antioxidants than regular pork meats too! :)

Before heading to the next attraction, we had our lunch at a local restaurant with the famous Spanish dish, Paella.

Paella is a Spanish rice dish originally from Valencia.
You will see Paella almost everywhere in Spain, but Valencia consider the original place for this Spanish cuisine.
We had the Seafood Paella, and also the Meat Paella.
I love Paella sooo much!

After lunch, we had a long walk around the Valencia city.
We first passed by the 13th century church, Santos Juanes Church for a picture stop.

Then, we walked to the must-visit tourist attraction in the city, La Lonja de la Seda.
They named the place as Valencia Silk Exchange because this building was originally used for trading in silk. 
It is considered as one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic civil architecture in Europe, and also known as UNESCO world heritage site.

From the outside, the building looks like a castle.
While you come in through the main gate, you will see a nice courtyard, calm and cozy.
There are few rooms to visit, such as the main hall that built with big columns, trade court that features wooden coffered ceiling etc. 
Each rooms inside the building look great and impressive. 


Though this is a silk exchange building, you won't find any silk left in the building.
It's only a symbol of Valencia that the city was one of Europe's hot spots when it came to buying silk.
Anyway, you don't have to spend long time at the Silk Exchange because the building itself is not that big.
But overall, it's good to see!

Plaza de la Virgin

Plaza de la Virgin is a must see when visiting Valencia.
A very nice square to have a pleasure walk around or sit down at the Turia Fountain for a chill. 
The plaza has a long history about it, where it host three different huge buildings in Valencia; Basilica of Our Lady of the Forsaken, Palace of the Generalitat and Valencia Cathedral.

Another interesting part about Plaza de la Virgin is the fountain that surrounded by eight naked women. :)

Valencia Cathedral

A must see at the Plaza de la Virgin, Valencia Cathedral, a big architecture just sits right at the heart of the old town of Valencia.

The City of Arts and Sciences

I was completely blown away when we arrived at The City of Arts and Sciences.
It looks totally different with the old town we visited earlier in Valencia!
The entire place are surrounded with huge buildings that are made in incredible shapes and designs.
Definitely give you a different vibes of Valencia city!

Must try the popular drink in Valencia, Horchata.
The drink looks like milk and it is made of chufas, which are tiger nuts.
It tastes like soya milk for me, surely good to try when you are in Valencia!

Well, that's all I want to share about Valencia.
I hope you guys have a great journey with me while reading this post.
Thank you Valencia for all the good memories, and I will always keep you in my mind!
And now, I'm going to edit the pictures in Cuenca, Madrid and Toledo, so stay tuned! :)

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