My Stay with Airbnb @ Sydney Australia

Finally, I got to travel to Sydney!
I always thought of visiting Sydney ever since I started to like Australia.
I heard people said that Sydney is more happening than Melbourne, and the people in Sydney aren't nearly as nice as in Melbourne.
But anyway, visiting Sydney has been sitting in my travelling list for long time.
Since we were at Australia for 3 week times, me and Lik decided to bring my parents along to Sydney.
We booked our flight tickets and stay just 5 days prior to the trip.
We know that the hotels in Sydney aren't cheap, so glad that we found the Chic Potts apartment through Airbnb, which I'm going to share with you all in this post!

Hello Sydney!
It's my first time here, so please do your best and treat me well! #hehe

At first we thought of taking Uber to the apartment, but not sure why we couldn't get it on our phone at that time.
So, we grabbed the Ready2Go which is the Sydney Airport Shuttle Services, without any second thought.
You will see it's counter at the arrival hall before the exit.
If not mistaken, Lik said the rate is almost the same as the Uber rate.

It took us less than 30 minutes, about 20 minutes to arrive at the apartment.
I think the distance is pretty close.

The exterior doesn't look very good, more like an old apartment in the movies; that's my impression when I first arrived there. #lol
The owner is strict as we only allowed to check in after 2pm even though we arrived in the morning.
But he is good that he explained the insider information we need for local sights, restaurants and gallery access.
He also guided us where to go for nice coffee, and some walking tips from the apartment to the attraction places.

The living room looks exactly like the pictures and description showing on the website.
The home decorated very beautiful with a modernized design.
The floor is with dark-wood floor which I don't really like it because it can make noise with the slightest of movement.
The lounge area includes an Ipad dock speakers, and a digital television.

Besides, there is a balcony on the right side, but have not much great view of it.

It has an extendable table which can fit for 4-6 guests.
Guess what, indeed we had our simple home-cooked meals at the apartment for 2 nights since the location is so easy to access to the supermarket.

I would say this is the master bedroom because the overall size is slightly bigger than the second bedroom.
Both rooms have the same queen beds, with all bedding, large built-in wardrobes, but master bedroom has more spaces to feature a dressing table with a desk lamp too.

The second bedroom with all bedding of the queen size bed as well.
If you forget about your towels, they are available in both bedrooms.

The kitchen isn't very big, but features plenty of storage.
It also includes all basic needs such as oven microwave, dish washer, bread toaster, electric kettle and all dinnerware.
Also some seasonings, olive oil, coffee, and teas are available inside the wardrobe.

I am the chef of the nights!
I prepared very simple "grilled" dinner with fish, chicken, vegetables, mushroom and potatoes.
Felt so fulfilled when everyone said the foods were all good! #haha

And for the bathroom, it has both bath and shower for your preference.
The bathroom is quite small since it also features the internal laundry with dryer as well.

Are you happy with the interior? Yay or Nay?!
And now, I'm going to talk about the location.

The apartment located at Kings Cross Road, which they said is the Manhattan of inner Sydney.
I would say the location is very convenient for the tourists as it is only 10 minutes walk to the city center and about 20-25 minutes to the Sydney main attraction Opera house.
Besides, there are also lots of little restaurants, cafes and pizza shops nearby to eat, as well as a supermarket, Coles where you can buy food and drink to have in the apartment.

If you are taking Uber or taxi, you can tell them to stop at the Coca-Cola Billboard in Kings Cross road.
Everyone should know about the famous billboard because it's one of the attraction place in Sydney. #hehe

Overall, it was a good stay.
I like the apartment as well as the location.
If you were to ask me if there are anythings that I do not like about this place is during the night time, you can hear people shouting on the street and also some loud music from the outside, but I guess we all were too tired that everyone could fall asleep easily. #haha
If you are interested to look for Chic Potts apartment at Airbnb, you can check it out here

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