B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar @ Plaza Kelana Jaya

B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar offers good quality of Italian and Asian fusion.
It is not a notable restaurant that you can find from the road sides, because it hides in an isolated shop-lots in Kelana Jaya.

The surrounding is pretty quiet, especially during the late evening and weekends.
I am sure it would be a good getaway dining destination for you if you prefer a more quiet and private place to enjoy your food.

The restaurant is an open air concept whereby you can enjoy the great view over the lake no matter which tables you selected.

The outside weather was still quite warm when we arrived there at about 5pm.
I would suggest you to come here at around 6 plus as the weather probably will be much cooling, whereby you can still see the clear skies and enjoy the beautiful sunset later.

Since it has a nice view and ideal location, G.B.T also provides event packages such as weddings, birthdays and cooperate functions.
If you are interested to know more, you can find out more information of each packages through their official website.

Let's "girls being girls" before we start things up.
Loving this candid shot because everyone smile so naturally! #wink

It was nice to meet up with Jessica babe in person.
Glad that we both have the same interest to share together! #lol

We started the dinner with the Giant Head Prawn Salad @ RM43.
It is a mixed prawn salad with apple, mandarin, raisin and watermelon.
The prawns are so fresh till you couldn't resists to ask more than a piece.
I think it is quite a big portion that you can share among 4 person.

After the starter, the menu followed by the Amori Di Mare Soup @ RM20.
The soup has a strong garlic taste with the mixture of fresh seafood like prawn, mussel, squid and clams.
There are 2 pieces of toasted garlic breads serve on the side with the rich tomato paste soup.

Tortellini Beef @ RM21, is a minced beef dumpling with tomato source as well as a vegetable salad side dish.
This is not really my favourite, because I'm quite particular with the dumpling skin.

For pizza lovers, you have got to try their Wood Fired Pizza ranges.
The first one to introduce is the Meat Lovers Pizza @ RM35.
If you are a beef lover, I am sure you will like this pizza which top with beef pepperoni, beef bacon, chicken sausage and cheesy cheese.

The Hawaiian Pizza @ RM35, is a classic combo of bbq sauce, cheese, pineapple plus the add on of grilled chicken, and mushroom.
Oh well, all Wood Fired Pizzas are so good because they have perfect thin and crispy crust!

Durian Pizza @ RM25 was the highlight of the evening.
For a durian lover like me, I tried durian puffs, durian cake etc but having durian pizza is absolutely my first time.
The combination of the durian and cheese is truly a perfect match!
I actually thought to have just 1 piece, but at the end I had 3 pieces because it tastes too good to stop having it again and again!

Pasta big fans? If you are, then you shouldn't missed out the B.G.T own Rainbow Pasta!
All noodles were made in house with different flavors.
The Spinach Fettuccine with Bolognese is one of my most favourite pasta because I love spinach very much.
The taste is so "green" that you will feel like you have eaten enough vegetables. #haha

Tomato Fettuccine with carbonara sauce, whereby the noodle is made of tomato, and top up with sliced turkey ham and carbonara sauce.

Black Sesame Fettuccine served with few slices of sausages and mushrooms and top with Bolognese sauce.
B.G.T also offers an All you can eat pasta at only RM19.89 net, with complimentary soup, drink, salad and dessert.
Do check it out if you are up for the challenge!

After all the different Fettuccine pasta, let's try out their traditional Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Oglio @ RM29.
All the fresh seafood melded wonderfully with the chili flakes and black pepper. #ohhhhh

Petti Di Pollo @ RM25 became a favourite of mine after the first bite.
It is a crispy chicken breast stuffed with cheese, spinach and smoked turkey ham.
It tastes very good with the white cream source squeeze out from the chicken breast.
While, the side grilled vegetables makes a colourful side to this dish too.

Next on the table is the seafood Paella Italians @ RM29, which has very light taste with the fresh squid, clams,  prawn, and other ingredients like olive, green pea, and red pepper.
It is not a strong dish that you probably can combine with other starters or side dishes.

I think all of us couldn't get enough with this Gangnam Prawn!
It costs RM20 per 100g.
Oh! The deep fried king size prawn is so damn crispy and crunchy. Excellent!!!

The menu continue with Grilled Lamb Shoulder @ RM41,
Dip each piece of the meat with their in house cool and creamy yogurt mint sauce is too much of perfection!

Well, if you are not too keen with western foods, maybe some Chinese fusion for you?
If not mistaken, this Kong Po Lou Shi Fun @ RM21 with squid, prawn and slice chicken, is one of their signature dish in the restaurant.

Lets' end the food of that evening with the tasty dessert.
Fruity Crepe Lava @ RM21, comes with 3 levels of pan-fried french crepes which fill with orange juice, varies of fruits and vanilla ice cream on top.
It is one of my favourite from the list too.

Everything on that night was so great!
Great ambiance, delicious food, and a group of nice people to be with. Truly blessed!

The delicious food plus beautiful lakeview from G.B.T are well worth a visit for you!
If you are looking for a more quiet and private restaurant, I trust BGT would be fulfill you!

BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar
C-06, Plaza Kelana Jaya,
SS 7/13A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 7877 3636
Open daily 11am till 11pm
Website: BGT

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