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Today's topic is kind of weird.
I have been scratching my head since last week to think how to start and where to start this.
Anyway, for man who are reading this, you can skip this post now if you feel uncomfortable because this post has nothing to do with man.
But, you are most welcome to continue reading it, who knows it might be informative for you!? #lol
Yea! You are right! I'm going to talk about all girls's nightmare "period" today.
I consider myself lucky because I seldom has serious menstrual cramp.
I only had one terrible experience when I was at form 3.
It had a terrible menstrual cramp as I could't sit, stand and even sleep for the whole day!
Other than that, I usually suffer bad skin complexion from pre-menstrual syndrome.
Besides, I remembered when the first time I get in touch with the sanitary pads, my sister thought me to stick 2 pads together to avoid the leakages. #lol
Such a funny lesson and can you imagine how awkward and uncomfortable I was during that time?! #lol
As times goes by, I got my own way to deal my monthly uneasy menstrual cycle, and also choose the right sanitary pads for my period time.
Thanks to Amez Care for sending their new products to my doorstep, I'm lucky enough to try out their newly launch products from Taiwan!

The Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad Company specializes in the creation of all-natural high quality functional napkins that are designed to optimize comfort levels and health levels in menstruating woman.
All ingredients that used in the Amez products are safe and health-enhancing natural for the whole body.
So, how does this product set itself apart from the others in the market?

The Amez Care Day Bio Herbal Sanitary Pad Napkins are designed for quick absorbency and comfort during day time hours.
It has the newest and most extensive breakthrough technology in day sanity napkins for woman.
The product has high level of herbal essence and magnetite, which aids in the effective inhibition of bacterial growth in the most sensitive regions of your body, and also aids in cleansing the area and promotes freshness.

Besides, you will also appreciate all the other features in this product:
#1 Unique 3D Ergonomic leg cuff which provides comfortable fitting.
#2 Perforated ultra soft top-sheet, allows for optimal absorbency and breath-ability.
#3 Functional chip with Anion, Far-IR, Nano Silver, Natural Antibacterial Action with Exclusive Herbal Extracts are fight against bacteria and highly beneficial to the health.
#4 Sterilizer upper dust-free protective layer.
#5 Ultra thin "super absorbent polymer"(SAP) layer.
#6 Breathable, 100% Anti-leak and strong adhesive.
#7 Glue and PE waterproof release paper to ensure the highest level of comfort.
#8 Shield bacteria wrapping is constructed to ensure that the day sanitary is protected from bacteria and other compounds that may irritate the skin/negatively impact the health.

Not sure about you, but I always couldn't sleep well at the night time when I were menstruating. That's because I must guard every movement that I make in order to avoid against those annoying night time leaks.
I do not want to end up washing my blanket and bed sheet in the next morning.
So, here comes The Amez Care Night Bio Herbal Sanitary Pad Napkins @ RM12.90 (includes 10 pax) to save me!
This product not only has the same features like the day sanitary pads to keep away your sensitive parts of the body from the bacteria, it is also specially made for the night time used.

It includes several layers and multiple anti-leak channels.
These work together in order to block leaks on the sides, the front, and the back of the napkins.
No matter how much you toss and turn, you will find that the napkins offer the maximum level of leak protection.
One of the most beneficial aspects of the sanitary pad napkin is it contains specially-blended herbal essence such as lavender, peppermint, tea extract, and chamomile oil.
These herbs not only help in the elimination of pain, reducing bloating, and prevent the menstrual cramping, but also help to relax the mind and body.
As a result, you not only become physically comfortable, but also you are sure to wake up refreshed and feeling your best tomorrow!

The Amez care Pantyliner Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Daily Pantyliner @ RM11.90 (includes 30 pax), is one pantyliner that offers optimal protection.
These pantyliners are not like the traditional ones as it accomplishes more than simple absorbency.
It designed to quickly and effectively locks away wetness, eliminate moisture from the skin, clean the vaginal area, eliminate uncomfortable symptoms and odor.
Whether you are having a light period day or are simply seeking a way to stay dry and fresh from normal vaginal discharge throughout the month, these thin pads can offer you an amazing effect!

Also, the different compositions has it's own features such as:
#1 Aloe Vera helps to sooth the skin and clean the sensitive regions of the female body.
 #2 Peppermint not only combats infections and bacteria, but also helps to eliminate pain and troublesome menstrual symptoms.
#3 Tea Plant Extract aids in blood circulation and reduces chance of the development of blood clots.
#4 Chamomile Oil fights infections, combats mental oppression, and reduces inflammation.
#5 Lavender helps to reduce nervous tension,anxiety, depression, pain and disinfects the skin.

From the moment that you open these sanitary pads, I am sure you will see and feel the difference!
All the Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad is available at Aeon Wellness Pharmacy, HealthLane Pharmacy and some independence pharmacies.
For more information, you can check out their official website at, or follow their updates on the FB page at Amez Care.
Ladies, if you are in search of a product that will keep you comfortable while menstruating, and make you feel the best, the Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad products are for you!

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