Ma Hi Thai Restaurant @ Asiatique Bangkok

When I travelling in Bangkok, I will visit Asiatique The Riverfront for sure.
It's a night market that worth so much to visit for tourists, shoppers and eaters.
Usually I will spend my dinner while do some shopping there.
Everytime I will spend my dinner at the Chic Grill Seafood Restaurant, an authentic Thai restaurant that located at District 6 inside the market.
I have blogged about it in August last year, and here's the link
I like the restaurant very much because the food are delicious with reasonable prices.
This time, I find Asiatique has some changes compare my last visit, as it has more Thai restaurants.
So, we gave a try to a new restaurant, Ma Hi Thai Restaurant.

Ma Hi Thai Restaurant located somewhere near to the Chic Grill Seafood Restaurant.
I can't remember the exact location, but if you can find the Chic Grill at District 6, you probably will see Ma Hi as well.

The restaurant is quite big, but it was so busy during the time we went.
There are many tables and chairs but all occupied by the customers.
I realized there are more foreigners than the locals after we settled down in the restaurant.

For appetizer, we ordered Green Mango Salad @ THB130, which is one of the best seller on the menu.

For the dishes, we had Wok Fried Kale Fried in Oyster Sauce with Crispy Pork @ THB140.
The taste was average, but I find the crispy pork was too dried-out, and too hard to chew.

Second dish we had the Wok Fried Pork and 1000 years with Basil @ THB150.
I would highly recommend this for you when you are in Thailand, no matter it is at the Ma Hi Thai Restaurant or any other Thai restaurants, that's one of the best Thai dish to get me excited. #hehe

And the third dish we had is the Sea Bass Fish Stir Fried with Celery @ THB280.
Although it stated as the best seller on the menu, I think the taste is just on an average.
Also, the portion of this dish is quite small though.

If you asked what's the best among the others we ordered, I would say the Grilled Squid @ THB130.
I actually have tried it at other Thai restaurants in Malaysia, so I have no doubt how good it is, especially the green chili sauce that comes with the dish.

For me, a Thai beer is a must to have when you have your Thai food. :)
Overall, this restaurant is just average in my opinion, in terms of the taste quality of their food and restaurant environment.
We were served quite fast and also got our food in a short time.
But other than that, we didn't get any services.
We actually had to go to the front cashier to ask for the checks as we waited for long time.
I think I would not go back again, since there are so many other restaurants in Asiatique.
For those who are visiting Asiatique for the first time, I would say the Chic Grill Seafood Restaurant is much better.

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