Things to do at Yering Station @ Yarra Valley, Melbourne

Hello Hello there!
Today I am going to write about the Yering Station which located at Yarra Valley in Melbourne.
It's actually a place that recommended by my brother who visited Melbourne 3 months before our trip. 
He said it's a very worth-while place to visit, since Australia is one of the wine producing country in the world.
He also said my parents should love the natural ambiance very much.
Oh ya, not to forget to mention that I was travelling with my parents this time.
My dad and mum wanted to visit Melbourne for long time, so me and Lik decided to take them since we planned to stay there for 3 weeks.
I was very happy that my parents enjoyed the trip so much, also I felt so fulfilled that I can now remove this mission from my to do list in 2016! 

Yarra Valley is not located inside the city, it's about 1 hour drive from the Melbourne city.
It you are staying nearby Dandenongs, then the journey won't be that long, which is about 30 minutes drive.
But, who cares? Though it was a long drives it's nice to watch the scenic views inside through the glass windows.

It was quite a warm day in Melbourne on that day.
I supposed to match my outfit with an outer blue shirt, but it ended up with just a simple white-T and a square scarf due to the hot weather. :(

The whole place was not only built with historical buildings and modern architecture, but the landscape also features a beautiful scenery with many green trees and grasses.
So, wine aside, it's also a good place to have other activities over here.

Well, the first thing to do at such lovely place is to have wine tasting!
The wine tasting room was quite huge, and also the wine tasting menu was pretty broad too, from sparking juices to red and white wines.
The wine tasting is complimentary whereby you get to taste all the available red and white wines.
We didn't taste every of them, but only those that recommended by the staff.

The staff was helpful, friendly and have good knowledge about the wines.
He explained the wine and where it comes from before he poured it for us.
Also, he asked us what flavour we like before he recommended one for us.

Say HI to my parents, and our "tour" guide, David. #hehe
It's quite an interesting experience in Melbourne and I strongly suggest you to stop here and give a try on their wines no matter if you like or do not like wines.

Do you want some? #hehe
We actually not only enjoyed the wine, but also the art display around the tasting area.
So glad to see so many beautiful pieces in one place.

Do you want some?! #yesorno

The second thing you can do at the Yering Station is shopping!
There is a small gallery where they sell not only wines, but also coffees, teas, biscuits, jams, honeys and so on.
I was surprise that their pricing aren't very expensive, by seeing it as one tourist place.

Then, you can have your meal at the Wine Bar Restaurant which provides an relaxing dining area with a great views of the valley.
I heard David said that the restaurant is always full and you need to book in advance.
Although David has made the reservation, we still waited for about half an hour before we got our seat.
Served some fresh Australian prawns as a starter.

Like these green peas and beans so much!
It's so delicious to dip them with the cheese that served over the top.

I never thought that this side dish can be so fabulous!
I'm not very sure about the correct name of it; it's a bowl mixed with different nuts and cream cheese.
It's so palatable! #lovingit

Grilled fish with mix vegetables.

Some duck meats for the main course.
All meals were nicely presented, but all pricing were very pricey.
Plus, the portions were not huge and it is definitely not enough that you need to order other side dishes.
We spent about AUD150 (about RM450) for all 5 dishes, and a glass of white wine. #expensive!

After the meal, the next thing you can do at the valley is walk around the garden.
Take your time to be in the outdoors, feel the freshness of the air, watch the stunning views, and explore it's nature.
I am sure you will feel the different and had an wonderful adventure!

I personally think Yering Station is not only for the wine lovers, but more like a peaceful natural park for people to walk around.
It is definitely a good place to escape from the busy city and spend time with family and friends for refreshment, especially after a long hectic working week.

Lastly, I came across a Wine Compass at which offers private wine tours at Yarra Valley.
They offer a large selection of activities in Yarra Valley, also they can even customize the tour based on your requirements.
Do check it out if you are planning your trip to Yarra Valley.
That's all for my today's sharing!
Shall see you all at the next one soon!

Yering Station
38 Melba Highway
Yarra Glen Vic 3775
Tel: 03 9730 0100

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