Beautiful Days in Cuenca & Toledo @ Spain

Here comes the post about Cuenca and Toledo.
It's true that no trip would be complete without visiting Spain's major cities, like Barcelona and Madrid when you travel to Spain.
I've blogged about Barcelona at HERE, and also Madrid at HERE, do check out the links if you are interested to know the places I've been.
Though the big cities in Spain are fun and exciting, I actually realized there are also many small towns around Spain are way not to miss out.
The little towns deliver plenty of charm and beautiful scenery; quiet alleyways, amazing streets, undiscovered gems that you can't find in the hustle and bustle of larger cities.
Valencia is one of them, HERE's the post I've shared in few days ago.
And for today's post, I wanna share another two significant towns in Spain, Cuenca and Toledo.


Let's first talk about Cuenca.
Cuenca is a city in Southern Ecuador's Andes mountains.
The center of the City is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of it's many historical buildings. 
When I arrived at the hill top, I saw a very beautiful mountain scenery right in front of me.

Took some times to walk up to the San Pablo Bridge, an ideal spot to see the city's famous hanging houses and snap some great photos over the view.

Captured the lovely hanging house pictures while walking up to the up and down hill.
This is also part of what gives Cuenca its UNESCO status.
Cool to see!

I would divided Cuenca city into two different sides; one side is a more history center that covered over stone walls in the heart of the Cuenca mountains, and the other side is a beautiful town that surrounded with colourful buildings and houses. 

That rocky canyon walls, stone-paved roads, brick buildings, window boxes and graceful inclines are the wonders in Cuenca. 

Plaza Mayor is the main point for everyone who visit the city.
I love this little Town Square in Cuenca because of the colourful buildings and houses.
They give good vibes to the city.

There are many churches and cathedrals around Europe.
Spot the Cuenca Cathedral at the Town Square, a Gothic Cathedral and also one of the earliest Spanish examples of Gothic architecture.

Cuenca is lovely, and I really like the calm and friendly environment in the city.
I will definitely keep this fascinating place in my memory. #promise


Toledo is an ancient city sets on a hill above the plains of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain.
It's only about one hour drive from Madrid to Toledo, definitely a city worth seeing.
The city is known as the "City of Three Cultures" because Christians, Muslims and Jews lived in Toledo since the 8th century so you will see a dazzling array of churches, convents, palaces, fortresses, synagogues and mosques in different feels.

It's a very nice town to escape from the big capital to have some chills.

The narrow alleyways in Toledo are nice to stroll and explore.
Every street, every corner, and every stone has their stories to tell; not only the historic buildings and architectures to see, you can also visit some small shops for their unique crafts and souveniers.
It's also nice to take a break at a local restaurant to have some local delights or stay at a coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee.
Lovely wandering street, no doubts!

Toledo has many monuments, and this Toledo Monument is one of them that has true historical treasures of the country.

Paid a visit to the masterpiece of The Burial of the Count of Orgaz by EI Greco.
For the art galleries visiting in Europe, I would suggest to rent the audio guide if you do not hire a tour guide to give explanation or maybe read up a little about the paintings before you go.

After walking through the maze of ancient narrow yet quiet alleys, here's the Cathedral Primada Toledo, a Roman Catholic church in the seat of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Toledo.

Then we came to the Plaza De Zocodover, main square of the city of Toledo.
This plaza is the busiest spot in the city that surrounded with many food choices as well as shopping.

Before going back to Madrid, we had our lunch at a lovely local restaurant in Toledo.
Tried the traditional Spanish dish, Roast Suckling Pig; I believe you will sure come across this authentic traditional dish if you visit Spain.
The entire piglet gets roasted to perfection in a pot, with a crispy outer skin and tender meat.

That's all about my wonderful journey in Cuenca and Toledo.
Wow! It's really a long post for today, so if you are reading from the beginning until here without skipping, I truly appreciate for your time and effort! #muacks
Hope you guys enjoy reading and I can't wait to share with you guys more travel blogs with other places in Spain.
See you soon! xoxo


Joyce said...

You looking so happy in photos and Such Spain Tour have a great experience to you.

hiphippopo said...

Thank you!

Junaidi Shukri said...

How I wish to be here...This is one of my dream places

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It's really a beautiful place to visit, Junaidi :)