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Today is all about skin protection with sunscreen products.
I'm a big fan of sunscreen for my face and body, and to be honest I never go out without wearing them.
Even now I stay at home most of the time, I still apply sunscreen just in case if my skin will have a risk of exposure to UV rays when I'm close to a window. 
So for me, sunscreen basically is one of the important daily essentials because I always believe that wearing sunscreen will help your skin maintain a healthier look.
I came across Anessa quite a long time ago, where my girl friends usually stocked up Anessa products when they traveled to Japan. 
Anessa, the No. 1 Sun Care in Japan for the past 17 years, has the perfect combination of beauty and 100 years of research by Shiseido experts.
With an aim to provide women with beautiful, radiant, and strong skin to protect itself against harmful UV rays, Anessa gives you 50% skincare ingredients on top of sun care formulations to nurture beautiful skin while keeping it protected.
I've heard a lot of good reviews about Anessa, so excited that I finally have the chance to try it on my own and share my personal reviews about it with you guys!

What is Anessa Perfect UV Skincare Gel (SPF 50+ PA++++)?

The Anessa Perfect UV Skincare Gel uses Shiseido’s newly developed "core-corona emulsification" technology to enable the gel to have a watery-fresh textures that is highly water-resistant without a sticky feel. 

The water resistant feature was proven with over 80 minutes of water bath test, so it is confirmed "Super Waterproof".

It also features Anessa’s signature Aqua Booster EX technology, which reacts with the sweat and water upon contact to create an even more uniform and stronger protective from ultraviolet rays. 

It can be used for both face and body to protect your skin from sun damages and also as makeup base before you put your makeup on.


It is formulated with 50% moisturizing and conditioning skincare ingredients to improve hydration and further protect the skin against environmental damages.
#1 Yellow flower extract (Rosaceae/Tormentilla)
#2 Licorice-derived
#3 Super hyaluronic acid
#4 Marine collagen
#5 Glycerin
#6 Green tea leaf extract produced in Uki, Kyoto
#7 Edelweiss extract
#8 Aloe vera
#9 Rose hip
In addition, the UV Skincare Gel is also dermatologist tested and also colorant-free. 

What is Anessa Whitening UV Sunscreen Gel (SPF 50+ PA++++)?

The Whitening UV is medicated with Shiseido-developed m-Tranexamic acid to help treat and prevent uneven skin tone, freckles and dark spots. 
It also features the same Anessa’s signature Aqua Booster EX technology, which reacts with the minerals in perspiration and water upon contact to create an even more uniform and stronger protective veil. 
The sunscreen gel can be used for face and body, and it is suitable for those who wants to have whitening effect and UV protection at the same time.


The whitening UV sunscreen gel contains 5 types of ingredients to prevent rough skin from ultraviolet radiation, such as:
#1 super hyaluronic acid
#2 narube cikkagen
#3 aloe extract
#4 rose fruit extract
#5 acetylated hyaluronic acid
Besides, it also includes green tea extract, cherry leaf extract and trumenchila in order to protect daily and also protect the skin for the future.


Anessa Perfect UV Gel is packed in gold colour, while Anessa Whitening Gel comes in white colour.
Yet, both sunscreens have the same packaging which is tubes to airless canisters, and dispensing caps and closures.
The tube packaging is slim, makes it easy to take with your wherever you go and also keep it at anywhere as you like. 
Besides, it is also easy to use as you can squeeze it to get the content without leaving any mess and wastes. 

Texture & Scent

Both the sunscreens have almost the same textures and smells.
But if you want to differentiate both, I personally think the Whitening UV Sunscreen Gel is slightly lighter compare to the Perfect YV Skincare Gel.
Anyway, both textures are in white coloured gels; silky, watery, lightweight that leaves a refreshing and hydrating effect on the skin.
Glad that they are not the greasy type, like pore-clogging mask with a side of white smears.
As for the smell, it has a citrus soap fragrance, gives a fresh scent even after sweating. 

How to use?

Step #1: Shake well before using
Step #2: For the face, apply a 20mm diameter amount of sunscreen, put in on the five spots (both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin) and smooth it
Step #3: Apply moving the hands widely
Step #4: After applying to the entire face evenly, apply another layer on the face
Step #5: For the neck, apply a 23-24mm diameter amount of sunscreen, put it on several spots and spread it lightly before smoothing it upward
Step #6: For the arms and legs, apply directly from the container to the skin lineally and smooth it gently in a big circular motion
Remember to always apply sunscreen with freshly-washed hands as your last step before makeup. :)

I came across an article from Anessa about the correct way to use sunscreen, here's the link that you might want to more about the right way to apply sunscreen to maximize its sun protection effect.

My Experiences

As if you know me, I do not like to wear a thick, greasy, heavy cream on my face every day because I worry about it may contribute to breakouts or pores-clogging to my combination skin type, so it is important to use the right sunscreen products in order to keep my face from feeling like an oil slick.
Loving both the Anessa sunscreen products!
Just like how I explained earlier, these products provide a perfect consistency; lightweight, non-sticky, non-greasy texture that gives a breathable skin while at the same time protecting the skin from the UV rays.
The water-based formula is good as it leaves no white cast, and also non-shiny finish on my face, at the same time feeling hydrating and giving a weightless dewy look after application.
Though the products are named as gel, they both come with oil-free formula, it glides on easily, rubs in clear and dries smooth with no-mess application, and also it is very easy to remove with just the cleanser. 
Besides, I also like to use these sunscreen products as my makeup base as it doesn't leave any oily residue on my skin. 
I shared the before and after pictures (without filters) using both these sunscreen products, where you can see the coverage is pretty good; they cover my pores well without giving shiny skin but a matte skin. 
Great job, Anessa!

Where to Purchase?

No matter it's cloudy or rainy, sunscreen is important and it should be applied everyday year-round for the best skin protection.
Both Anessa Perfect UV Skincare Gel & Anessa Whitening UV Sunscreen Gel are available at Aeon Wellness Malaysia, with price ranges from RM80 to RM160. 
Do check out AEON Wellness official website at for more information about Anessa. 
That's all for today's sharing, and I will see you guys soon on my next post. :)

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