SUDIO ETT @ Completely Wireless Model with Active Noise Cancelling

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Anyway, going back to the topic today, do you guys still remember about the Sudio earphones I blogged in the early of the year?
If you missed that out, you can click HERE, and have a read on my personal sharing of the Sudio FEM.
Sudio FEM is such a lovely truly wireless earphones that not only comes with a sleek and beautiful design, it also does a fabulous job of blocking out external noise allow you to focus on the music or audio you are listening.
Yea! I love my Sudio FEM earphones!
And for today's sharing is about the new collection from Sudio; Sudio ETT is another true wireless earbuds feature active noise cancelling, up to 30 hours of listening time and IPX5 water resistance rating.
If you are looking for a pair of earbuds for yourself or as a gift to someone, don't forget to continue read my review till the end because I will have a special discount code for your purchases!

What is SUDIO ETT?

Sudio ETT is the latest earphone collection from Sudio, a Swedish lifestyle brand from Sweden, mainly offers wireless earphones with minimalist Scandinavian design.
The new Sudio ETT is a true wireless earbuds that provides multiple listening settings; for instance, it can be an active noise cancelling that let you control background noise so that you can quickly adapt to the changes in your environment, it also can be a seamless transition from music to phone calls that lets ambient noise through so you can better hear yourself speaking.
The earpiece allows you to bring your music with you wherever you go as it comes with wireless charging, and also with its special IPX5 technology, it can handle all kinds of conditions so that you can listen to your music without being distracted.

Sudio ETT specifications includes:
#1 Compatibility: Andriod, iOS
#2 Bluetooth version: Version 5.0
#3 Number of charges in charging case: 4
#4 Play time per charge without ANC: 30 hours
#5 Play time per charge with ANC: 20 hours
#6 Play time on single charge: 6 hours
#7 Playtime on single charge with ANC + music: 4 hours
#8 Charging Case: USB Type C Quick Charge (15 mins for 1 hour play time)
#9 Weight: 5 grams per earbud

In addition, Sudio ETT also features some other notable functions, such as:
#1 Active noise cancelling (ANC)
#2 Wireless charging
#3 IPX 5 (splash/rain/sweat proof)
#4 Clear voice microphone for voice calls
#5 Siti & Google assistant compatible
#6 Individual automatic pairing
#7 Dual mode instant connection, with transparency mode activated during phone calls for enhances sound quality
#8 Multi-function button for controls
#9 18-month international warranty
#10 Free home delivery worldwide to your doorsteps

As for the controls, here's are the summary controls for the only one physical button on each earbud:
#1 Play/Pause: press any button once
#2 Next song: press twice on any button
#3 Previous song: press 3 times on any button
#4 Answer/end phone call: press any button once
#5 Reject phone call: press any button and hold for 2 seconds
#6 Activate/deactivate noise control: press any button and hold for 2 seconds
#7 Switch on and off: the ETT switches on the moment you remove the earbuds from the charging case, while to switch it off, press and hold any button for 6 seconds, and to switch it back on, you have to return them to the charging case first and then restart again.

The Packaging

Sudio ETT comes with its signature packaging deign, a minimalist design which is clean, clear and uncluttered.
The front box shows the design and colour of the earphones along with the Sudio logo, while the reverse shows the internals along with specs.
I always like this kind of clean cut packaging idea as it's so simple and straightforward.

Inside the accessories box, it comes with the basic necessities, includes the Sudio ETT itself, USB-C charging cable, user manual, a bunch of silicone eartips in same colour.

The Sizes & Design

The casing which is also the charging case is made in rectangular shape with rounded corners on two opposite sides.
The dimension of the charging casing is 52*48*33 (mm) and the weight is 40gram, therefore I find it is very handy and pocketable to put it in your handbags or even just slip into your pockets. 
On the other hand, each earbud are very light weight too, only 20*34*24 (mm) and the weight is 5gram per earbud, makes them very comfortable to wear for longer periods without a doubt.
The earbuds share the same finishing as the casing, which has a nice and smooth matte surface, makes it so much easier to care for, especially to hide any scratches and also to wipe off the dusts and water that may happen.

For the earbuds, it comes with 8 pair of ear tips with 5 different sizes for the circular ear tips, starting from XS, S, L, XL, and also 3 sizes for the oval ear tips that include S, M and L.
It comes with eight pairs of ear tips. Five sizes for the circular ear tips (XS, S, M – default, L, XL) and three sizes for the oval ear tips (S, M, L).You will definitely find the right one to sit in your ear properly and comfortably.

The Colours

Sudio ETT is available in 4 different colours, include black, white, pink and green.
These colours are great option for all ages, and you can choose which style suits you best with your outfit and personality.
Mine one is in green colour, almost like the army green.
I absolutely like this type of green colour, looking so fresh and cool; most importantly, it's much easier to take care of it compare to the lighter colours. :)

Battery Life

Make sure you fully charge the device before using it for the first time. 
The Sudio ETT provides up to 6 hours of listening time per charge, and 4 hours listening time if you want to use active noise cancellation.
However, with the charging case, you can increase the usage times since it can bring a total of 4 additional charges that gives you a total 30 hours of listening or 20 hours with active noise cancelling.
So, no worries about running out of power throughout the whole day.
As for the charging, you can either use the given USB Type-C port on the side, or place them on a charging pad without any cables if you have any.

My Experiences

I always love how Sudio designed their casing and earpieces; their designs are very neat and clean, and I always had difficulty on choosing the colours since all of them are looking so lovely.
Sudio ETT is much smaller and light compared to Sudio FEM that I had earlier, so it's very easy to carry the charger casing around with my wireless earbuds whenever and wherever I go.
I indeed like to just slip into my pockets since the size is so compact. :)
The pairing process is quick and instant, where you will see the Sudio ETT in your Bluebooth list right after you remove the earbuds from the charging case.
Also, I find the touch controls in the earpieces are easy to operate too, especially for a non-technical person like me, I'm able to control all the buttons without any hassles.
The silicon earbuds are made of soft material which snug fit to my ears comfortably, great to wear them for a longer period of times.
As for the listening experience, I would said Sudio ETT provides a good balanced bass and treble frequencies that gives a more lively and dynamic sound.
Although the active noise cancelling won't totally block out all the ambient noise in your environment, especially if you are somewhere very noisy, you can still pretty much get lost in the experience without being disturbed by the noise around you.
I also use the earpieces when I practice my singing as I can hear my own voice much more clearly. :)
Well...overall, it's really a nice earbuds to use and the quality of sound is awesome too!

Discount Code & Promotion

The Sudio ETT earphones are available to purchase online at official Sudio website,
The selling price for now is RM699, with free worldwide shipping, plus 18-month internationally warranty from the time you purchase.
And as I promised you earlier with the discount code, here it is!
Key in "hiphippopo15" for a 15% additional discount upon your checkout, valid till 31st December 2020.
Also, for every Sudio earphones purchase, you will be entitled to receive a FREE special edition of Sudio tote bag, till the end of July!
Hurry up guys before the promotion finished!

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