Hippo Food Exeprience @ Wangdang Uttaradit

Today, let's get into food and beverages in Wangdang Uttaradit.
Me and Lik always travel to Thailand, well at least once a year for food and shopping, but eating like a local still takes us a little bit of work.
So, most of the time, we just went for the restaurants and cafes with most locals.
It's very lucky to have Lik's aunty, Kung, to be our tour guide during this trip.
This is also the main reason why we choose Wangdang Uttaradit as our holiday destination. #hehe
She brought us around to enrich our travel experience and get us behind the scenes access to Thailand.
Truly blessed to get to experience Thai culture in a different, and more personal way.

Let's wait no more and see what I have for you in this post!

First breakie in Chiang Mai, right after we touched down.
Headed to the food stall to fill our stomach with the local curry noodle.
It has the similar curry taste like in KL, apart from the bouncy chewy noodle texture and also the crispy crackers on the top.

A spoonful of chili flakes to bring up spice levels! #yea

Thai satay!
Very thin slice of chicken marinated in some Thai spices.

One more please, for sure!

Then, the first Thai lunch on the mountain.

I like the cold weather here.
The fresh air and blue sky on the mountain can simply make your mind and body relax.

Highlight of the lunch.
Fish Tom Yam, have you ever tried it before?
It's my first time.

Som Tam, the papaya salad is a "must" order at any Thai restaurants.
Also, Lik's favourite. :)

Dinner was so special on the first night.
Cim-Cum, is quite similar like the shabu-shabu.
Pork was marinated with raw egg, and then pour everything in after the clear soup was boiled!
One of my favourite local food, and till now I keep on missing it! #hehe

Grilled Dory Fish Set @ THB59, about RM7.50 only!

Highly recommend Swensens to all of you!
The ice-creams are soooo good, and the prices are very fair and reasonable.
You must try it when you are traveling in any parts of Thailand.

Sweet M Gold @ THB105, about RM13.40 only!

Nutty Banana @ THB159, about RM20.30 only!

Chocolate Lava @ THB175, about RM22.30 with a Lava cake!

Best restaurant at the downtown Uttaradit I must say.
Have tried out couple of dishes, and all were very delicious.
Recommend it to everyone if you travel to Uttaradit.

Khao Ka Moo, the pork leg on rice, my most favourite Thai food!

The Steamed Chicken Breasts on the bone stays sooo moist, and it's best to eat with their chili garlic sauce.

Crispy Pork Belly is so delicious till makes my mouth watery.
The meat is flavourful, the fat oozes into the meat, and the skin at the top is super crispy.

I love all dishes we had at this restaurant!

Thanks to our host, Kung and her family for preparing the home-made BBQ!
We really enjoyed it sooooo much!
The local BBQ is kinda different with ours in KL, but pretty similar to Korean BBQ.
You can choose to wrap the glass noodle and vegetables with either pork or fish, then dip the roll in the chili peanut sauce.
It's very delicious!

Living in the countryside is generally very relaxed and calm; not only that, the living expenses are also much lesser!
It's impossible to get a dry or soup noodle @ THB25, about RM3.20 in the city.

Best thing about Wangdang Uttaradit is they have a small cozy cafe which selling cakes and coffee.
Coffee in Thailand is very cheap compare to Malaysia.
I can easily get a good coffee at THB45, which is about RM5 only.
Somehow I think Malaysia has very expensive coffee. :(

Sticky rice is one of the famous food in Thailand, as I see the locals have it all day.

Very much disappointing that there aren't any mango sticky rices in Wangdang, but lucky enough to try something new, Jackfruit sticky rice.

Fish lovers, try their Fried Fish!
I can finish up one whole fish by myself. #lol

The Crispy Deep Fried Pork Belly also known as Moo Grob, is one of the famous Thai dishes.
You can either eat it all by itself or with one of their dipping sauce for the meat.
No matter if you eat with the special meat sauce or just the meat itself, the meat are still the best crispy and crackly. #superb

An authentic Thai food dinner before we left Wangdang Uttaradit.
I remembered I ate 2 bowl of rice on that evening, #haha apparently rice is the staple food for the Thai meals. #fatdie

Couldn't get rid of the Fish Tom Yam Soup.

Fresh fish everywhere in Wangdang, and also very cheap!

Thai Fish Cake, they look yummy, isn't?

Some spicy roasted pork?

A kind of local vegetables, which is very tasty and refreshing!
The texture is a bit like the square beans.

I love Thai food, and I really do!

I'm glad to know Thailand a little more throughout this trip, and also hope you enjoy reading my post too!
Of course, we don't only travel all the way just to visit Wangdang Uttaradit.
We do also planned a road trip to Chiang Rai too.
Will share about it in my next travel post.
Meantime, feel free to drop me a comment if you want to know more about my trip. :) 
Daume Ddo Bayo (See you again next time)!

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