Wedding Reception @ RnI Wedding 21052016

December is here!
Everyone has a good holiday plan to celebrate the end of the 2016?
Me? I supposed to travel to Xi An, China next week; but since I'm not fully recovered yet, I have to cancel the trip.
It was sad because I have planned this trip for a long time, and Xi An is one of the place that I wanted to visit for long time.
Well what to do?! I'm just gonna plan it again for next year.
Anyway, whatever your plan is, I hope you will wrap up your 2016 with good memories!
Since it's the last month in 2016, I would like to finish my last wedding post today. :)
It's gonna be a long post, so hang in there and bear with me ya! :)

Me and Lik thought for a long time before we confirmed the final venue.
I always dreamed of a garden wedding, but too many times I have seen garden weddings in KL were too hot for the guests, and sometimes it spoiled by the rain.
We looked for many hotels, and finally we confirmed with Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur.
Sheraton Imperial KL impressed me and Lik, although it is an older hotel.
The hotel located at a good location which is easy for our guests, and it's totally exceeded our expectation with the beautiful interior design and well maintenance.
For us, the place looks a little more lively than the others.

Let's starts with the registration table!
I did some simple decoration stuffs for the registration table such as the signs of the "Just Married", "Bride and groom" that I printed online, and also the wine bottles with metallic gold spray paint.
There are lots of different ideas that you can find from the Pinterest and make your own DIY easily.

The groom side :)

The bride side :)

Here's the little corner to showcase our pre-wedding photos.
I have to give a big big hug to all my bridesmaids for arranging these upon my desired.
I gave them a picture of what I wanted, and they were able to do their jobs of making it all possible. #muacksmuacksmuacks

As far as I thought "how often do you look at your wedding album", I decided not to have any wedding album for our pictures.
So, I get 2 big wooden frames made from a frame shop, and hang all pictures randomly on it.
Personally, I feel very satisfied with it because I think this idea works perfectly to showcase our sweet pictures. #hehe

There is also a cocktail session arranged by the hotel, with a complimentary flow of mocktails before the dinner starts.

At first, I thought of making the photo booth on my own.
But, I changed my mind until I found haha photobooth because they offered the most reasonable price among the others during that time.
So, me and Lik thought that we should just stay relax and leave the job to the professional.
Kho was very sincere and friendly when we first met her; so without any further thoughts, we confirmed the booking with her right away.

Unfortunately, she went missing after my wedding day.
She didn't pick up my phone, reply my email and messages, while she still owes me some copies that she promised.
Also, my brother and my friend's sister couldn't find her at all even though they have already confirmed the booking with her.
I think it would be very risky if you have your booking with someone that cannot be trusted although they offer you a very reasonable price; plus wedding is just once in a lifetime.
It's truly bless that all went smoothly on our wedding day!

That's the only hard copy we received from the hahabooth, but not the DVD with all soft copies, online gallery and photobooth video clip that they have promised to us.
Its'very disappointing, indeed!

When you walked into the ballroom, this is what awaits you! :)
We have total 32 tables on that night.
All table setting and table runner were provided by the hotel.
And for the table layout, I asked the planner to mix up both long and round tables for a distinguished feel.
The 2 long tables are specially for our bridesmaids and groomsmen to make some noises for the party!

The beautiful head table for us.

We did not take the wedding favours provided by the hotel because we want to make something special for our guests.
Since we have international guests and most of our friends are from 1980s, so we thought of having a personalized brown paper with few Malaysia childhood snacks to munch on before the dinner starts.
We hope to make our guests feel special with this special gift from us. :)

Not to forget about the band that we had from JF Entertainment on that night.
We actually spent a lot of times looking for the bands, since there are quite a few in the markets are very costly, which is totally out of our budgets.
Lucky enough that we found JF Entertainment, whom able to deliver solid performance at an attractive price.
My cousin said that the music was great and kept the crowd flowing the entire night. #greatjob

After all guests were sitting inside the room, then it was the TIME!
In my whole entire life, I always dreamed of my dad walking me down the aisle on my wedding day.
I am glad that one of my wedding wishes come true on that day.

Trust me, it was really nervous to have an over 300 eyeballs on me. #shakelikehell

It was such an emotional moment with my dad by my side, and Lik at the end of the aisle waiting.
Not sure if I were too excited or nervous, I can't remember what my dad said to Lik, #lol but I will definitely remember how I felt at the touch moment, arm-in-arm with my dad when he walked me towards to Lik. #sweet

I got our wedding cake from Miss.B Patisserie.
Basically, I only told Bowie about my theme colour and what I wanted to have on the cake such as the wedding logo, and she came out with this lovely cake.
Really love it and the most important thing is the price from her is very reasonable compare to the outside ones.
I have searched for many, but no one can beat her!

After cake cutting, let's get the party starts!

Food presentation in the hotels are almost same everywhere.
I actually do not like it at all, because I find it too old-fashion.
Anyway, all food was served into individual plates by a waiter on each tables.

Here comes the nine-course menu for our banquet.
The food is not perfect, but I personally like the roasted crispy chicken with golden sand garlic.
If you are looking for good dishes from the hotels, try Renaissance Hotel because my brother had the perfect food on his wedding in Sept.

The first speech came from my best friends, Raynie, Kay and roommate.
Thanks very much for giving us a short speech in different languages. #lol
I know you all were very nervous, especially Kay. #haha

And, a very good memory speech from my big brother, Jan Ploeg.
I am so glad to have you as my business partner, my best friend, and my big brother throughout these years. #bless

Time flies! Here comes the second march in!
I always think a wedding party should full of joy and laughter, so I organized a special performance with my best friends!
This is another wedding dream that I have to make it come true. #hehe

Here you go!
We had a surprise flash mob wedding dance of "Timber" from Kesha.
I guess everyone at the wedding reception was on a big surprise! #yesno?

It wasn't easy for everyone as most of us stay in different places such as Kuching, Sibu, Singapore, Hong Kong and KL.
Arnold Sanderson, is our sexy dance coach from Singapore.
He recorded a video of all the steps and sent it to us for individual practicing.
And all of us only got to practice together on the night before the actual day.

We hope we wow our guests and everyone enjoyed the special performance!

Big thumbs up to all of you!
Guys! Read this post till the end for the complete video of our flash mob dance!!

Following the dance performance, it's champagne toasting time!
I was a bit fear of the bottle because Lik shoot it too much and the bottle couldn't open at the beginning. #lol

To everyone!
Thank you for being part of our celebration and for helping us to make our dream wedding comes true!

Yam Seng!!!

Halfway through the dinner, we also gave a short speech.
I was nervous!
My last public speaking was in 10 years ago, with only 10 to 15 people perhaps?
And today! I have over 300 pairs of eyes staring at me! #haha
Lik was very surprised to see my long speech because I told him I only have a short one to thanks everyone.
Right! You should always surprise the groom, just like your wedding gowns! #haha

And of course, yum seng times at each table before the party ended!
Thanks to our bridesmaids and groomsmen for standing right next to us till the whole night.
You guys are awesome!! #muacks

 Before I end this post, we wanna say thank you to all our guests on that night!

My family, relatives and family friends

My papa and mama ♥♥♥

My grandma and uncle Gan's family ♥♥♥

My elder sister's family ♥♥♥

My aunty used to take care of me now and then ♥♥♥

My brother and his wife, Wendy ♥♥♥
Me and my younger sister just realized we didn't take any pictures on that night, she went back too early! #whatashame

Neighbour Mr Chen, aunty Gan, cousin and her bf, Carl ♥♥♥

Family of uncle Tay #4 ♥♥♥

Family of uncle Tay #6 ♥♥♥
They actually just touched down from Korea before attended our wedding.

Uncle Zhang and Michelle ♥♥♥

Cikgu Lee, my malay teacher from the primary school.

Lik's families and friends

Uncle and aunties ♥♥♥

Aunty #2 and Mimi ♥♥♥

Uncle Lau and his family ♥♥♥

Charmaine and her family ♥♥♥

Datuk Fawziah and her family ♥♥♥

Nabil and Mr G ♥♥♥

Mei Kee, Lini, and Yanie ♥♥♥

Lik's groomsmen; David, Ryan, Billy and KK ♥♥♥

Secondary school mates

Poh Yoke, Mun Kwan, Erica,May,See Ling, Elaine, Suezan, Shirley and Gillian ♥♥♥

Charles, Siew Li, Siew Fong, Lee Yan, Elaine, Jason, Poh Yoke, May and Erica ♥♥♥

Charles, Lay Hoe, Hee Wan and Jason ♥♥♥

Willy Wong ♥♥♥

Uni mates from WMU

Dom with his wife, Jowee, Chloe and Mun Wai ♥♥♥

Jonas, Matthew, Sally, Chuen, Angel, Stella, Adam, Winnie and Yee Hong ♥♥♥

Chiew Lye and his wife, Jessica ♥♥♥

Henry and his pretty wife, Jing Yen ♥♥♥

Best roommates in Michigan!
Wan, Kay and Raynie ♥♥♥

Hong Kong best mates; Chuen, Matthew and Aison ♥♥♥


Siew Yong and Dara ♥♥♥

Karen and her husband, Kok Siong ♥♥♥

Chan, Vincent, Samantha, Jan, Ivonne, Joyce and Scott ♥♥♥

Thanks very much to Scott, Joyce and little Eden from Shenzen ♥♥♥

Thanks again to Jan and Ivonne from Holland ♥♥♥

Special friends

Cindy, Little Megan, Steven, Ivy and Derrick ♥♥♥ 

My fitness partner, Jackie ♥♥♥

Bryant Ng ♥♥♥

Not to forget our wedding planner from the Sheraton, Ellie Low.
Though we had some service issues with the hotel on that night, such as not serving the food when our VIPs were not on the table, poor lighting, projector problem etc; but there isn't any doubt about the effort from Ellie.
She is professional, passionate, easy-going, and well experience in her job.
Seriously, I really appreciate everything she has done for us.

Our emcee on that night, Alicia ♥♥♥
We felt glad to have Alicia after searching for a long time, because we think she did a good job in bilingual English Chinese on that night.
She is professional, energetic and engaging with the crowds easily.

So, that's the wedding story between me and Lik.
It's impossible to put everything in the blog posts; but above all, it's a truly successful and happy wedding.
Whenever I looked back at all the pictures, there is always a big smile on my face.
There are so many good memories to remember for that special night.
To all our friends and families, once again we thanks for your love, friendship, help, laughter for the lovely memory night!
It means so much for us to have you all to share the joy and happiness with us.
Well! What's more?! Let's bottoms up! #haha

Last but not least, I end this post with the highlight video of the flash mob wedding dance on our wedding day!
Enjoy watching you all!


Anfield Yee said...

Sorry to heard your bad experience with Haha Photobooth.
But man... your wedding is so happening! Love all the set ups and preparation. I'm sure your guest are happy with what you had for them :)

sweetrainfall said...

Congrats to you Ivy and your husband! 😁