H A R L O! Calling out all BIG BANG fans today!
Right, I am going to write up the BIG BANG "MADE" concert that held at Putra Indoor Stadium last weekend!
It is really unlikely that I would attend any Kpop concert as I have to be honest that I am not a big fans of Kpop.
I seldom listen to any Kpop songs unless it's the song that plays at my Kpop fitness class.
I usually prefer to the soft musics from Korean Indie groups; trust me, they are good even though you cannot understand the lyrics. #lol

I remember the first time when Big Bang came in 3 years ago for their ALIVE world tour, I didn't even know who is Big Bang, who is G Dragon (I thought they are 2 separate Kpop bands). #sillyme
When I read my FB news feed, I was like: Why so many people are crazy about their concert, their tickets were not cheap though.
Well, things are hardly expect to go on your way in life.
I seriously couldn't believe after 3 years now, I become one of their fans and see them in LIVE!

Cut the craps, are you READY for the show now? #haha
Say YES!!! Say YES!!! Say YES!!!

We arrived there just about 15 minutes before the show starts, and walked around outside for a while, because I planned to buy the special hairband lights of Big Bang from the merchandise booths.
But, it was really disappointing because all of them were sold out! #sobsobsob

Thank you very much to my roommate, Wan for the ticket.
Thanks for bringing me to such a big show in the town!
I felt so lucky, so grateful, so appreciate with such a giving!

My first reaction when I stepped into the hall was like WOW!
The stage built up beautifully and stunning!
It has an impressive lighting and video effects no matter which seats you are.
We were pretty happy to find out that our seats weren't in a bad spot, it was at the second floor.

While waited for the concert to start, the crowds were feed with the Big Bang's music videos on the big screen.
All fans get super hyper, with non-stop screaming, and sing along with just the videos.
I truly admired the fans's dedication, YOU guys are really rock man!

FINALLY! The 5 members kicked off the show with their latest hits Bang Bang Bang!
All of them are incredible good!
I like Taeyang's vocal, he has very powerful vocal which can be recognized easily among the others.
I like Shengri and Daseong's humorous. They both make me laughed die at the show.
I like T.O.P. Not only attracted by his charming and attractive appearance, but also his special deep and sexy voice.
I like G Dragon. He has all the good talents, and I like the way he talked; soft and gentle.

It's hard to put my feelings in words, but if you ever been to Big Bang show, you should understand how I felt throughout the performance.
Seriously, the concert is speechless good, it's unpredictable good!

T.O.P, I am sure he drives all ladies crazy with his handsome face on that night!

Taeyang sang everyone's favourite, Eyes, Nose & Lips during his solo performance.

Damn, G Dragon is cool! I LIKE him!
Despite all the music talents and fashion sense he has, he just gives a kind of steady and comfortable feeling to me. #ohmy

This is one of my favourite latest hit song, Bae Bae.

I almost went deaf in the stadium as the fans screaming like absolutely crazy.
But, I can totally understand how you all feel, it just too great that we all can't stop to shout out loud!

Another my favourite song, Good Boy by TaeYang and G Dragon.

Although the entire show just last for 2 hours, yet we had so much fun!!!
Thank you Big Bang for giving us such a unforgettable performance of that night!
The show was so much beyond my expectation, and I would said this is the best concert that I have been so far for now!
It was extremely a GOOD show! 

Lastly, do watch the clip I made for the MADE concert in Malaysia.
I hope you all like it ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

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