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If you asked me to describe something I enjoyed doing in my childhood, I think one of my hobby is playing the jigsaw puzzles.
I remember my first jigsaw puzzle game was together with my dad.
He bought the very first puzzle back from his work on that evening, and thought me how to put each pieces together.
"Spread all the pieces out on the table"
"Make sure all picture side is facing upward"
"Sort them out by assemble the pieces to complete the picture"
I think that's where and how I started to like jigsaw puzzles and took it as my hobby.
My dad is a patient person that he will ask me to take it easy and relax whenever I got frustrated.
Thank you daddy!
I felt so glad that I have that piece of "puzzle memory" with you!
Since then, whenever I have extra pocket money, I will buy the puzzle sets for myself to spend my leisure time. #hehe

This is one of the puzzles from my collection.
I actually got a lot more but all are stored inside the storeroom, except this one still hanging in my room.

In the olden days, a jigsaw puzzle is by cutting a hardwood map into small pieces.
If not mistaken, one puzzle can cost like RM20 - RM40 plus, depends on the pictures and qualities.
And now, we can easily get a free online jigsaw puzzle game at many websites, and one of them is the JS Puzzles.
JS Puzzles is a gaming website born out of a love for jigsaw puzzles.
You can play numerous stock puzzles alongside user generated puzzles with their friendly game play and fun features.
The site has a lot of categories, and each day you can play a puzzle with a different theme.
You can also compare your solving times with average times and the best time with the other members.

Every day, JS Puzzles will post a new puzzle with a different theme such as nature, places, animals, scenerey and more!
Indeed, it's a good game for you to start your engine in the early morning with their free unique puzzles.

I would suggest you to go through their simple and easy registration before you start the puzzle games because you can always save your favourite puzzles into your favourite list.
Besides, you can also upload your photos, and turn them into jigsaw puzzles.
How cool it is, right?!
Not only that, you will also receive their daily puzzle theme from your email too!

These are some of my photos that I make them into the jigsaw puzzles.
Both photos taken in Australia. #hehe

Btw, if you do not want to make your photos into the puzzle games, there are actually tons of other collections from the website are waiting for you to enjoy!
There are many new jigsaw puzzles everyday created by the members from all around the world!

Here is the animal gallery which has more than 1024 collections.

The scenery gallery that involves 631 collections.

Well, you can search for the albums gallery which created by the others, such as for the kids with more than 21673 puzzles.

Fuyoh!!! I found a Big Bang fans from Korea at the JS Puzzles too! #haha
Any puzzles that categorized under travel and places from the members have all total 24255 collections.
By seeing those numbers, you can now imagine how many thousands of beautiful photos and puzzle cuts are there at the JS Puzzles!

So now! Let's explore and play the jigsaw puzzle now!
You can choose the pieces you want to challenge, from simple 9 piece puzzles to ones that have 225 pieces.
Also, you can choose the tiles and sizes you want.
The most difficult one is the straight rectangular pieces without the interlocking shapes.

This is the 25 pieces I use for play everyday.
Probably I would want to challenge the 49 pieces in next week! #hehe
Tips Tips! While matching one piece to another piece, the perfect two pieces that means to be together will appear a "click" sound!
If not, you will need to find another piece to complete the puzzle.

And this is how the rectangular pieces with 225 pieces look like.
Very much challenging, huh!?

Once you complete the game, you will have the finishing time for your record.

And, if you can do it better than the time finished on the list, your name will be listed on the winner board.

Jigsaw puzzle game does not need a big introduction to start, but just combining few scattered pieces together to form a complete picture.
It is to be known as a good game to exercise your brain, practice your patience and also memories!
So, let's take a break from your work now and play around with jigsaw puzzles online at!

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