KITKAT @ Cele-Breaks the New Year with the Launch of KITKAT Gold

How time flies!
Chinese New Year is approaching!
The turn of the New Year is a season to rejoice and celebrate, with much hope that every year will be better than the last!
One of Malaysia's leading chocolate confectionery brand, KITKAT celebrates 2021 with the unveiling of its latest offering, the new limited edition KITKAT Gold.
All the while, Nestlé Confectionery has always been at the forefront of its category, constantly evolving and developing new experiences and flavours year-on-year to meet the demands of consumers appetite as well as creating new trends.
Without any doubt, the KITKAT team behind the new products have done an amazing job whilst keeping the essence of the brand at heart, creating fun and delicious breaks.
Following the success of KITKAT ice cream, at the changes of seasons and turn of the New Year,  KITKAT launches KITKAT Gold, an exquisite nutty buttery chocolatey goodness to be shared as gifts of gold between friends and loved one. 

KITKAT Gold is a delectable duo layer combination of fine chocolate with a beautiful beige gold top coat paired with smooth milk chocolate, encasing the signature layers of crispy filled with nutty buttery praline, exquisitely presented in a vibrant gold pack for good luck and prosperity.
If you have a sweet tooth, I'm sure you will like it! :)
Its packaging is uniquely designed with festive celebratory elements such as bubbles and sparkles, as well as the gold wrapper, ideal for gifting or sharing with friends and loved ones.

Festivities are a special time to celebrate and share a break with loved ones.
From exchanging gifts to experiencing the joy of sharing a box of chocolates, it is about savouring precious moments of reunion and togetherness.
The limited edition KITKAT Gold will be available in a gift ready Festive Box (3 x 4 Finer), 2-Finger Share bag (8 pieces per pack) and a single 4-Finger at leading retail stores across Malaysia.

To further celebrate the festivities in conjunction with Chinese New Year and the year of the Golden Ox, KITKAT Gold ushers in an auspicious 2021 with the KITKAT Win Gold Contest, which will run from 8th January to 28th February 2021.
The Golden Break never ends as there are prizes worth up to RM288,888 to be won including:
Grand prize: KITKAT 4-Finger Gold Bar - 8 x winners
1st prize: RM8,888 - 10 x winners
Special prize: RM888 - 12 x winners
Weekly prize: RM188 - 88 x winners

How to win a Golden Break with just 4 easy steps?
Step #1: Purchase a minimum of RM8 worth of KITKAT products
Step #2: Write your name (as per IC) and MyKad number on the original printed receipt
Step #3: Snap a clear photo of the receipt
Step #4: WhatsApp the receipt photo to +6018 228 3090
On the other hand, Nestlé Ice Cream is also proud to launch the KITKAT Gold Ice Cream, an elevated golden break with its winning creamy wafer-flavoured centre covered with rich white chocolate coat, embellished with crispy croquants and crushed KITKAT wafer.

In addition, with the launch of two new KITKAT "Gold" products, Nestlé Ice Cream and Necafé Gold, KITKAT will release new recipes weekly on for consumers to prepare their favourite golden dishes too!
Do stay tuned for the recipe creations!

Gold has always been associated with luck and prosperity.
With the new KITKAT Gold, KITKAT would like to wish everyone all over Malaysia good fortune and a prosperous start to 2021, while enjoying a golden break specially crafted for you.
For more information about the new KITKAT Gold and the contest, do check out their FB page at
Share the Love, Share the Golden Break!

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