Traditional Tea Ceremony @ RnI Wedding 21052016

Hello everyone! Welcome back!
It's now Sept, how's everyone's August?
I was planned to blog this post in the August, but regret that there were so many other posts that tied up my schedule.
So, it has been delayed until now. #sosorry
Anyway, I hope I didn't make you wait for it too long, and today I am going to write about the traditional tea ceremony on my wedding day.
So, shall we begin now?

I got my beautiful gown from the Makeup Artist Gelly Wee.
If you want to know about my wedding gown selection, you can read the post at here.

I'm not a high heel person, you hardly find a pair of high heel inside my wardrobe, so it really took me a while to think about the right high heel suits me best for my wedding.
At last, I decided to go with my sneaker heel which makes me feel more relax and comfortable throughout the ceremony.

Jade came on time on that morning, whereby she arrived at 5 sharp in the morning.
I wasn't convince that the whole makeup process needs at least 2 hours, but Jade was right that we actually took more than 2 hours to get everything done.
For my wedding makeup and hairdo, you can read at the post here.

Some of my solo pictures taken by the De Art Studio.
I will make a separate post regarding the photographer and videographer I used on my actual wedding day, so please stay tuned ya :)

The heartwarming moment with my daddy and mummy.

Thank you my sister-in-low, Wendy who handmade this lovely wedding banquet for me! #beautiful

Our newlywed's car with a simple red ribbon on it :)

All getting ready to the bride's house.

My parents looked very happy to see Lik! #hehe

Lik with his groomsman getting ready for the door games.

The first door game was the Yoga Pose.
Bridesmaids had photos of certain poses, and get Aison, my friend from Hong Kong to demonstrate for the groomsman.
Aison, great job!

Then all groomsman follow and hold the same pose for 5 seconds at least.
That's pretty easy huh!

Second game was Q&A "how much you understand about Ivy"?
Till now, I didn't even know how many questions Lik got it right!

Darling Nicole from Singapore ♥♥♥

Third game was Declaration of Love.
Lik has to prepared a romantic message to me in the form of love letter.

And, time to give the ang paos!


Pretty Irene from UK ♥♥♥

My bestie Kay from Kuching ♥♥♥

What a face, my Stella jiejie! ♥♥♥

I couldn't stop laughing with all the fun noises.
I wish I was there with the crowds.


You may now kiss your bride :)

I was so excited to see everyone when I went downstairs.

Oh Yes! We finally got married! #lol

Tea ceremony is one of the most meaningful culture for a Chinese wedding.
During the ceremony, we are formally introduced to each other's family members and serve tea as a sign of respect.
Here's the tea ceremony at my house.
From the left: My parents, cousin LeiJian and the wife, sister Joey.
From the middle: My uncle & aunt Gan, third uncle & aunt Tay, cousin Andrew, forth uncle & aunt Tay.
From the right: My sister and brother-in-law, brother Vincent, Niece Kristie and Ashley.

Then, the tea ceremony followed by a group photo of us with all the family members and friends.
They are my daddy and mummy ♥♥♥

The Gan's family ♥♥♥

Uncle Gan's family and my grandpo ♥♥♥

Family of uncle Tays from my mum side ♥♥♥

Friends from Hong Kong ♥♥♥
From the left: Matthew, Chuen, Aison and Yoyo.

Friends from Holland and ShenZhen ♥♥♥
From the left: Joyce, Ivonne, and Jan Ploeg.

Dearest Ejie with her family ♥♥♥

My pretty bridesmaids ♥♥♥

Our cool groomsmen ♥♥♥

A very sweet group picture ♥♥♥

We now getting ready to the groom house.


This little boy is Lik's nephew ♥♥♥

Happy to see everyone at Lik's house.

Another tea ceremony commenced, but this time it was with Lik's family.

So happy to see all the happy and smiling faces!

It was truly a happy moment.

The Lau's family ♥♥♥

After all, we had a fun photo and video shooting with the bridesmaids and groomsman.
All the pictures and videos will be sharing on my next wedding post, so stay tuned ya! #hehe
Look carefully at everyone's movement and face expression. #lol

In this post, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my pretty bridesmaids.
Thank you so much for being my bridesmaids.
I truly appreciate all your infinite love and support.
My wedding day will never be that awesome without you all as my bridesmaids!
You all are awesome! ♥♥♥

Lastly, thank you everyone for spending your spacious time with us as we know we sure had a good time having you with us.
We feel very blessed and words cannot describe our sincere appreciation for everything.
We hope you all enjoy the laugh and fun we had.  ♥♥♥ #thanksall
Till then!


Anfield Yee said...

All your friends (including your husband's) are so international! UK, HK, Singapore... @@
And I love all your wedding pictures! Ada feeeeeel wei!

hiphippopo said...

Thank you babe! Muacksss Muacksss!