People said if you don't try you will never know.
Even if you think you are not able to do something, you should try to do it, because you will never know what's going to come to you if you ever step out your zone. 
I kind of believe it as well!

If you follow my IG @ hippo19, you would know that I am a coffee lover.
Maybe I should create a new hashtag #hippocaffeine to fix my coffee collection. #lol
I cannot skip my coffee session everyday, and Cappuccino is always my coffee of choice!
You probably never thought that I DON'T drink coffee at all in 7 years ago, because the caffeine makes my heart beat jumps fast.
My friends always laughed at me when I ordered a juice when we hangout at coffee shops.
I started to fall in love with coffee when I first visited to Melbourne. 
When everyone were having a cup of coffee to warm themselves from the cold weather, I felt shame if I ordered a glass of water or others. 
So, I persuaded myself to have my first cup of Cappuccino.
That's where I started to love and cannot stop of having the taste and the smell again and again!
My friends always said they couldn't believe that I need coffee everyday now, and even wanted to be a barista.

When I was a teenage, I love reading, but only books in Chinese. 
My dad bought me many books and I always finished them pretty fast, sometimes I can finish 1 book in a day or two.
I am not sure since when I lost my reading habit; maybe too much of the distractions.
I know one way to improve my writing skill is by reading, so I tried to encourage myself day by day to read MORE.
I finished "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" last year, and I just finished "The Fault in Our Stars" recently.
I tried to spend at least 30 minutes a day on readings, and also do reading during my flights instead of social media or playing words with friends on my phone.
Although sometimes I took longer time to finish 1 book, but I always have big satisfaction whenever I finished one. 
My next book will be "The Fifty Shades of Grey".
Well, if you have any good books to recommend, please do leave me a message. #thankyou

I love dancing since I was a kid.
My mum forced me to do ballet but I refused because I was shy to join the class when I knew that I was the oldest kid in the class.
My friends laughed at me when I moved my body at the dance floor in the clubs.
It was quite embarrassed and upset though, but well I understand the truth.
Things have changed now since I joined my fitness club 2 years ago.
I am glad that now I can dance pretty well in Zumba, Kpop, and New Jazz.
I felt so so glad that I moved myself out to a new phase.
And the most greatest thing is to receive a compliment from one of my new instructor last week!
"Hey, you are good, you can dance well!"
This compliment might be insignificant to other people, but to me, it means quite a lot since I always wish I can dance a bit. 
I know I am not good or perfect yet, but at least I have challenged myself to do it! #feelingbless

We all growing up and I am sure things have changed from time to time.
Some of my friends realized that I have changed to a better me whenever they see me in person or through my social medias.
I took all them as compliments because I am happy to become who I am now.
If I ever tried my first coffee in Melbourne, I wouldn't able to introduce you where to get a nice Cappuccino today.
If I ever forced myself with my first English novel, I wouldn't saying to you now " I'm reading."
If I ever step into the studio to start dancing, I wouldn't know that I can actually move my body with my favourite music. 
Remember, things may change if you willing to kick a start from today!

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