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From face toner to sheet masks, Korean beauty products and trends are taking over many other beauty markets.
Actually, I am a big fan of Korean beauty products.
If you are a loyal reader of mine (ahem...), by now you should have probably known that. #hehe
I've been using and also sharing with you guys many different beauty products for years; toner, serum, essence, lotion, face cream, beauty masks etc.
I think because one thing I certainly like about the Korean beauty products is I always admire the beautiful and clear skin of the Korean women and hoping to achieve the same smooth, radiant and dewy skin like theirs. :)
Not only the Korean women beautiful complexion have captured my attention, the ingredients in the skincare products, their innovation & technological advancements, comparative pricing, attractive packaging etc are also the reasons why I'm so into it. :)
It's exciting to know that Cellapy, South Korea's leading and most trusted dermatologist skincare is now available at Malaysia Watsons!
It's really an interesting collection because the brand is developed by a dermatologist and is the dermatological skincare choice of more than 2,500 dermatology centres in South Korea.
Curious about it? Let's get going!

Cellapy, which was coined from "cell" and "therapy", is one of the preferred brands of skincare used by more than 2,500 dermatology centres in South Korea.
The brand was founded by Dr. JH Kim, a dermatologist in South Korea, which to develop to solve sensitive skin concerns, with their strong belief that "beauty begins with a healthy skin".
With his 17 years of clinical experience, 10 years of experience in biotechnology, 150,000 hours dedicated to research and development, and his personal experience in treating more than 50,000 patients, Dr. JH Kim created Cellapy is to solve root of skin problems effectively beginning from each skin cell.

All Cellapy products are formulated with safe and non-harmful ingredients, which developed based on the expertise of top dermatologists in South Korea with years of in-depth research experience.
The outcome is a range of safer and methodically formulated cosmeceutical skincare products that solve fundamental sensitive skin problems at a cellular level.
These products are also put through rigorous clinical tests to ensure that it is compliant with industry standards.
In addition, the brand has also won several awards in Korea itself.

Cellapy uses their special technology to securely envelope proteins and peptides in a double-membrane capsule, and slowly unfold for the active ingredients to reach the dermis layer more effectively and increase absorption in skin.
Besides containing various peptides and a combination of plant stem cell cultures and liposomes, Cellapy also includes a core technology, Nano-liposome DDS, to deliver effective and better absorption into the skin, along with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and also anti-ageing properties.

Cellapy has created different product ranges to suit the needs of different users with different skin conditions, the Cellapy A.Repair range is the most popular series for skin rejuvenation as it contains plant stem cell culture solution and multiple active ingredients to help soothe skin sensitized by external irritations, improve skin elasticity, and promote skin regeneration all at once.
This range offers different types of products, starting from the basic cleansing foam for deeply cleanse to lovely sun cream to protect your skin, and prices ranging from RM89.90 to RM149.90.

The star product for this range is the A.Repair Cream @ RM89.90, which to calm sensitive skin, promote skin regeneration and strengthen skin barrier.
Based on clinical tests on damaged skin caused by UV rays, skin redness is reduced in two weeks after usage of this A.Repair Cream.
Also, a survey by Hwahae Cosmetics Analysis among consumers shows a moisturization satisfaction rate at 92.2% while usage satisfaction rate is at 93.6%.

On the other hand, Cellapy A.Repair Light will appeal to people with sensitive skin who prefers a lightweight texture.
This range also strengthens the skin barrier with ultra-hydration and low PH for less irritation.
Cellapy A.Repar Light range consists of face toner @ RM99.90 and repair cream @ RM89.90.

The featured product for this range is the A.Repair Light Cream @ RM89.90 which contains 4 types of ceramide and 5 types of hyaluronic acid to provide an intense hydration boost and to strengthen weakened skin barrier.
Based on the Hwahae Cosmetics Analysis Survey, usage satisfaction rate was ranked at 97%, moisturization satisfaction rate was at 95%, while calming satisfaction rate was at 90%.

Other than the above mentioned, Cellapy also has the Cellapy Red Cica series with Red Cica Complex to effectively control oil and water balance for oily skin, Cellapy Agi Toning range for sensitive skin with uneven skin tone with whitening & anti-ageing benefits as well as Cellapy Dr Moist which is an all-in-one moisturising solution that leaves the skin cool and fresh and contains multiple types of plant extracts and ceramide to create a triple-layer hydration effect.

Last but not least, Cellapy also came out the trial kit sets for most of their product ranges.
These trial kit are good for you to test it out before investing your savings on full sized editions, and also its good for those who wants to experiment with this new brand, I think these fun-sized products are a great place to start!
For more information about Cellapy, do visit official website of Watsons Malaysia at www.watsons.com.my and also Cellapy MY at www.cellapy.com.my.

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