Best Pork Steak Restaurant @ Ante Publika

Ante Publika is a famous place for pork.
They serve different kind of pork chops, pork burgers, pork pastas and they even have salads and starters with pork too.
For pork lover, you gonna love this place and I am sure this will not be your last time visit there.
I have been to Ante a few times, and also blogged about it during my second visit in 2013.
And this time, I felt so grateful to be invited for the food review to try out the new dishes freshly out from the oven. #hehe

Usually the place is packed on the weekend, and this is my first time having dinner at the restaurant.
So, I was very surprised with the crowd on the Wednesday night because it was fulled with many people.
If you plan to come here, I think it's better to just book in advance in order to secure the seats.

Or else, you can get the outside seats.
I actually wouldn't mind to sit outside, but only when the weather is chilly. :p

House Smoked Bacon @ RM19, with 8mm pork belly bacons.
The price comes with 3 slices and in-house mustard sauce.
The bacon edge is completely crispy while all meaty juiciness in the middle

Tasting Platter @ RM46, has 3 different meats such as the Jamon Iberico Ham, Spanish Cured Ham and Smoked Duck Breast Cubes.
All these meats paired with rockmelon and ricotta, as well as Sourdough bread and a slice of Lescure butter.

Miso Pork Belly @ RM19, which is the best starter to have at Ante.
It's the signature roast pork belly with 12 hours slow cooked, which will literary melt when you take a bite.

That "melted" face! #haha

Ante also has a very good salad selection, such as the Crispy Trotter Salad @ RM29.
It serves with mango, young papaya, pomegranate, trotter shavings, toasted pecans and French vinaigrette.
If you like a little sour, you may try this as French vinaigrette dressing is made of white-wine vinegar.

Another signature salad is the Garden Duck Salad @ RM27.
This salad is slightly sweet because it comes with the orange brandy dressing.
The ingredients of this salad includes duck breast slices, grilled watermelons, cherry tomatoes and toasted pecans.

Move on to the signature pork chops at Ante.
The Pork Striploin Diane @ RM42, is a seared pork loin with side dishes of russet potatoes and green pea mash.
The highlight of this pork chop is the meat smothered in creamy mushroom brandy sauce.

Pork Shoulder @ RM52, served with garlic rosemary sauce, mashed potatoes, frisee and oak lettuce as the side dishes.
The pork chop, wow! It's so juicy and tender!

Pork Striloin @ RM38, served with caramelised onions, fries, frisee and oak lettuce as side dishes.
If you like black pepper, you should go for this because it serves with traditional black pepper sauce.

Signature Chargrilled Pork Ribeye Steak @ RM52, which is my top favourite.
The meat is so rich in flavour, tender and so moist to eat.
Also, it serves with sides dishes of roasted russet potatoes, frisee, oak leaf lettuce and truffle butter sauce.

Ante not only has the pork chops, but also pastas and burgers that will catch your attention.
The Garlic Olio @ RM23, is one spicy pasta that served with streaky bacon, button mushroom and pangritata.

Ante Carbonara @ RM30, has the streaky bacon, white button mushroom, parmesan cheese, parsley and egg yolk.
Well, I think it's my first time having a carbonara with egg yolk.

Char-Siu Curry Cream @ RM33, is a spaghetti made with house-made marinated char siu, shimeiji mushroom, grilled eggplans and chives.
The roasted pork that placed on top of the pasta is so tasty!
If you like pasta, this is the highly recommended one!

We were all pigged out on that lovely evening at Ante.
All pork chops were much bigger than one serving, so I would suggest you share it between 2 people.
I have been to Ante Publika 5 times, and they never disappointed me in their food quality and services.
Ever since I tried the pork chops at Ante, I would say nothing can beat the pork chops there.
I brought my ex-colleagues, parents, sister, brother, girl-friends, and Lik to here, and everyone love it.
So, I bet you will love it as well!
If you never been to Ante, you should try it at least once!
Ante, not only satisfactory, but it's awesome!

Ante Kitchen & Bar Publika
A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas 1,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 620 63364
Opening hours: Sun - Thurs (11am - 1030pm), Fri - Sat (11am - 1130pm)

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