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Recently, I've been sharing several online websites where you can earn cashback while doing your online shopping.
The most recent one is the OctaPLUS, an online platform that gather all the best deals and discounts around the internet and put them in one place, so that you can rest assure to get the best deals for your online shopping by using OctaPLUS.
These days, I've been hooked up with OctaPLUS when I wanna go to online shopping sites and look at the things I'm looking for because through the OctaPLUS cashback site, I'll earn a certain amount of money on my every purchases.
Although it doesn't sound a lot, but the money can add up quickly and you can actually boost the amount through their different ways such as referring the website to your family members, friends and even strangers with your personal referral code.
I would said that for anyone who spends money online should consider signing up to OctaPLUS, there is extra money to be made and the registration is free!
How great, isn't? #hehe
And last weekend, I discovered an online cake ordering site, Eat Cake Today through OctaPLUS.
I have sweet tooth, I like eating sweet foods, especially cakes or cupcakes, feel so happy that I can buy a cake online for myself or send a cake to my family and friends today without stepping out from my house but at the same time earning extra cashback in my pocket!

Eat Cake Today is the No.1 cake delivery online shop in Malaysia, which deliver to most places located in Klang Valley and Selangor.
The online cake shop offers more than 400 premium cakes, including designer and customized cakes from local bakers that able to cater to your any kinds of events and festivals.
Their cake selections on the website are categorized by minimum processing time requirements, where you can always order upfront from any of the lists, have it delivered a few hours later, a few days later, a week later, or even a month later, as long as it's within the minimum processing time. 
Besides, all the listed bakers use halal ingredients and operate from a pork free environment unless clearly stated otherwise. 

Some people would demand a chocolate cake, while some would demand a cheesecake.
In the Eat Cake Today online cake shop, you would definitely find a cake flavour for all your family members, friends, relatives and colleagues having varied preferences as they have all those types of cakes available in great variety of flavours, from cream cakes, fondant cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, to designer cakes.
No matter if you are looking for one to express your love and gratitude to your mum and dad, give a sweet surprises to your loved ones, or get personalized cakes for a striking birthday celebrations, Eat Cake Today offers a variety of flavoured cakes for your every festivals and all major occasions.
Just look out for that desirable one on their list and get the cake home delivery without much hassle!

One of the advantages of online ordering from Eat Cake Today is they offer flexible delivery services to deliver the prepared fresh cakes right to your event venues. 
For the same day delivery, you can order any of the cakes under 1 day selection or 4 hours selection in advance and have the cakes delivered just on time for your celebrations. 
Just keep in mind that for any urgent orders like 1 day delivery and 4 hours delivery will have to order the cakes within their cut off time; for 1 day delivery is 4-7pm, for 4 hours delivery is 2pm.

Most of the cake designs for the urgent orders are much simple.
However, if you have time to spare, you can have more flavours and design options available for more than 2-days advance orders.

Apart from cakes, Eat Cake Today also offers several gifts likes balloons, flower bouquet, dessert table etc.
You can check out the gift collection under the "Add On" to pick a suitable gift and match with the cake you order. 
Like you can request a perfect dessert table full of sweet treats that can cater to your party needs, and all the dessert table packages can be delivered within 4 hours hassle-free, as long as you order before 2pm!

Eat Cake Today received more than 7000 five-stars reviews from their existing customers.
And for the delivery charges, it starts from RM10 up to RM40 max, which being calculated based on baker's location to the delivery location.

I ordered a nice Lemon Earl Grey Cake from Eat Cake Today for a perfect afternoon tea.
The Lemon Earl Grey Cake is covered in a thin layer of cream cheese frosting and finally topped with drops of smooth early grey whipped ganache.
I'm loving it's sweet and tangy lemon curd that tastes so refreshing on a hot day. :)

Like I said earlier about the Cashback at OctaPLUS, I can earn up to 2.6% cashback while I purchase the Lemon Earl Grey Cake through OctaPLUS at Eat Cake Today.
Which means I will earn at least RM2.86 cashback in my OctaPLUS account and this amount can be cashed out once I've reached the minimum cash amount. 
It is so great!

Before you make any purchases with Eat Cake Today, don't forget to click on the "Activate Cashback" and get redirected to the Eat Cake Today in order to earn the cashback from OctaPLUS.
Once you confirm you order and make your payment, you can check the info about your cashback in your cashback wallet in 2 day times. 
It's also very important to go through the cashback details and Term & Conditions to ensure how the cashback works too. 

In addition, OctaPLUS has just launched a new feature "Find Your Best Price", which allows the user to compare the deals that are available on the online platform.
User can either search the item with the keyword that you are looking for or just use the filter button to switch between categories.
With the pricing showing on the comparison list, user can easily decide which to buy and get the cashback easily instead of taking a long time searching each items in cashback store list.

Yeap, here you go! Use my referral code ""F24QAC8L" to shop and save more at OctaPLUS!
Remember to share your referral code to your friends and family members as well so that you can also receive RM3 cashback in your pocket. :)
OctaPLUS app is now available at App Store or Play Store.
For the latest updates on OctaPLUS, do stay tuned on their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/octaplus.io/.
Enjoy shopping at OctaPLUS and I will see you soon on my next post!

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