Silks @ Crown Melbourne

While I was thinking to make another blog post of my wedding gown selection, I just realized that I don't have enough pictures to post; still waiting the second batch of photos from my photographer.
Hopefully my second post will be up very soon! #fingercrossed
So, today's post will be just a short catch up with a very nice restaurant I went in Melbourne.
I have been to Melbourne 3 times, and I have some friends asked me about what food is the best in Melbourne.
I actually couldn't decide, since Melbourne has easy access to a wide variety of foods from different countries around the world.
But, I think Silks, located in the Crown Entertainment Complex, is one best restaurant that I ever had in Melbourne.

Credits to Dave Chin who brought us to Silks.
It was such a special invitation to experience the fine art of authentic Chinese cuisine at such an outstanding restaurant in Melbourne. #thankyouverymuch

The first expression when I walked into the restaurant was "WOW".
The interior looks so luxurious and every corner has decorated beautifully.
The walkway looks stunning with the traditional Chinese antiques collocated inside the glass cabinets. #fabulous

Silk is a high-end restaurant, thus it has a very pleasant ambiance and professional services.
The atmosphere is great and I think the main attraction of the whole restaurant will be the huge Mongolian tent that situated in the middle of the restaurant. #lovely

I very like the nice seating dining area with high ceiling where you can have a nice view of the river.
If you come here for dinner, I'm sure you will enjoy the great outlook of the city lights of Melbourne!

Silks offer different regions of fine Chinese cuisine.
You can easily find Shanghai steamed dumplings, sweet and sour cabbage, Peking duck, Mongolian lamb fillet and many more from the menu.
I would say their dishes are a combination of Sichuan, Northern China, Canton, and Shanghai.
There is plenty dishes to choose from, either on the banquet courses or A-La-Carte menu.

Are you ready to drollll with me now? :p

We started the lunch with cold appetizer of the steamed scallop siu mai with black truffle.
I like how fresh the meat is, also the chewy and firm texture when I first bite. 
It's delicious!

Hot appetizer with Crispy Prawn Rolls with Seaweed
The skin was pleasingly crunchy, and the prawn that wrapped inside tasted fresh enough for my liking. 

Seafood with Pan-Fried Patagonian Toothfish with Sweet Soy Sauce, which was my favourite.
The fish was cooked to perfection and the sweet soy sauce was mixed just right for an insipid fish dish like this. 

Casserole selection we had Sweet Walnut with Gingko Nuts, Bean Curd, Bell Peppers, Water Chestnuts, Black Fungus and Asparagus
I like asparagus, because it brings fresh taste to the meal and it has a hint of crunch.
Also, I find the asparagus in Melbourne and Netherlands are sweeter than Malaysian. #believemenot

For the meat portion, we had Braised Pork Belly and Tea Mushrooms with Spinach in Brown Sauce.
The pork features very tender meat with it's brown sauce, and the skin is super crispy.
I would say it's almost similar like the Germany pork knuckle, just that the size was slightly smaller.

Pan-Fried Diced Wagyu Beef with Black Truffle, Buttery Pumpkin and Chinese Black Mushroom, is the best dish after-all! #thebestofthebest
It's not only delicious-looking from the picture, but also in the real taste!
The meat is melt-in-the mouth texture; hence it will lead you to take another and another after you have one bite of it. #couldntstop

I'm so lucky that most of the people on the table do not take beef, so that I can eat them all by myself.
Haha! Haha!
I guess I have eaten enough beef quota for a month. 

We ended up with a delicious Fried Rice with Fresh Crab Meat, Conpoy and Green Onions.
It's such a "fine" fried rice that you will enjoy the taste and smell of every bite. 

It was such an honour to have all delicious food that prepared by the two chefs from Silks.
Johnny Jong on my left and Bernard Kong on my right.
I am so lucky! #thankyouverymuch

Thanks so much for pampering us with such good foods during our trip.
We truly enjoyed every bit of bites!
Not to forget about our host, Dave Chin! You are the man!

If you ever travel to Melbourne, or you are staying in Melbourne, please spare some time and money to pay a visit at such amazing restaurant. 
Silk is a nice restaurant for business gathering, family celebration or anything in between.
I'm sure Silks will not let you down and definitely give you an unforgettable dining experience. 

Okay, I shall stop for now, gonna continue editing the leftover photos from my Melbourne and Sydney trips.
Hope to share more stories about these places with you all soon!
Btw, this photo was taken inside the Crown complex.
It's an elegant hotel which worth a visit if you ever travel to Melbourne.
I will tell more details in my next travel post, so stay tuned!

Crown Entertainment Complex
8, Whiteman St, 
Southbank VIC 3006
Tel: 03 9292 8888

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