Music Talk @ November favourite

Just a quick catch up with the recent Korean Indie musics that I am in love with.
My last music sharing was in Sept; it wasn't very long ago. :)
I will try to update more frequently, at least once a month with my music sharing.
Feel free to drop me a message if you are also a Korean Indie fans, as I know there aren't many people share the similar music taste like me. #hehe
So, here you go my November's favourite songs!

That's Nothing by Coffee Boy.
Try to understand the lyrics behind the song.
I think it can give you a good strength to move forward, especially when you feel bad.
Hope it helps to kick away your negative emotion.
Well, I believe everyone deserve to have a happy life.
So, keep on going!

The reason we broke up by Han All.
This is one of my top favourite song, I even set this song as my ringing tone, :p
I don't know who is she, but honestly her voice is just so calming!
This song is amazing all it's own and touches my soul, though it's a sad song by looking at the song title itself.

Come Out, Let's Walk by 20 Years of Age.
It's a song that can cheer you up on a tough day.
Simply listening to this song can takes you into a positive mood and makes you feel happy!
The song lyrics is just as cute as the melody!

The Manual by Eddy Kim.
The beautiful music video brought me here, I guess?! #hehe
Eddy Kim is not only a singer, but also a song writer and guitarist.
Glad to know him, because he has many other nice songs under his channel too!
Probably I will share more in the next post!

I really enjoy the Korean Indie songs.
I always listen to my youtube with all these songs when I need inspiration on my works.
Though I cannot understand the lyrics, but sometimes the rhythm can simple make you feel good and comfortable.
Just go with the flow, and I am sure you will like it as well!

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