Bancream Cover-Gel @ Reduce excess body fat & cellulite

All girls want to get in good shape, that's why many of us spent our lifetime to search for the right methods to lose weight.
I do not desire to have a skinny or petite body shape, but I do hope to have a fit body.
I do exercise, I go to dance work out 2-3 times a week.
I cut down my daily carbohydrates during days and nights.
Also, I used many different slimming gels and creams every day and night.
I tried many brands before such as Cosway, Korea Rushup, Korean Wonder patch, Dorra, Marie France Bodyline and many other brands.
So far, I kinda like the results from the Korea Rushup slimming essence.
I always believe that with the help of trusted slimming product, it does bring difference.
To me, it's just an extra effort to help upkeep my body. :)

I'm happy to receive a new slimming gel in the last week to try out.
It's Bancream Cover-Gel, a product from Thailand.
This product has been the leading slimming gel in Watsons Thailand for two consecutive years.
It has sold over 20,000 tubes in every month, and has awarded to the Female Beauty Awards in 2015.

The main objective of this gel is to help women to gain confidence by effectively reducing excess body fat and cellulite, allowing them to enjoy nourished, toned skin and a get a better figure.
It uses natural formula without any drugs and developed using concentrated plant extracts and innovation from countries such as USA, Japan, Spain and Korea.

The gel creates both Venotonic and Lipolytivc effects which can stimulate better blood circulation for the applied area and metabolic rate can be increased.
It claims to have the benefits of:
#1 Reduce cellulite or orange peel skin
#2 Reduce stretch marks
#3 Help to burn excess fat
#4 Stimulate better blood circulation

The gel can be applied twice a day which is morning and night after shower.
It is easily absorbed into the skin, so no need to massage.
It's not like those slimming hot gels or chili creams that can burn your skin, Bancreams has a formula with an enjoyable cooling sensation during application.
You can apply at the areas like thigh, tummy, buttocks and arms. or any other areas that you want to blast the fats away.
The results are effective and can be seen within 7-14 days.
Of course, if you want a faster result, you should combine it with a proper diet and regular exercises.

This gel is slightly different with the other slimming products I used before.
The texture is more like a jelly type and it is very cooling when you have it on your skin.
The smell is refreshing too.
What I like about it is it absorbs into the skin readily.

If you are interested to try this product out, Bancream Cover-gel can be purchased at Watsons and Guardian outlets in Malaysia at retail price RM69.90 (100g).
For more information about the Bancream Cover-gel, you can hop over to their official website at or FB page @BancreamMY.

Do check out the short video of the Bancream Cover-Gel before you end this post too!


Ellayne said...

Hi, may I know is Korea Rushup effective? Thanks.

hiphippopo said...

Hi Ellayne,
After trying different products, I still think Korea Rushup is a good one to try. I also recommended it to my friends as well. said...

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