Wedding Gown Selection @ RnI Wedding 21052016

Selecting the right wedding dress is the most headache task, because the dress is going to be the centerpiece of your entire outfit on your special day.
This is one important process that cannot be too casual, because I always believe a beautiful wedding dress will play a magic and transform the brides into the most beautiful woman on their special day.
It's also the first thing eyes are drawn to when the brides walk gracefully down the aisle.
I spent almost 12 weeks, about 3 months to select my wedding gowns, and I would said that's the most stressful job among the others.
Trust me, you will feel distress once you make a firm decision.
I have visited total 9 bridal shops within 3 months with my bestie and my mum, so let's go through each of them today!

I Am A Bride, my first ever bridal shop that I visited.
It's located inside the Publika Shopping Mall.
I still remembered I was very nervous on that day since it's the first time I put on the wedding dress.
I'm glad to have met the owner, Kathy because she gave me a lot of suggestions and opinions on selecting the right dress for my body shape.
All information that provided by her were very helpful to know what shapes and styles look best on me.
A Line cutting is much more fitted to my body shape rather than mermaid style since the lower part of my body is slightly bigger. #hehe
Kathy is specialize in custom designed wedding gowns, so if you want to tailor your gowns, you can look for her; plus her pricing of custom-made dresses are very reasonable!
FB Page:

The other bridal shop that I visited at Publika Shopping Mall is The Gown.
The shop has the combination of wedding dresses and Korean fashion clothing within one place.
Their gown design range is a bit smaller, but their wedding gowns rental is pretty good.
At the end of the day, me and my bestie were more attracted by their Korean fashion clothing on the racks. #lol
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The Simply Gorgeous Bridal was recommended by my friend.
This bridal shop has wide selection of gowns and evening dresses with variety designs.
The shop owner and her assistant were very friendly, they allowed me to try unlimited gowns, and I can take pictures in the dresses I tried on.
But, regret that I don't really fancy their gown designs.
In addition, their rental cost of one gown isn't very cheap compare to the others.
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J'adore Gowns located at the Empire Damansara.
Their studio is small and simple, and it's combine with a photography studio named Omelette.
They have limited gown for big size such as size L, and lucky that my size is in between size S and Size M, otherwise I won't be able to meet the friendly owner, Jade. :)
They do not have big selections, but their gown designs are more simple and classic.
FB page:

Cherrie, a make up artist, also the owner of the Pick A Gown Gallery.
She has a passion to make the brides feel amazing and has the perfect look on their wedding day, also she has her own taste of fashion as she don't like to have repetitive wedding dresses in her shop; that's why what she has is more in unique style.
This shop isn't very big, but definitely worth a visit when you are selecting your wedding dresses.
Also, the prices for the gown rental are not bad. :)
FB page:

I stumbled upon this shop through FB.
It's a beautiful stand alone bridal shop located at PJ area.
I made an appointment with the owner, as I was interested with quite a few designs based on their photo album on FB.
Compare to another, Wedding Isle Gallery has better and modern wedding gowns.
I actually wanted to take 2 dresses from them, however the cost of renting are quite pricey which is a bit out of my budget.
FB Page:

Makeup Artist Gelly Wee is quite popular on FB while I was searching my gowns.
Their page kept popping out on my news feed, and that's how I found them.
They do not open everyday, and so booking an appointment is a must.
This bridal shop features a great selection of designs, and many of them are from the local designers, hence it's garments have an exceptional quality and unique style.
Rental costs are pretty convincing too! :)
FB Page:

Inzpire is the bridal shop that recommended by my sister's close friend.
She got all her wedding dresses from there for her wedding.
This shop also has a extensive dress selection with different types of materials, designs, colours styles, patterns to choose from.
They have one dress that flatter and fit me pretty damn well, but their pretty gowns aren't cheap at all, so I let it go at last.
FB Page:

Memoires Abroad Destination Wedding is the bridal shop that I visited just one week before my wedding.
The reason I looked for them is because they have a few short gowns that I attempted to try.
The Japanese owner is very friendly and they have a very good price in both renting and buying.
Do check them out if you want to purchase your wedding gowns.
FB Page:

When is time to finalize my bridal gown selection, I choose Makeup Artist Gelly Wee.
Gelly has variety of gown choices but to my surprise I found my gown mostly available here.
Also, I was able to keep my budget with all 4 gowns I rented from her.
With that reason, I ended up happily renting most of my gowns with her.

Satin gown has known for it elegant appearance, with it's high sheen on one side.
I personally felt that wearing satin gown can create the simple yet elegant feel that I want for pre-wedding photo shoot as I do not want it to overwhelm my actual wedding dresses.
And, for this satin gown, I just fall in love at my first sight!

For such simple dress, you do not need any huge jewelries on you.
And based on my personal style, I just opt for simple diamond necklace from Swarovski.
Besides, this dress is actually quite heavy to carry around due to it's material.
It's lucky that I had a very comfortable high heel sneaker on me, otherwise I won't be able to walk around with the dress in the city of Melbourne .

To me, Chinese wedding tea ceremony consider a sacred moment in the wedding.
Due to this reason, I was quite picky and skeptic with my selection of wedding gown for that moment, as I don't want a revealing type which seem too flashy, and also I don't want a close up type which seem too conservative and back dated.
So, in the midst of looking for that particular piece, I was having tough lucky until I stumbled to this piece which suit to my criteria.
Surprisingly, it is to my liking and the design is neither too traditional nor modern.

I do really like this dress and I think I feel pretty in it. #hehe
Indeed, I worked very hard to slim down my flabby arms because I was afraid my big arms will ruin this dress. #lol
Felt so good that I received many positive comments about this wedding gown, and even Lik looked surprised and said "nice dress", when he saw me in this dress. #hehe

Off the shoulder vintage bridal gown is always my dream wedding dress.
I had been looking for this design that have the A Line cutting yet not having the fluffiness look.
Trust me, every bridal shops that I stepped in I sure target this type of gown but it always ended up with few flawless point that not match to my liking.
And for this piece, I was truly impressed and fall for it at the first try.

I love this wedding dress where I wore it on my actual day.
It has the fairy tale feel that every girl would wish for.
This wedding dress can be worn in two different styles.
One can be worn like the vintage dress with laces top, and one can be worn as a tube dress,which was the second dress for my second march in. #hehe

This is how the whole dress look like without the laces cover on top.
It is hard to notice the similarity as 2 type of styles but in 1 piece; none of the guests noticed it. #awesomeidea
To tell you frankly, I would prefer to spend time mingling with my guests rather to waste time in the changing room.
The hassle of changing one outfit to another add in limited time frame.
So, by having this dress, I did save a lot of time in and spent it wisely with my lovely guests.

Typically, wedding is always fit with colourful gowns.
As you can see, I did not have that colourful sequence in my wedding not to say in my pre-wedding shoot too.
Personally, I am a simple person who like simple theme and colour.
Playful yet conservative in a way that I think white or basic colour would always be on trend of a wedding.

Last but not least, here are some tips to make your wedding gown shopping easier and satisfying, hopefully :)
#1 Go through the website or FB page of the bridal shops before you pay a visit. If you find their dresses aren't interest you, do not waste your time and just leave them out from your list.
#2 All the bridal shops need advance bookings, because most of them open according to the appointment schedule.
#3 It is encourage to rent all your wedding dresses at one bridal shop because that would help you to negotiate for the best package.
#4 You can easily get confused with the various options available. So I would say do not go for too many trials, know about your body shape and what design fit you from the first two shops, because too many choices would make you more miserable.
#5 Not sure if you heard of this before. Do not bring your fiance when you go for the gowns trial. The wedding gowns are actually to surprise fiance on the actual day. #hehe

Opppsss! I didn't realize this post can be such long after all! #lol
Anyway, I hope you find it useful for your wedding preparation!
Good luck to you, the bride to be!
With loves ♥♥♥ 


aqlim said...

Ivy, congratulations to your recent wedding!
Stumble upon your blog while researching on wedding gown for rental, great information! but do you mind if i contact you personally to ask you more on different shops and the prices ranges maybe?

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Hi Sarah,

Thanks for dropping by my blog!
Sure! You can reach me at my email at
Cheers! Ivy :)

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