Girls with desserts @ NOSH

We had spent few months to plan for this gathering, since everyone has busy schedule after our last met. #lol
We decided to gather together with some good coffee as well as dessert, Cecelia suggested Nosh because they served variety of sweet food.
This is my second time visited Nosh located at Bangsar Telawi.
If you want to know about my breakie story with Nosh, kindly check out here.

NOSH recently introduced their Nosh's Afternoon Tea set which includes sandwiches, sweet pastries, with companions having a cup of tea or coffee.
The complete set is only RM62 which enough for 2 person.
But then, we didn't go for this as we all prefer to try their Ala carte desserts more.

Here's all the mouth watering desserts we had for that lovely afternoon.
We supposed to order more than these, but most of the desserts were out of order on that day.
It was actually kinda disappointed for everyone.

Rich Chocolate Fudge Gateaux @ RM17
It is a rich chocolate flavour cake, filled with chocolate ganachea and topped with dark chocolate curls and a scoop of vanilla cream.
This is not really my cup of tea, because I prefer a more moist and fluffy texture, whereby this texture is a bit dry.

Profiteroles @ RM16.
It is a soft pastry topped with custard cream, rich chocolate sauce, strawberries and toasted almond flakes.
I think this is quite worth a try if you are looking for a special pastry.

Creme Brulee @ RM 12
It is a orange scented baked custard with a crunchy burnt sugar topping which filled with dark chocolate cream.
I feel that it has quite a strong egg taste, and the orange being mix with chocolate is a kind of special mix and match though.

For the chocoholics like you, Valrhona Heaven @ RM36 should be your best choice after all! No doubt about it!
It is also the best selling signature dessert from Nosh.
All the combination of chocolate cake, chocolate tart and chocolate ice cream are made of Valrhona chocolate.
If you love chocolate, you will love this dessert!

All desserts are great companion of either hot or cold coffee.
The price ranges of the Nosh coffee is from RM12 to RM14.

Let's do selfie, wefie and whatever fie! #haha
With my dear Maple!

Well, if you have a good eyesight, you probably can see our outfit of that day are all in black and white.
Yea, we dated with that purpose!

To make it more fun, we also arranged a gift-exchange session.
Each of us have to prepare any beauty products, and we got our presents by drawing lots.

And, I got this envelope with very sweet words from Claudine babe!
It's a RM50 voucher from Sephora.

Thank you Claudine for the lovely message on the envelope.
I love it! #muacksss
Will definitely let you know what I choose at Sephora later!

Of course, lastly we ended the gathering with a proper group photo.
Although we only met each others probably 1 or 2 times, but it's just so great that there aren't any gaps between us.
Seriously cant wait to meet you girls again!

I hope you enjoy the post for today.
What's more, I wish everyone of you a Happy Long weekend, and Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslim friends! :D

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